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Texas Age Group Championships

posted Sep 15, 2017, 12:02 PM by Rey Aguilar
2017 long course TAGS was held in Austin at the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swim Center located at the University of Texas campus. This meet is the fastest 14 and under swimmers in the state of Texas and you must have qualifying times to swim at this meet. Dads Club had 28 swimmers represent us extremely well in and out of the water. We finished 11th overall missing 10th place by 3.5 points. Our girls finished 6th overall and our boys finished 29th out of 76 teams.


TAGS qualifiers:

Isabella Alas, Bailey Bergen, Luca Burns, Sophia Cone, Tori Cone, Trey Fischbach, Finnian Helman, Larkin Helman, Kendall Hoffman, Zelie Hughes, Kassidy Kitchel,  Spencer Locascio, Lexi Lukens, Travis Ly, JP McCann, Lowell Moss, Kara Moss, Renee Nealon, Karl Nolte, Avery Pham, Pearl Reagler, Sydney Smith, Emma Vanghaus, Eloise Williamson, Max Zuanich, Megan Zuanich.



Our 13-14 girls 4 x 200 freestyle relay, Pearl Reagler, Kara Moss, Roxana Nolte and Sophia Cone, started the meet just barely making the cut 2 weeks before TAGS. The girls stepped up from being seeded 22nd to finishing 15th. Way to go ladies!



Tori Cone and Eloise Williamson started the night with the 200 IM. Tori killed her best time from prelims dropping a total of 6.09 seconds winning the B final.  Eloise dropped time from prelims to finals finishing 7th in the A final. Rising to the occasion girls.

Finnian Helman gets the 10 and under boys on the board by dropping the hammer in his 200 IM taking off a total of 4.82 seconds finishing 15th overall in the state. Nice!

Sydney Smith starts the 11-12 girls with a Sectionals cut in her 200 IM going a 2:30.94. Sydney finished 7th overall. Congrats on another Sectionals cut Syd.

Tori Cone is back at it in the 50 backstroke making the A final and finishing 7th overall. Tori was seeded 25th going in to the event. Wow! That is awesome.

The 11-12 girls are back again in the 100 freestyle. Sydney Smith makes her second final of the day finishing 11th and achieving a personal best.   Megan Zuanich was seeded 21st and finished 6th in the state with a 1:01.69. Isabella Alas achieved a best time in prelims and had a great race to finish 4th overall. Three girls making finals and these girls are just starting to warm up.

Tori Cone wins the B final again but this time in the 10 and Under 100 freestlye with a time of 1:08.65. Eloise Williamson finishes 2nd with a time of 1:06.17. Eloise was seeded 29th going into the event. Mad props girls!

Finnian Helman has his second finals swim of the night with the boys 100 freestyle. Finnian dropped 1.44 seconds to take home 11th place.



400 Medley Relay
13-14 Boys
Max Zuanich, Trey Fischbach, Luca Burns and Spencer Locascio
finished 11 overall dropping a total of 3.13 seconds. Beast Mode boys!

11-12 Girls

Lexi Lukens, Sydney Smith, Isabella Alas and Megan Zuanich finished 3rd. Their time of 4:45.18 ranks them 18th in the country. Still getting warmer……

11-12 Boys

Larking Helman, JP McCann, Travis Ly and Lowell Moss moved up 2 places from 20th to 18th. Way to swim boys.




The 10 and under girls start the night off with Tori Cone dropping 10.24 seconds in her 200 free to once again win the B final. This is her 3rd time to win the B final. Eloise Willamson drops 1-4 seconds between prelims and finals to come in 4th overall. Way to step up!

Isabella Alas drops over a second in her 200 free to finish 7th with a time of 2:15.16. Great swim.

Pearl Reagler also drops over a second in her 200 free going a 2:11.40 finishing 12th in the 13-14 girls age group. Fantastic swim.

Sydney Smith makes the 11-12 girls A final in the 50 breast. Sydney dropped 1.10 seconds from her best time placing 7th. That is huge in a 50 of anything at this level. Awesome!

Eloise Williamson rocks the 100 fly going a 1:12.19 and placing 3rd in the state of Texas for 10 and under girls.

Sydney Smith makes her second final of the night in the 11-12 girls 100 fly barely missing her 2nd Sectionals cut of the meet by .05 going a 1:08.04. It was a great race dropping 1.81 seconds from prelims to finals.



400 Freestyle

11-12 GirlsIsabella Alas, Megan Zuanich, Sydney Smith and Lexi Lukens dropped 5.73 seconds to finish 2nd barely missing 1st by .15. This time places them 3rd in the country for the season. Still getting warmer…..

13-14 Girls

Pearl Reagler, Kara Moss, Kendall Hoffman and Roxana Nolte just missed the top 16 finishing 17th overall.  Way to race girls.



Emma Venghaus gets the evening started off with a great 200 backstroke swim for the 13-14 girls. Emma dropped 2.38 seconds between prelims and finals to place 12th overall. Rising to the occasion!

