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There should be 2 shifts with 3 runners each (dual meets) to be provided by both teams. Runners are to collect and deliver sheets promptly. They may not examine sheets for errors, DQ's or any other information, other than missing lane /timer sheets.

The first runner will pick up the completed Starters' heating assignment sheet for each event that has just finished, on the way to the Auditor's table. This sheet will be left with the Auditors to attach to their paperwork. The first runner will be responsible for distributing and collecting the lane/timer sheets and taking them to the Auditor's table after each event has finished. The second runner will be responsible for distributing the heating assignment sheets to the Clerks, Starter, and Referee. The third runner will rotate with runners one and two, watch for judges with DQ's and help the computer table with posting results.

Head Runner or designated supervisor needs to be prepared for rain protection for the timing sheets ( Gallon Zip-lock bags).

1. Runners take the timing sheets to the timing end of the pool and distribute to the timers in lane order.

2. Runners take the heating assignment sheets to the Clerks, Starter, and Referee.

3. Upon completion of the event, the nmner must pick up the timing sheets in LANE ORDER from the timers. It is the runners' responsibility to have one sheet per lane. If one timing sheet is missing the runner must know why and follow through to collect the sheet.

4. When all the timing sheets are in hand, the runner takes them to the Auditor's table located near the timing area. Exact location varies from pool to pool.

5. The runners collect DQ slips from the Judges when indicated by the Judge raising a red card. The DQ slips are delivered to the Auditor's table. The head auditor places the DQ slips on the correct lane/timer sheet.

6. After the Auditors have reviewed and signed the timer sheets, the runner delivers the sheets to the Computer table.

7. The timing sheets should be delivered to the computer table in LANE ORDER.


9. Runners should be responsible parent volunteers.

Eva Mueller,
Apr 20, 2017, 11:03 AM