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Southern Senior Zones Championships

posted Sep 21, 2017, 12:31 PM by Rey Aguilar

The Senior and National Groups represented Dad’s Club at the Southern Senior Zones Championships August 1st-5th at Texas A&M University. This meet included top level senior swimmers from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia. We had a fun week with a bunch of fast swims, finalists, and lifetime bests.

Way to go Dad’s Club!



David Alas, Jeremy Bates, Hector Bayaborda, Reed Casper, Olivia Cone, Noah Czelusta, Izzy Evans, Luke Funderburk, Olivia Gore, Bridie Hibbler, Hannah Kral Brandon Mahan, Kyle McDonald, Laura Miles, Nathan O’Neil, lexi Pickens, Morgen Reyna, Nicolas Roa, Will Sampson, Bob Timuruly, Clarissa Vincent, Jett Walker, Joey Wendt, and Jodi Wong.

Individual Finalists:

Jeremy Bates: 18th/200 IM, 11th/50 Br, 20th/50 Bk, 30th/50 Fly, 23rd/100 Br

Reed Casper: 21st/50 Fr

Noah Czelusta: 19th/200 Br, 24th/50 Br, 26th/100 Br, 26th/200 IM

Luke Funderburk: 21st/ 800 Fr, 25th/400 IM, 28th/200 IM

Bridie Hibbler: 29th/200 Br, 26th/50 Br, 20th/100 Br

Nathan O’Neil: 30th/200 Br

Lexi Pickens: 23rd/50 Bk, 27th/50 Fly, 14th/50 Fr

Morgen Reyna: 19th/100 Fr, 21st/50 Fr

Will Sampson: 29th/200 Bk, 18th/50 Br

Clarissa Vincent: 24th/ 200 Br, 8th/50 Br, 24th/ 100 Br

Jodi Wong: 28th/200IM


100% Best Times:

Hannah Kral



200 MR-Girls

A-relay: 7th-Jodi Wong, Clarissa Vincent, Morgen Reyna, Lexi Pickens (Team Record)

B-relay: 15th-Laura Miles, Bridie Hibbler, Izzy Evans, Olivia Gore


200 MR-Boys

A-relay: 12th-Will Sampson, Jeremy Bates, Bob Timuruly, Reed Casper

B-relay: 23rd-Jett Walker, Noah Czelusta, Hector Bayaborda, David Alas


200 FR-Girls

A-relay: 18th- Olivia Cone, Olivia Gore, Laura Miles, Izzy Evans


800 FR-Girls

A-relay: 20th-Laura Miles, Olivia Gore, Izzy Evans, Olivia Cone


200 MR-Mixed

A-relay: 12th-Will Sampson, Jeremy Bates, Morgen Reyna, Lexi Pickens

B-relay: 20th- Jodi Wong, Clarissa Vincent, Bob Timuruly, Reed Casper


400 FR-Girls

A-relay: 11th- Olivia Cone, Olivia Gore, Jodi Wong, Morgen Reyna


400 MR-Girls:

A-relay: 14th- Jodi Wong, Clarissa Vincent, Olivia Gore, Morgen Reyna


400 MR-Boys

A-relay: 16th- Will Sampson, Noah Czelusta, Nathan O’Neil, Reed Casper