Max Zuanich comes out swinging in the 13-14 boys 200 back dropping 5.47 seconds. Max was seeded 26th and finished 12th in the state.

Eloise Williamson becomes our first TAGS Champion for this meet in the 10 and under girls 50 butterfly. Her time of 31.21 is already her TAGS cut for the 11-12 age group. Way to go Eloise!

The 11-12 girls are at it again with 3 girls making finals in the 50 butterfly. Isabella Alas finished 11th and Megan Zuanich finished 14th. Both of the girls dropped between prelims and finals. Sydney Smith places 5th overall achieving a personal best time of 30.65. Great job ladies!

Trey Fischbach drops a full second in the boys 13-14 100 breaststroke to go a 1:12.75 to finish 14th in the state of Texas. Way to rock!

Finnian Helman is back in finals but this time in the 10 and under boys 100 breaststroke. Finnian dropped over 3 seconds to make the A final and finish 7th. On Fire!

Sydney Smith drops 2.5 seconds from prelims to finals in the 11-12 girls 100 breaststroke to finish 3rd overall with a time of 1:17.85. Crank it young lady.

Pearl Reagler steps it up in the 13-14 girls 400 free and drops 2.31 from prelims to finals to finish 15th overall. Grinding the mid distance, NICE!



200 Freestyle

13-14 Girls

Pearl Reagler, Zelie Hughes, Kara Moss and Sophia Cone finished 18th moving up one spot from their seeded position.

10 & Under Girls

Bailey Bergen, Renee Nealon, Tori Cone and Eloise Williamson finished 3rd with an amazing drop of 4.70 seconds. Lighting it UP!

11-12 Girls

Isabella Alas, Megan Zuanich, Sydney Smith and Lexi Lukens are TAGS CHAMPIONS setting a TAGS record and finish the season ranked 1st IN THE COUNTRY for 11-12 girls.  Congratulations girls on a tremendous accomplishment.



Sophia Cone and Emma Venghaus light it in the 13-14 girls 100 backstroke. Emma was seeded 25th and finished 12th overall with a lifetime best of 1:08.29. Sophia Cone achieves a personal best of 1:07.58 to crank out a 5th place finish. Mad skills girls.

Tori Cone has been crushing her finals swims dropping time left and right from prelims to finals. Her 4.69 second drop places her 3rd in the state for 10 and under girls. Wow!

Finnian Helman has his last swim of the weekend dropping 3.51 seconds in his 100 backstroke finishing 7th for 10 and under boys. Way to go FinFin!

Sydney Smith digs deep to drop 5.37 seconds in her 200 breaststroke between prelims and finals to go a 2:47.98 placing her 3rd overall with a fantastic swim.

Eloise Williamson and Tori Cone both make the A final in the 10 and under girls 50 freestyle. Tori drops 1.37 seconds, huge in a 50, to finish 4th. Eloise drops exactly 1 second to win her second event and is once again a TAGS CHAMPION. Incredible swims ladies.

Lexi Lukens, Megan Zuanich and Isabella Alas all make the 11-12 girls 50 freestyle final. Lexi was seeded 34th and finished 16th in the state. Megan goes a 28.06 to achieve her first Sectionals cut and finishes 6th. Isabella Alas also gets her Sectionals cut going a 28.22 to finish 7th. Way to crank out the top end speed.

Max Zuanich and Spencer Locascio finish the individual events off with the 13-14 boys 50 freestyle. Spencer makes his first TAGS final and sprints his way to a 14th place finish with a 26.40.  Max wins the B final finishing 9th achieving a personal best of 25.68. Great job gentleman.


200 Medley

10 and Under GirlsAvery Pham, Renee Nealon, Eloise Williamson and Tori Cone drop 2.23 seconds to take 6th place. Way to step up for your team. Nice!

11-12 Girls

Lexi Lukens, Sydney Smith, Isabella Alas and Megan Zuanich are TAGS CHAMPIONS again. They dropped 4.40 in 3 weeks. This is the true definition of rising to the occasion. The girls time of 2:06.81 places them 3rd in the country for 11-12 girls. ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-12 Boys

Larkin Helman, JP McCann, Travis Ly and Lowell Moss crank it out to drop 1.82 seconds to finish 20th overall and move up 3 spots from their seed. Awesome job boys.

13-14 Girls

Sophia Cone, Zelie Hughes, Kara Moss and Pearl Reagler have an incredible relay. They swam lights out to go from 16th seed to finishing 8th overall getting into the double points scoring. Crushing IT!

13-14 Boys

Max Zuanich, Trey Fischbach, Luca Burns and Spencer Locascio step up for their team and each other to place 13th in the state of Texas for 13-14 boys. Tremendous job guys!

We had a great time. The coaching staff would like to thank the Venghaus’s for hosting the TAGS party this season. We would also like to thank everyone involved in assisting Dads Club to be what it is today. We couldn’t do it without you parents. Thank you. Last but not least the athletes. We want to recognize the time, dedication and commitment to this sport and this team that you have given. The coaching staff thanks you. Dads Club Proud and continue to dream BIG!