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Short Course Champs II

posted Mar 1, 2017, 10:49 AM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Mar 2, 2017, 5:30 PM ]

Champs II was hosted by Dad’s Club at the Emmons Natatorium in Spring Branch. Dads Club finished 1st out of 5 teams. The boys scored 962 total points finishing 1st overall and our girls scored 853 points also finishing first overall. This was a timed finals event were the top 8 scored points for the team. Our team really pulled together and swam lights out. Way to step up Gang!



Individual Point Scorers by Age and Gender

10 & Under Girls

2nd-Tori Cone     4th-Eloise Williamson

10 & Under Boys

1st-Alex Miao    2nd-Finnian Helman             3rd-Joey Wieland             4th Nathan Moss                          5th Karl Nolte

11-12 Girls

1st-Sophia Cone        2nd-Isabella Alas             3rd-Sydney Smith           4th-Megan Zuanich

11-12 Boys

2nd-Luca Burns

13-14 Girls

1st-Isabelle Hardie          4th-Ava Wylie

13-14 Boys

1st-Jimmy Maher             2nd-Jett Walker                 3rd-Brazos Donovan


Top 16-Everyone that finished in the top 16


Isabella Alas-2nd/500 Fr (TAGS),2nd/200 IM, 1st/50 fly (TAGS), 2nd/ 200 Fr(TAGS), 1st/ 100 fly, 8th/50 bk, 5th/100 bk

Antonio Amador-1st /100 br, 5th/ 50 fr, 2nd/200 br, 10th/ 100 fr                                      

Jake Baker-16th/200 Fr                                                                                                                  

Luisa Bandmann-7th/500 Fr, 9th/ 200 fr, 9th/50 fr, 1st/200 bk, 4th/200 IM, 1st/100 bk

Jordan Baron-12th/200 fr, 4th/100 br, 15th/50 fr, 2nd/200 br, 16th/100 fr, 16th/100 bk

Luca Burns-4th/500 fr, 1st/ 50 bk, 3rd/100 fly, 2nd/200 bk, 2nd/100 IM, 1st/100 fr, 1st/100 bk   100%

John Carney-14th/200 fr, 12th/ 100br

Sophia Cone-3rd/500 fr, 1st/50 fr, 1st/50 bk, 1st/100 IM, 1st 200 IM, 1st/100 fr                                           

Lauren Cutter-11th/50 fly                                                                                                             

Katie Czelusta-16th/200 fr, 11th/100 br, 11th/50 fr, 14th/100 IM, 8th/50 fly, 12th/100 fr

Nina Davalos-10th/200 fr, 8th/100 br, 14th/200 IM, 15th/100 fr, 15th/100 bk               

Brazos Donovan-1st/500  fr, 1st/200 fr, 4th/100 br, 4th/100 fly, 5th/200 IM, 4th/100 fr, 5th/100 bk

Sara Fente-Damers-4th/500 fr, 4th/200 fr, 5th/50 fr, 6th/50 bk, 3rd/200 IM, 5th/100 fr, 8th/100 bk

Sophia Fente-Damers-4th/500 fr, 1st/200 fr, 10th/50fr, 3rd/200 bk, 10th/200 IM, 7th/100 fr, 4th/100 bk

Ryan Guthrie-16th/500 fr, 10th/200 fr, 3rd 50 bk, 5th/200 bk, 7th/100 IM, 9th/100 fr, 4th/100 bk

Isabelle Hardie-2nd/500 fr, 2nd/200 fr, 2nd/100 br, 1st/50 fr, 1st/200 IM, 2nd/100 fr

Amaury Jayr-8th/500 Fr, 5th/200 fr, 3rd/50 fr, 4th/200 IM, 6th/100 IM, 4th/50 fly, 7th/100 fr  

Jared Lee-11th/500 fr, 7th/100 br, 2nd/50 fr, 9th/100 fly, 8th/200 br

Lexi Lukens-5th/500 fr, 4th/50 fr, 2nd/200 bk, 9th/50 bk, 5th/200 IM, 6th/100 fr, 6th/100 bk 

Patty Lynn-10th/500 fr, 14th/200 fr, 6th/50 fr, 13th/100 fly, 6th/200 IM, 4th/100 fr

Jimmy Maher-5th/500 fr, 2nd/200 fr, 3rd/50 fr, 2nd/100 fly, 1st/200 IM, 1st/100 fr, 3rd/100 bk

Sebastian Martinez-5th/200 fr, 4th/50 fr, 8th/200 IM, 5th/100 fr, 4th/100 bk

Josh McLean-7th/500 fr, 8th/100 br, 16th/50 fr, 3rd/200 bk, 7th/200 br, 10th/100 bk

