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Texas Age Group Championships

posted Apr 12, 2017, 10:30 AM by Rey Aguilar

Tags was held in Lewisville, Texas on March 9th-12th. Tags is the fastest 14 & under meet in the state of Texas and you must have qualifying times to enter. It is a prelim/final meet so the fastest 16 swimmers from the morning come back to race in the evening to see who comes out on top. Dads Club had 28 swimmers attend and we finished 11th overall out of the 70+ teams in Texas. Our girls finished 9th and our boys finished 18th in the state. Here are our swimmers that proudly represented Dads Club.


Isabella Alas, Baily Bergen, Ava Ceraudo, Emma Clark, Sophia Cone, Tori Cone, Amy Evans, Benjamin Farahbod, Rafael Fente-Damers, Sara Fente-Damers, Trey Fischbach, Larkin Helman, Zelie Hughes, Wednesday Hunter, Max Lee, Lexie Lukens, Alex Miao, Kara Moss, Nathan Moss, Renee Nealon, Pearl Reagler, Sydney Smith, Reid Vandervoort, Emma Venghaus, Joey Wieland, Eloise Williamson, Max Zuanich, Megan Zuanich.



800 Free- finished 12th-seeded 15th Pearl Reagler, Emma Clark, Kara Moss and Wednesday Hunter

400 Free

10 & Under Girls-seeded 5th-finished 5th-Baily Bergen, Renee Nealon, Tori Cone, Eloise Wlliamson

10 & Under Boys-finished 2nd-seeded 2nd Alex Miao, Nathan Moss, Finnian Helman, Rafael Fente-Damers

11-12 Girls-seeded 9th-finished 11th-Sydney Smith, Isabella Alas, Megan Zuanich, Sara Fente-Damers

13-14 Girls-seeded 8th-finished 9th-Pearl Reagler, Emma Clark, Sophia Cone, Wednesday Hunter

200 Medley

10 & Under Girls-seeded 17th-finished 12th-Tori Cone, Renee Nealon, Eloise Williamson, Bailey Bergen

10 & Under Boys-seeded 4th-finished 3rd-Joey Wieland, Finnian Helman, Alex Miao, Rafael Fente-Damers

11-12 Girls seeded 13th-finished 10th-Sara Fente-Damers, Sydney Smith, Isabella Alas, Megan Zuanich

13-14 Girls A-seeded 6th-finished 5th-Emma Clark, Amy Evans, Perl Reagler , Sophia Cone

13-14 Girls B-seeded 22nd-finished 22nd-Emma Venghaus, Zelie Hughes, Kara Moss, Wednesday Hunter

200 Free

10 & Under Girls-seeded 4th-finished 4th-Bailey Bergen, Ava Ceraudo, Tori Cone, Eloise Williamson

10 & Under Boys A-seeded 6th-finished 4th Alex Miao, Benjamin Farahbod, Finnian Helman, Rafael


10 & Under Boys B-seeded 14th finished 11thReid Vandervoort, Max Lee, Joey Wieland, Nathan Moss.

11-12 Girls-seeded 9th-finished 7th-Sydney Smith, Isabella Alas, Megan Zuanich, Lexie Lukens

13-14 Girls-seeded 17th-finished 14th-Pearl Reagler, Emma Clark, Sophia Cone, Zelie Hughes

400 IM

11-12 Girls seeded 27th-finished 13th-Lexie Lukens, Sydney Smith, Isabella Alas, Megan Zuanich

13-14 Girls A-seeded 6th-finished 7th-Emma Clark, Amy Evans, Pearl Reagler, Sophia Cone

13-14 Girls B-seeded 23rd-finished 20th-Emma Venghaus , Zelie Hughes, Kara Moss, Wednesday Hunter



Day by Day Finals Breakdown



The 10 & under Boys start the weekend off with some great time drops in the 500 freestyle. Finnian Helman drops 7.15 seconds to finish 15th and Alex Miao drops 2.24 seconds to finish 18th in the state.



Sydney Smith gets finals started off finishing 9th overall winning the B final in the 11-12 100 breast with a time of 1:08.88. Congratulations Sydney on your first Sectionals cut as a 12 year old.

Amy Evans is next up taking charge and getting 3rd overall in the 13-14 girls 100 breast. Amy dropped the most time between prelims and finals getting a personal best of 1:05.64. Way to step it up.

The 10 & under 200 free lead by Eloise Williamson as she gets a personal best time and finishes 11th overall. Eloise is just getting warmed up.

Here comes the 10 & under boys in the 200 free. We have Alex Miao dropped over 3 seconds to make finals and finished 16th overall. Finnian Helman also steps up and drops 3 seconds to make finals and ends up 15th. Rafael Fente-Damers makes the A finals by dropping 2.7 seconds. Rafael finished 8th in the state. Nice job Big Boy!

