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Texas Age Group Championships (TAGS)

posted Aug 20, 2015, 4:09 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Aug 26, 2015, 12:45 PM ]
Location: University of Texas Natatorium
Date: July 21st-26th

TAGS is the fastest 14 & under meet in the state of Texas. The qualifying times to enter this meet are very challenging and it is a fantastic accomplishment to represent your team. 

Dads Club finished 10th overall in the state out of over 80 teams. We had 29 athletes represent us either in individual events, relays or both. We had some fantastic individual swims but our kids really stepped up for the relays and that is what pushed us to a 10th place finish. 

Our individual high point winners were Trey Fischbach(12) with 40 points and Amy Evans(12) with 52.5 points. 

Here are the athletes that made the roster:

Sydney Buchman(13), Luca Burns(11), Emma Clark(12), Olivia Cone(13), Sophia Cone(11), Amy Evans(12), Izzy Evans(14), Rafael Fente-Damers(8), Sara Fente-Damers(10), Trey Fischbach(12), Fernanda Gamez(14), Larkin Helman(9), Kassidy Kitchel(9), Edward Lo(10), Lexi Lukens(10), Travis Ly(9), Ellie McLeod(13), Kara Moss(12), Sophie Newell(14), Roxana Nolte(12), Audrey Orange(14), Ellen Pack(14), Logan Pack(10), Pearl Reagler(11), Sydney Smith(10), Emma Stephenson(14), Monica Tan(12), Clarissa Vincent(14), Jodi Wong(14)


  • Jodi Wong, Sophie Newell, Emma Stephenson and Audrey Orange started the meet off by finishing 6th overall in the 4 x 200 freestyle relay dropping more combined time than any other team. 14.68 seconds. This places this relay as the fastest 13-14 girls 4 x 200 relay ever at Dads Club.


  • 200 Individual Medley
    • Sydney Smith started the individual events off with a 10th place finish for the 10 & under girls. Sydney is 3rd for Dads Club 10 & under girls.
    • Ellie McLeod had a great race to finish 8th in her 200 IM.  Her prelims time 2:27.42 places her 4th all-time at Dads for 13-14 girls.
  • 50 Back
    • Larkin Helman was our first male swimmer to make finals and finished 16th in the state.
  • 100 Freestlye
    • The top 16 places for finals in the 13-14 girls 100 free all had a sectionals cut. Sophie Newell went a personal best(1:00.89) to finish 14th overall and 8th on Dads Club top 10 .  Audrey Orange came in 2nd overall with a 58.75 and this time ranks her 1st on Dads Club top 10 13-14 girls and places her 2nd in the Open age group.
    • Pearl Reagler aged up but is still showing her speed and finished 6th at Tags and 4th on our Dads Club top 10 with a 1:03.19 and age 11. 
    • Sydney Smith is at again winning the B final and finishing 9th with a 1:09.65.  This time places her 4th all-time at Dads Club as a 10 & under.
  • Relays-400 Medley
    • 13-14 
      • Girls A-finished 4th @ TAGS     1st ALL-TIME @ Dads  4:32.14
      • Sophie Newell, Ellen Pack, Emma Stephenson, Audrey Orange
      • Girls B-finished 10th 4:39.66
      • Fernanda Gamez, Ellie McLeod, Jodi Wong, Sydney Buchman
    • 11-12 
      • Emma Clark, Amy Evans, Roxana Nolte, Pearl Reagler
      • Girls finished 5th dropping 17.03 seconds.  Doubling the most time dropped by any other 11-12 girls relay.


  • 200 Freestyle
    • Audrey Orange comes out swinging and finishes 11th in the 200 free placing her 6th on Dads Club top 10
  • 50 Breaststroke
    • Sydney Smith wins the B final again with a great swim to place her 4th on Dads Club top 10 with a time of 41.61
    • Amy Evan is our first TAGS Champion of the meet by winning the 11-12 girls 50 breast and placing her 2nd on Dads Club top 10. Congratulations on being the fastest 12 year in the state. Her time-35.61
    • Trey Fischbach puts in gear and makes his first final to place 7th in the state with a time of 36.19. 5th on Dads top 10 
  • 100 Butterfly
    • Emma Stephenson has an amazing race to finish 2nd overall and drops almost a full second from her prelims swim. Her time of 1:03.64 places her 3rd on Dads Club top 10.
  • Relays-400 Freestyle
    • 10 & Under Boys
      • Larkin Helman, Edward Lo, Rafael Fente-Damers and Logan Pack stepped up and finished 16th for our first boys relay
    • 10 & Under Girls
      • Kassidy Kitchel, Lexi Lukens, Sara Fente-Damers and Sydney Smith light the pool up to place 2nd with a time of 4:48.31.  This is now the fastest 10 & under girls 400 free relay ever at Dads Club. Nice!
    • 11-12 Girls
      • Pearl Reagler, Kara Moss, Roxana Nolte and Emma Clark move up again to finish in the coveted top 8 with a time of 4:24.25.
    • 13-14 A
      • Audrey Orange, Sophie Newell, Ellie McLeod and Emma Stephenson become our first RELAY TAGS CHAMPIONS by winning the 4 x 100 freestyle relay beating the competition by over 2 seconds.  The time of 4:01.63 places them 11th in the country and 1st at Dads Club.
    • 13-14 B
      • Sydney Buchman, Jodi Wong, Ellen Pack and Olivia Cone have a great race to finish 9th overall and win their heat
Photos courtesy of Becky Kitchel


