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CLERK: Heat Bench Monitors, Tent Monitors and Runners: 

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Clerks are an important element in the conduct of a safe and efficient meet. Their duties are determined by the team Reps. Duties may include the following: Assisting swimmers to the start, maintaining crowd control, deck access, proper competitor and spectator behavior, and safe, courteous conduct at the venue. They should be responsible individuals who can communicate instructions to swimmers, coaches and spectators. Each team assigns its own Clerks who may then act and designate volunteers to act as helpers/runners. The host team Clerks shall have the primary responsibility over safety at the meet. Clerks should be provided with a lanyard and badge or safety vest to ensure their identification.

Clerk duties vary, and are determined by each team. Such duties may include the following:

1. Arrival at the venue well in advance of the start of the meet and obtain assignments and instructions from the Reps or designated team authority.

2. If assigned to a position to oversee warm-ups, Clerks will be in position before that session starts. They should remain in that position until relieved or reassigned.

3. Clerks may be assigned to gather and assist their team’s swimmers to the proper locations/lanes.

4. Clerks/their assistants may be assigned to monitor crowd and deck access. If so, they should ensure the crowd does not interfere with any Officials.

a. Clerks or their assistants may identify and report anyone who refuses to follow their instructions to the appropriate team Reps and/or the Referee for further action.

b. Clerks may have authority to warn or order to cease and desist and, with the concurrence of the Meet Referee, to remove or have removed from the swimming venue anyone behaving in an unsafe manner or using profane or abusive behavior or language. This action may also be applied to anyone using tobacco products in the venue or whose actions are disrupting the orderly conduct of the meet.

5. Clerks may oversee and instruct “Runners” or act as “Runners”

a. Runners may be responsible for obtaining DQ slips from judges to give to the Chief Judge and/or Referee, and from the Referee/Chief Judge to give to the Admin personnel (Auditors).

b. Runners may be responsible for obtaining timing sheets from timers, and submitting them to the Admin. Personnel (Auditors).

6. Clerks and Runners may be asked to perform other duties as designated by the team Reps or officials.