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Short Course Champs III

posted Mar 3, 2017, 3:54 PM by Rey Aguilar

The meet was held at the FBISD Training facility February 24-26th. All 13-14 year old athletes had to have qualifying times to enter this meet. This was a prelims/finals meet where the 24 fastest times per event in the morning made finals and received a second swim in the evening. Dads Club finished 7th overall out of 27 teams in the Gulf.  Both our girls and boys finished 7th overall. A lot of fantastic racing with many personal best times.


Here is a list of the swimmers that earned a second swim and made the top 24:


Brazos Donavan-21st/100 bk, 17th/200 br

Trey Fischback-4th/400 IM, 1st/100 br(TAGS)

Kendall Hoffman-23rd/100 bk

Zelie Hughes-5th/50 fr, 5th/100 br

Wedenesday Hunter-20th/50 fr, 9th/200 fr, 11th/100 bk, 8th/100 fr

Spencer Locascio-8th/50 fr, 24th/200 fr,

Jimmy Maher-16th/200 bk, 21st/100 br,

Grace Markovich-24th/500 fr, 13th/200 fly, 24th/100 fly

Kate Mischlich-10th/200 br, 24th/200 IM

Kara Moss-20th/500 fr, 11th/100 br, 19th/200 fr, 6th/200 IM, 17th/100 fly

Max Zuanich-5th/500 fr, 3rd/50 fr, 7th/200 bk, 9th/200 fr, 5th/100 bk(TAGS), 8th/200 IM

Holden Baird: 13th/50 Back; 22nd/200 Back

Madeleine Baird: 17th/50 Back; 15th/50 Breast; 18th/50 Free; 21st/100 Breast; 18th/100 Free; 22nd/200 IM           

Hector Bayaborda: 9th/400 IM; 22nd/100 Breast; 12th/200 IM

Martina Caridad:  23rd/200 IM

Olivia Cone: 8th/50 Back; 12th/50 Free; 5th/200 Back; 24th/200 Free; 5th/100 Back; 14th/100 Free; 15th/200 IM

Noah Czelusta: 11th/200 IM

Wassim Daghri: 6th/50 Fly

Izzy Evans: 18th/400 IM; 20th50 Fly; 17th/50 Breast; 16th/100 Breast; 11th/100 Fly

Keagan Firenza: 18th/1650 Free

Luke Funderburk: 8th/500 Free

Olivia Gore: 8th/50 Fly; 12th/50 Back; 13th/50 Breast; 6th/50 Free; 22nd/100 Breast; 7th/100 Free

Alex Hale: 16th/50 Fly; 20th/ 50 Free

 Michael Kalwick: 7th/50 Fly; 8th/50 Free; 13th/100 Free

 Hannah Kral: 24th/50 Free; 13th/200 Back

Andreas Mason: 20th/100 Free

Lucy McLean: 19th/50 Breast

Laura Miles: 15th/50 Free

May Moorefield: 19th/200 Fly; 17th/100 Breast

Nathan O’Neil: 14th/200 IM; 19th/100 Fly

Mackenzie Parsons: 18th/500 Free

 Erykah Pedro: 23rd/200 Breast

Peyton Pivec: 19th/50 Back; 14th/100 Breast; 10th/200 Breast

 Luke Reed: 19th/50 Back

 Will Sampson: 10th/200 Back; 12th/100 Back; 17th/200 Breast

  Amelia Zhang: 5th/50 Breast




13-14 Girls 400 Medley

3rd-Emma Venghaus, Zelie Hughes, Kara Moss, Wednesday Hunter

13-14 Boys

4th-Spencer Locascio, Trey Fishbach, Jimmy Maher, Max Zuanich


13-14 Girls 400 Free Relay

7th-Isabelle Hardie, Kara Moss, Zelie Hughes, Wednesday Hunter

13-14 Boys

4th- Spencer Locascio, Brazos Donovan, Jimmy Maher, Max Zuanich



100 %-These swimmers had all personal best times in all their events

Trey Fischbach, Kate Mischlich, Wednesday Hunter, Grace Markovich, Max Zuanich,  David Alas, Madeleine Baird, Martina Caridad, Noah Czelusta, Michael Kalwic, Andreas Mason, Kyle McDonald. Lucy McLean, Laura Miles, Nathan O’Neil, Erykah Pedro, Peyton Pivec, Luke Reed, Amelia Zhang


Thank you to all the volunteers that timed at the meet. We appreciate you. Thanks to all of our swimmers for a great season and their commitment to Dads Club. The coaching staff is very proud of your accomplishments and we are excited about the upcoming long course season. Dads Club Proud!