  • 200 Backstroke
    • Emma Clark makes her first Tags and then makes her first individual Tags final and finishes 16th in the state.
  • 100 Breaststroke
    • The 13-14 girls had 3 make the A final with Ellie McLeod leading the way finishing 4th overall with a time of 1:16.70.  This places her 3rd on Dads Club top 10. Audrey Orange finished 7th and Clarissa Vincent finished 8th. All three ladies dropped from their prelims time to finals. Great job!
    • Sydney Smith is back in finals again to finish 10th and place her 2nd on the Dads Club top 10. Sara Fente-Damers has a great race as well to finch 12th and 6th on Dads Club top 10.  Dads Club has had some talented breaststrokers so great job of making the top 10 at Dads girls.
    • Amy Evans is back at it winning the 11-12 girls 100 breaststroke.  This makes her a two time breaststroke CHAMPION and without a doubt the fastest 11-12 girl’s breaststroker in the state of Texas. Amy carries on the Dads Club tradition of Champion breaststrokers from Dads Club. Her time of 1:18.18 places her 2nd on Dads Club top 10
    • Trey Fischbach takes it up a notch to finish 4th in his second finals.  His time of 1:17.59 makes him 3rd all-time at Dads Club for 11-12 boys.
  • Relays-200 Freestyle
    • 13-14
      • Audrey Orange, Ellen Pack, Emma Stephenson and Sophie Newell become Dads Club second CHAMPIONSHIP relay for this Championship meet. All of the girls went 27’s to place 1st overall and finish 8th in the country.  Their time of 1:50.40 ranks 1st at Dads Club for 13-14 girls
      • Ellie McLeod, Olivia Cone, Jodi Wong and Sydney Buchman drop over 2 seconds to finish 10th. Way to step up!
    • 10 & Under
      • Kassidy Kitchel, Lexi LukensSara Fente-Damers and Sydney Smith are ready for action again. This group again becomes the fastest relay at Dads Club for 10 & under girls, this time in the 200 free relay.  The girls finished 3rd in the state with a time of 2:10.93
      • Our 10 & under boys leave it all in the pool and finish 15thLarkin Helman, Edward Lo, Travis Ly and Logan Pack pulled together and raced like champions.
    • The relays again come together as a group and show what Dads Club is about. TEAM 


  • 100 Backstroke
    • Lexi Lukens starts the evening off placing 15th at the meet and 8th on Dads Club top 10 with a time of 1:22.58
  • 200 Breaststroke
    • Amy Evans has yet another great race dropping almost 7 seconds from her entry time to finish 6th overall and 2nd on Dads Club top 10.
    • Trey Fischbach makes his 3rd final and drops an astounding 8.5 seconds from his seed time to finish 6th with a time of 2:46.53.  Dads Club has been around a long time and has had a lot of great swimmers.  Trey’s time places him 1st on the Dads Club top 10 for 11-12 boys.
  • 50 Freestyle
    • Sydney Smith and Lexi Lukens light the pool up with their individual effort in the 50 free. Sydney comes in 4th and Lexi comes in 15th to start off our sprinters.  Sydney finishes 5th and Lexi 10th on Dads Club top 10 for 10 & under girls.
    • Ellen Pack(28.01) and Sydney Buchman(28.14) both finish with best times to place 12th and 15th in the 13-14 girls 50 freestyle. Once again you had to have a sectionals cut to make finals.
    • Audrey Orange finishes out our individual races by placing 4th in with a time of 27.35. This time places her 1st on Dads Club 13-14 girls top 10.
  • Relays-200 Medley
    • 10 & Under Girls
      • Lexi Lukens, Sara Fente-Damers, Kassidy Kitchel and Sydney Smith rock the pool and finish 5th overall and their time of 2:31.54 places them 1st at Dads Club for 10 & under girls
    • 10 & under Boys
      • Edward Lo, Larkin Helman, Travis Ly and Logan Pack have their best finish for 10 & under boys finishing at 14th place.  2:40.54
    • 11-12 Girls
      • Sophia Cone, Amy Evans, Roxana Nolte and Pearl Reagler step up their game to drop 5.95 seconds and finish 6th with a time of 2:14.20
    • 13-14 Girls A
      • Sophie Newell, Ellie McLeod, Emma Stephenson and Audrey Orange pull together to place 5th overall barley missing the Dads Club record. 2:05.73
      • Fernanda Gamez, Clarissa Vincent, Ellen Pack and Sydney Buchman have a great race and finish 8th.  2:08.01.
      • That makes two 13-14 girls relays in the top 8. WOW!

It was a great meet where individuals stepped up to reach their goals and we came together as a team for our relays. The coaching staff would like to congratulate everyone on a great meet and coming together for one another and your team. DADS CLUB PROUD!!!