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TWST Open Meet - April 2012

posted May 10, 2012, 1:26 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated May 14, 2012, 12:28 PM ]
The first meet of the year started off extremely well for the Dad’s Club. 57 of the 119 athletes that attended the
meet swim 100 % best times. Many more swam personal bests in almost every event. Dad’s Club had a number
of first time long course swimmers including some of our younger athletes Cate Theron (6), Victoria Cone (5)
and Sloane Margraves (7). New to the team and swimming at their first meet with us were Bella Evans, Bridgit
Wilson, Frankie Pink and Jess McMillan. Congratulations first timers!

Congratulations to Alyvia Beaudion for breaking the first team record of the season.

This was a great meet and we look forward to building upon it to reach our goals. The coaching staff really
appreciated our swimmers that attended and the support from our parents. 

Thanks TEAM!
Coach Rey

100% Best Times

Philip Antake (12) M
Matthew Ballard (16) M
Yasemin Bayanay (11) W
Alyvia Beaudion (12) W
Luca Burns (8) M
Alexandra Buscher (14) W
Riley Carson (14) M
Sophia Cone (8) W
Victoria Cone (5) W
Natalee Crawford (12) W
Grace DeJong (9) W
William Espey (12) M
Elizabeth Evans (10) W
Juliette Farmer (12) W
Sara Gage (15) W
John Gahn (13) M
Haley Goodrow (11) W
Caroline Green (9) W
Margot Guinotte (13) W
Alexander Hale (13) M
Megan Hale (11) W
Ellen Heerensperger (15) W
Vincent Huang (12) M
Joshua Jones (12) M
Mikhail Khramov (11) M
John Kim (13) M
Holly Kurisky (12) W
Laura Lei (11) W
Kate Luo (11) W
Sloane Margraves (7) W
Jessica McMillan (12) W
Meg Meliet (13) W
Christina Moreno (13) W
Mackenzie Parsons (11) W
Abigail Partridge (12) W
Franncesca Pink (8) W
Sophie Pink (11) W
McKamie Quine (11) W 
Xavier Ramirez (15) M
Kyle Rathgeb (17) M
Gillian Richardson (10) W
Brady Samuelson (11) M
Zhi-Syuen See (10) W
Mark Shoemaker (12) M
Michael Skaribas (8) M
Michaela Skaribas (11) W
Lauren Skyler (11) W
Rebekah Smith (16) W
Kelsie Stephenson (10) W
Cate Theron (6) W
Keagan Theron (11) M
Blair Thoman (15) M
Clarissa Vincent (11) W
Abigail Wendler (12) W
Brigit Wilson (9) W