Registration for 2014-15 Swim Season

All swimmers must be evaluated before registering
Click here to set up an evaluation

We are very happy that the fees remain the same this year for our training groups of the Dad's Club Swim Team.

Monthly Coaching Fees
 White  $120 Multiple child discount is 25% off the coaching fee for every athlete after the first.

Pay for the year for the price of 11 months! Save up to $200!
 Blue  $130
 Bronze  $150
 Silver  $175
 Gold  $200
 Sr Elite

Member terminations require 60 day written notice by USPS.

Registration Fees
  • $250 team registration*
  • $75 USA Swimming registration fee
  • $15 convenience fee to set up account
  • $ first month coaching fee (see above)
*Families with multiple swimmers pay $100 for each additional child for the team registration

Additional Fees
  • Meet entry fees: $5-15 per event (as determined by meet organizers and Gulf Swimming)
  • Fall fundraising: $75-150 per swimmer, depending on level.
  • Energy surcharge: Has been up to $69** per family each winter month. 
**Last two years there was no surcharge.

Meets are held on weekends only. One or two meets per month through the year.

Practice times are published here, and training groups are explained here.

To register, please complete the form on the right or on this registration page.

Accepted Payments : Visa, MasterCard, Auto Bank Draft