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Meet Entry Procedure

All swimmers are expected to swim at the team meets designated by the coaching staff. The coaches select the meets in which the Dad’s Club will participate. The coaches also assign the events each swimmer will enter. Please contact the coaches regarding any questions on meet entries.

The coaches are required to submit the names of each swimmer and the events they will swim, approximately 10 days before the meet. The Dad’s Club must also send payment for the entire team at this time. Once the swimmers are entered and payment is made it cannot be changed. If a swimmer does not show up for the meet the Dad’s Club may also incur a fine for incorrect meet entry. Therefore, it is very important that you inform the coaches if your swimmer cannot attend a meet. This must be done before the meet entry is sent. If you do not communicate to the coach that your swimmer will not be at the meet the club policy is to charge your account both the meet fee and the fine.

The typical meet charges a fee of $5.50 to $9.50 per event. There is also a fee for each relay event.

On-deck entries are allowed at most meets. The cost is usually double for these entries.


Check website and emails for current and upcoming meet information as well as at gulfswimming.org.

Click on this button to open the form to notify the coaches of your swimmer's non-attendance at Dad's Club swim meets, no later than 2 weeks prior to meet, or as indicated on the Meets & Results page.

How do I know which meet my swimmer will be entered for?

Meet entries are made either by training group (Blue, Bronze, Silver, ...) or by qualifying time, or cut. As an example, below meet schedule shows that 4 training groups (White, Blue, Bronze, and Silver) are scheduled to swim at the Invitational meet. 
A second meet, B & Under, uses qualifying times to limit who can participate. The respective qualifying times are detailed in the meet invitation, which the hyperlink will open.