Dylan Michaels-8th/500 fr, 10th/200 fr, 9th/100 br, 9th/50 fr, 5th/200 br, 14th/100 fr, 13th/100 bk

Marley Orange-6th/500 fr, 6th/200 fr, 8th/50 fr, 10th/200 bk, 12th/100 fr

Sydney Smith-1st/500 fr(TAGS), 1st/200 Fr(TAGS), 1st/200 bk, 2nd/100 bk, 1st/200 fly

Lane Vandervoort-11th/500 fr, 15th/200 fr, 14th/50 fr, 4th/100 fly, 8th/200 IM, 14th/100 fr, 10th/100 bk

Jett Walker-4th/500 fr, 3rd/200 fr, 1st/50 fr, 3rd/100 fly, 7th/200 IM, 2nd/100 fr, 1st/100 bk

Ava Wylie-16th/200 fr, 3rd/50 fr, 1st/100 fly, 3rd/200 IM, 8th/100 fr, 1st/200 fly

Nicholas Antake- 15th/100 br, 13th/50 fr, 12th/200 IM

Caroline Beck- 14th/100 bk

Reece Bend- 7th/200 fr, 8th/ 100 br, 2nd/50 bk, 7th/fly, 10th /100 fr, 7th/50 br

Stephanie Birkelbach- 10th/100fly, 16th/ 50 fly, 14th/100 fr

Nina Davalos- 10th/100fr, 8th/100 br, 14th/200IM, 15th/ 100 fr and 100 bk

Artemisa De Jager- 12th/50 fr, 9th/ 100 fly, 9th/100bk

Alexander Farahbod- 16th/50 fr, 16th/200 IM

Katie Fikes 13th/100 br

Taylor Franklin- 9th/200 br

Cole Graydon- 14th/200 fr, 11th/100 bk

Larkin Helman- 7th/ 500 fr, 4th/100 br, 6th/100 fly, 4th/200 bk, 5th/ 100 IM, 3rd/50 fly

Romain Joubert- 11th/500 fr, 8th/200 fr, 4th/50 bk, 9th/200 bk, 10th/100 IM, 8th/100 fr, 9th/100 bk

Kassidy Kitchel- 7th/ 500 fr, 10th/50 fr, 4th/100 fly, 10th/50 bk, 6th/200 IM, 7th/ 50 fly, 6th/100 bk

Dash Leibold- 13th/50 bk, 14th/100 bk

Edward Lo- 12th/ 100 br, 10th/50 fr, 9th/50 bk, 12th/100 IM, 8th/100 bk, 10th/50 br

Travis Ly- 6th/50 fr, 7th/50 bk, 10th/200 IM, 14th/100 IM, 6th/50 fly, 7th/100 bk

Lowell Moss- 12th/500 fr, 11th/100 br, 12th/50 fr, 11th/100 fly, 3rd/200 br, 12th/100 fr, 6th/50 br

Mila Mrugala, 6th/200 bk, 8th/100 bk

Grace Ogger- 13th/100 IM, 14th/200 IM, 15th/50 fly

 Alison Ortiz- 12th/200 fr, 16th/ 100 IM, 14th/50 fly

Ethnan Pedro- 15th/200 fr, 8th/50 fr, 7th/100 fly, 5th/50 fly, 11th/100 fr, 11th/50 br

Drew Schachel- 12th/100 br, 15th/100 fly

Grace Stern- 12th/100 br

Ava Tummino- 11th/100 fly

Shannon Tyler- 8th/200 fr, 2nd/50 fr, 5th/200 bk, 12th/200 IM, 5th/100 fr, 6th/100 bk

Isabel Wabnitz- 14th/200 fr

Lily Wise- 13th/100 br

Jaden Yi- 15th/200 fr, 13th/100 br

Alex Yoon- 16th/200 br

Megan Zuanich- 10th/500 fr, 5th/200 fr, 2nd/100 fly, 2nd/50 bk, 2nd/50 fly, 2nd/100 fr, 4th/100 bk

Quinn Belmar- 50bk/15th, 50fly/12th

Alise Hardie- 200br/8th

Parker Kooyman- 50fly/16th

Abby Martin- 100br/14th, 200br/6th, 50br/14th

JP McCann- 100br/10th, 100IM/9th, 200br/5th, 50br/2nd

Isabella Norton- 200bk/11th

Jade Belmar- 9th/ 500 fr, 13th/ 50 ba, 15th/200 IM, 16th/ 100 fr, 11th/ 100 ba,

Bailey Bergen- 6th/ 200 fr, 2nd/ 50 fr, 9th/ 50 ba

Elle Burke- 6th/ 500 fr, 9th/ 100 br, 4th/ 50 fr, 4th/ 200 IM, 5th/ 100 IM, 2nd/ 100 fr, 7th/ 100 fr



