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Concessions and Hospitality Guidelines

Head Concession coordinator:

1. Organizes workers to help with menu, solicitation of food donations, purchasing supplies

2. Prepares meet worker schedule for season

3. Arranges for a cash box with adequate change (usually about $75 in quarters and ones).


One worker should be the designated cashier, do not go from handling food to handling money

Post a large print price list

One worker may be given the task of purchasing items to be sold. Task maybe assigned by season or by meet. – Don’t forget ice!

One may be given the job of arranging pizzas or donuts or both depending upon the hours of the meet

Concessions should have their tables set up before the meet and drinks should be on ice 1 hr before warm ups. Electric hookups are needed. (Remember extension cords!) Provide adequate space for operations.

The actual food set up of concessions should start 30 minutes before the meet warm ups start.

Designate the job of emergency concessions runner, in case more supplies are needed or change is needed for the cash box.

A minimum of 2 workers per shift are needed to run concessions at a dual meet. It largely depends upon your location and space available. For dual meets - workers from host team only.

Supplies for Concessions

4-5 large ice coolers

snow cone machine (optional)

3-4 tables for selling and workspace

drinks and food to feed 150 swimmers and their parents



Brian Butler, League Treasurer, has agreed to purchase drinks and candy for 8 & under meet and for 9 and up meet. League Head Concessions shall coordinate with Brian how to get supplies to each League meet. League Head Concessions shall also coordinate with other team head concessions to make sure that League meets are adequately staffed with volunteers and to order pizza etc. Each team is responsible for supplying adequate workers for league meets (8 & under, 9 & up and Prelims) (see below), per League Head Concessionsrequest.

Two workers per shift per team. First shift to arrive 30 minutes prior to warm ups. Second shift to stay after the meet, until area is clean. League to provide reimbursement for cost of products purchased to sell, and all proceeds go to the league. Left over supplies are to be passed to the team hosting the next league event. Prior to Prelims, all teams my sell left over team supplies from dual meets, to the league to be sold during prelims. Each teams head concessions person should inventory what they are selling to the League and send that to the League Head Concessions. League Head concessions is responsible for purchasing or delegating the purchase of any other concessions needed for Prelims. Workers will be asked to sign in.

Hospitality Coordinator:

Organizes workers to keep all deck side volunteers hydrated.

Dual meets need 2 people per shift, one from each team.

League Meets (8 & under, 9 & up and Prelims need 1 person from each team per shift)

Special attention needs to be paid to those who may not leave their post, i.e. timers, judges, starters, referees. However, don’t forget the computer and auditor workers. Drinks should be offered every 15-20 minutes.

Supplies needed for hospitality provided by host team.

Minimum of 2 5 gallon insulated containers for water and lemonade

Ice for drinks 2-3 large coolers full

12-16 ounce plastic cups for drinks (2 packs of 200 per meet)

sturdy trays to deliver drinks

work table and space to keep supplies during meet updated 05/08

Eva Mueller,
Apr 20, 2017, 11:04 AM