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Swimmer drop-off, pick-up, and parking

posted Sep 13, 2012, 2:27 PM by DCST Webmaster
Spring Valley Police, Dads Club Staff and parents will be directing the traffic over the next couple weeks so we can establish a routine before it starts getting dark earlier. Please cooperate with them and please follow the traffic flow. Exiting the Dads Club you should expect to be told that you must turn right--north-- (away from the freeway feeder road and through the neighborhood) during peak periods.

Swimmer drop off...
The parking lot by the 50m pool is closed until 5:45. It is for drop off and exiting only. Drivers should pull all the way to the north (toward the picnic pavillion) and stay in one of the two right traffic lanes when dropping athletes off. Swimmers need to be ready to jump out with their stuff (not finishing a sandwich or shuffling through the trunk etc) or it will be really annoying to the people behind you--and slow traffic. Do not drop swimmers off on Voss road, in the middle of the entrance gate, or on the I-10 feeder road.

Tip: be 10-15 minutes early for practice to avoid the frustrating rush...

Swimmer pick up...
All parents must park your car and walk up to get your swimmer or have them meet you in a prearranged spot. You CANNOT stop in ANY driveway to put a child in your car........ Even if "they are just right there..."

We have 80 spaces in the back and they are not as convenient as the spaces by the 50 m pool, but the driveway must stay clear.

DO not park and wait for your swimmer unless you are in a lined parking space.

Tip: Arrange with your child to pick him up 10-15 minutes after his/her practice the traffic time to die down.

Please do not invent parking spaces. Park between two painted lines. Do not park on the grass or blocking (or partially blocking) any drive way, or gate. Please do not park in the fire lane, on Voss Road or in the neighborhood.

Tip: CARPOOL! or drop athletes off and shop or make dinner and come back for them.

Talking to the coaches on deck
We welcome parents to come watch practice. But, please be mindful that talking to the coaches immediately before, during or after practice is not acceptable....even if it is "just a really quick question...." The best way to communicate is email. If you want to meet face to face the coaches--email them. They are happy to set an appointment time to meet you.

Your team work and help in following the rules is greatly appreciated. If you see someone doing something that is messing with the flow--please be a good neighbor and let them know as perhaps they didn't get the email...