John Carney- 14th/ 200 fr, 12th/ 100 br

Ava Ceraudo- 4th/ 500 fr, 4th/ 200 fr, 3rd/ 50 fr, 3rd/ 50 ba, 6th/ 100 IM, 3rd/ 100 fr, 5th/ 100 ba

Tori Cone- 3rd/ 200 free, 2nd/ 100 br, 1st/ 200 IM, 1st/ 100 IM, 1st/ 100 ba

Mila Crosser- 9th/ 50 fly

Lauren Cutter- 11th/ 50 fly

Katie Czelusta- 11th/ 100 br, 11th/ 50 fr, 11th/ 100 IM, 8th/ 50 fly, 12th/ 100 fr

Benjamin Farahbod- 5th/ 500 fr, 3rd/ 200 fr, 2nd/ 50 fr, 5th/ 50 ba, 6th/ 50 fly, 8th/ 100 fr, 4th/ 50 br

Claire Fischbach- 5th/ 100 breast, 13th/ 200 IM, 9th/ 50 br

James Hackney- 5th/ 200 fr, 10th/ 100 br, 8th/ 100 IM, 6th/ 100 ba

Finnian Helman- 1st/ 500 fr, 1st/ 50 ba, 2nd/100 fly, 1st/ 100 IM, 3rd/ 50 fly, 2nd/ 100 fr

Anna Hoskovec- 10th/ 50 fly, 10th/ 100 fr, 8th/ 100 ba

Lucca Incerpi- 11th/ 200 fr, 13th/ 100 ba

Sophie Kabele- 16th/ 50 fly

Liberty Lang- 14th/ 200 fr, 13th/ 100 fr

Max Lee- 7th/ 500 fr, 9th/ 50 fr, 11th/ 50 ba, 7th/ 50 fly, 9th/ 100 fr, 7th/ 50 br

Alex Miao- 1st/ 50 fr, 4th/ 50 ba, 1st/ 200 IM, 1st/ 50 fly, 1st/ 100 fr, 2nd/ 100 ba

Nathan Moss- 2nd/ 500 fr, 1st/ 200 fr, 8th/ 50 fr, 3rd/ 100 fly, 2nd/ 200 IM, 5th/ 50 fly, 3rd/ 100 fr

Karl Notle- 4th/ 500 fr, 2nd/ 200 fr, 7th/ 50 fr, 1st/ 100 fly, 4th/ 100 IM, 4th/ 50 fly, 6th/ 100 fr

Bernardo Nordang- 8th/ 500 fr, 10th/ 50 fr, 15th/ 50 ba, 8th/ 200 IM, 12th/ 100 IM, 10th/ 100 fr

Ian Ong- 13th/ 200 fr, 16th/ 100 br

Avery Pham- 5th/ 500 fr, 5th/ 200 fr, 5th/ 50 fr, 2nd/ 50 ba, 3rd/ 50 fly, 3rd/ 100 ba, 12th/ 100 br

Preston Pham- 3rd/ 50 fr, 3rd/ 50 ba, 4th/ 100 fly, 2nd/ 100 IM, 2nd/ 50 fly, 4th/ 100 fr

Addison Ramirez- 15th/ 50 ba, 15th/ 100 fr

Rohan Takkar- 4th/ 100 br, 15th/ 50 fr, 9th/ 100 IM, 15th/ 100 fr, 10th/ 50 br

Juliette Tonnel- 10th/ 100 br, 16th/ 50fr, 14th/ 50 ba, 15th/100 IM, 8th/100 fr

Laura Toro- 8th/ 500 fr, 16th/ 100 br, 9th/ 50 fr, 8th/ 50 ba, 16th/ 100 IM, 9th/ 100 fr, 15th/ 50 br

Reid VanderVoort- 6th/ 500 fr, 3rd/ 100 br, 4th/ 50 fr, 3rd/ 200 IM, 3rd/ 100 IM, 7th/ 100 fr, 2nd/ 50 br

Joey Wieland- 3rd/ 500 fr, 1st/ 100 br, 5th/ 50 fr, 2nd/ 50 ba, 5th/ 100 fr, 1st/ 100 ba, 3rd/ 50 br