Tori Cone makes her first final in the 10 & under girls 50 back.  She drops .91 seconds to charge to an 11th place finish. Did I mention she was seeded 25th? Wow!

Joey Wieland is next at the 50 back with the 10 & under boys. Joey went from being seeded 20th all the way to 12th. Now that is a big jump. Mad props Joey!

The 13-14 girls 100 back is next. Emma Venghaus achieves her first sectionals cut going from being seeded 45th all the way to 12th. Lights out swimming Emma. Congrats on your first sectionals cut. Emma Clark is up next working those walls and cranking that hand speed to finish 9th and win the B final. Great job ladies!

Rafael Fente-Damers is back again to swim his second individual final of the day in the 10 & under boys 100 IM.  Moving up through the ranks from 23rd to finish 12th cranking out another best time. More to come….

Our last swim of the day happens to be our first Tags Champion of the meet.  Sydney Smith floats across the water winning the event by .83 seconds. Great turns and strong underwater travel certainly propelled this young lady to winning it all. Way to go Syd!




Eloise Williamson is back in finals but this time in the 10 & under girls 100 butterfly.  Eloise moved up a few spots to finish 10th overall.  Just wait, she is just getting warmed up in fly.

Our 10 & under boys really stepped on the gas in their 100 fly. Rafael Fente-Damers drops 1.56 seconds to make the A final and finish 7th. Alex Miao drops 1.79 seconds between prelims and finals with an amazing swim and gets 5th from lane 8. Outside smoke folks.

Swim #2 of the day, Eloise Willamson is back at again. This time in the 10 & under girls 50 free. What a great race by this young lady stepping it up and coming in 2nd overall in the state. Getting warmer…

Finnian Helman back in finals again in the 10 & under 50 free. He had to drop a .5 second to make finals and did an excellent job of racing. Rafael Fente-Damers really cranked it out dropping .75 seconds and sprinting his way to a 6th place finish.

This is Megan Zuanich’s first Tags and is already making finals. Originally seeded 41st she raced her way to a 13th place finish in the 11-12 girls 50 free. Stepping up to the moment. Nice!

Isabella Alas makes her first individual finals of the meet also in the 11-12 girls 50 free. She dropped .94 seconds going from 23rd seed to a 5th place finish in the state. That is rising to the occasion.

Amy Evans gets after in the 13-14 girls 200 breast with a very exciting race. She drops .75 between prelims and finals to finish 3rd overall. Great job Amy

And now stepping up is Finnian Helman in the boys 10& under 50 breast. Fin rocked the B final finishing 14th overall and completing his 3rd individual final so far.



Sydney Smith starts the last day with a bang in the 11-12 girls 50 breast going 31.68 and finishing 2nd overall dropping .76. Way to RACE!

Tori Cone is back in the water swimming backstroke again, this time in the 100 back for 10 & under girls. She really pushed herself and dropped over 2 seconds from prelims to finals coming in 10th overall. Way to get out of your comfort zone Tori.

Great prelims swim from Finnian Helman dropping 2.64 seconds to qualify him for the 10 & under boys B final in the 100 back. Fin went from 27th seed to finishing 14th. Definitely moving in the right direction.

13-14 girls are back in finals for the 200 backstroke. Emma Venghaus is up first dropping 2.23 seconds getting her bonus sectionals cut with a time of 2:07.97 and going from 29th to 13th. Crazy good!  Emma Clark really steps up dropping 1.55 seconds achieving her short course NCSA cut with a time of 2:04.21. FANTASTIC swim Emma.

Eloise Williamson starts her Sunday finals off with an 11th place finish in the 10 & under girls 100 free. This makes this Eloise’s 4th individual final. Rock on!

This is one of the best reactions of the meet. Rafael Fente-Damers has an awesome race in the 10 & under boys 100 free breaking a minute for the first time. The pure joy on his face is something I will never forget. He finished 3rd overall with a time of 59.58. Way to go Rafa!

Sydney Smith makes the most out of her last individual swim of the meet dropping 1.53 seconds going from 31st to 10th overall in the 11-12 girls 100 free.  Her time was 55.38. On fire!

The last individual swim of the meet also happens to be one of our best. Eloise Williamson becomes our 2nd Tags Champion in the 50 fly and the first for the 10 & under girls. Eloise had one of the best starts of the meet putting her a ½ body length ahead of her peers and she never relinquished the lead after that. Great starts can win races. Fantastic job!


Thanks to our swimmers, coaches and parents for coming together and representing Dads Club in such a positive manner. The coaching staff thanks all of our athletes for all your hard work and dedication to this team and the sport we all love so much. Dads Club Proud!