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Spirit Wear
As member, swim parent, alumnus, or friend of Dad's Club you now have a great way to show your pride for your club and Swim Team! 

In the past we have relied on fixed-date fundraisers to get our spirit-wear out to our families and to raise money for the team. This year we are rolling out our brand new Online Dad's Club Spirit Store

You will be able to order your Dad's Club merchandise any time you like from the comfort of your home and support your team in two ways: 1) when you show your Dad's Club Spirit you help support a community bond that unites us all; and, 2) with each item purchased, Dad's Club receives a portion of the profit. This earned money will go directly to team events and/or motivational speakers. In other words, the money goes directly to YOUR kids. Take a minute and browse our new online store at

Before you shop, be sure to check-out available coupons and promotional codes!
Texas Swim Shop

Dad's Club has partnered with Texas Swim Shop for the provisioning of swim training equipment, team suits, and parkas.

They will have the required equipment list by training group, but you can also get this information from the Training Groups section. 

Let them know you are with Dad's Club in order to receive the team discount.

Contact: Susan Matherne
10429 South Post Oak Road Houston, TX 77035
(713) 723-0910