Eloise Williamson- 1st/ 500 fr, 1st/ 200 fr, 6th/ 100 br, 1st/ 50 ba, 2nd/ 200 IM

Ian O’Neil- 100fly/12th, 50fly/8th, 200fly/3rd

Max O’Neil- 100fly/13th, 50fly/13th

Nick Pettit- 100br/14th

Emma Podvorec- 100br/15th

Justive Wenz- 100br/2nd, 50fr/10th, 200IM/9th, 200br/1st



11-12 Girls 200 Medley

1st-Sophia Cone, Sydney Smith, Kassidy Kitchel, Isabella Alas

4th-Lexi Lukens, Sara Fente-Damers, Allison Ortiz, Megan Zuanich

6th-Grace Oggero, Natalie Ou, Ava Tummino, Anastasia Rubio


13-14 Girls 200 Medley

1st-Isabel Wabnitz, Jordan Baron, Ava Wylie, Marley Orange

5th-Mila Mrugala, Sophia Fente-Damers, Luella Bakker-Barrink, Isabelle Hardie

6th-Luisa Bandmann, Lily Wise, Lane Vandervoort, Patty Lynn


11-12 Girls 200 Free

1st-Sophia Cone, Megan Zuanich, Sydney Smith, Isabella Alas

2nd-Lexi Lukens, Natalie Ou, Kassidy Kitchel, Sara Fente-Damers

6th-Ava Tummino, Anastasia Rubio, Grace Oggero, Stephanie Birkelbach


13-14 Girls 200 Free

1st-Patty Lynn, Isabelle Hardie, Jordan Baron, Marley Orange

2nd-Shannon Tyler, Luisa Bandmann, Ava Wylie, Savannah Skeele

4th-Samantha Wotring, Sophia Fente-Damers, Isabel Wabnitz, Lane Vandervoort


13-14 Boys 200 Medley

1st-Josh McLean, Jared Lee, Jimmy Maher, Jett Walker

3rd-Sebastian Martinez, Dylan Michaels, Cole Graydon, Brazos Donovan

5th-Alex Yoon, Drew Schachel, Nicholas Petit, Nick Antake


11-12 Boys 200 Medley

1st-Larkin Heklman, JP McCann, Lucan Burns, Amaury Jayr

2nd-Ryan Guthrie, Lowell Moss, Travis Ly, Romain Joubert

6th-Edward Lom, Mathew Lee, Ian O’Neil, Ethnan Pedro


13-14 Boys 200 Free

1st-Brazos Donovan, Jared Lee, Jimmy Maher, Jett Walker

2nd-Antonio Amador, Josh McClean, Dylan Michaels, Sebastian Martinez

5th-Jaden Yi, Nick Antake, Caleb Choi, Cole Grayden


11-12 Boys 200 Free

 1st-Larkin Helman, Romain Joubert, Amaury Jayr, Luca Burns

3rd-Ryan Guthrie, Edward Lo, Lowell Moss, Travis Ly

8th-Daniel Ryu, Dash Leibold, Alexander Farahbod, Reece Bends




100 % Best Times Achieved

Antonio Amador, Jake Baker, Luca Burns, Sophia Cone, Georgia Cooper, Lauren Cutter, Katie Czelusta, Nina Davalos, Sarah DeVany, Brazos Donovan, Sara Fente-Damers, Sophia Fente-Damers, Amaury Jayr, Lexi Lukens, Sydney Smith, Lane Vandervoort, Jett Walker, Carolyn Beck, Reece Bends, Katelyn Cutter, Artemisa De Jager, Aiden Madaffri, Allison Ortiz, Ethnan Pedro, Drew Schachel, Shannon Tyler,  Alex Yoon, Megan Zuanich, Ashley Cardin, Jade Belmar, Charlee Bowers, Elle Burke, Tori Cone, Mila Crosser, Lauren Cutter, Katie Czelusta, Benjamin Farahbod, Adrian Gonzalez, Christopher Guthrie, Anna Hoskovec, Sadie Jackson, Max Lee, Alex Miao, Nathan Moss, Bridget Murphy, Karl Nolte, Bernardo Nordang, Avery Pham, Juliette Tonnel, Eloise Williamson, Sunny Zhang, Jaycee Davalos


We would like thank all of our volunteers for coming together and making this meet happen. It takes a team effort to host a meet. Special thanks to all of our officials and meet coordinators.

The coaching staff is very proud of all of our kids and want to thank you for a great season. Dads Club future is bright thanks to your dedication and effort. 

Dads Club Proud!