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Results of 2016 Board elections

posted Oct 29, 2016, 8:02 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Nov 2, 2016, 4:20 PM ]
Congratulations to our newly elected directors
  • Frank Wozencraft, Andrew Fischbach, Greg Zuanich, Tom Peloski, and Wojciech Mrugala for the swim team membership
  • Charlie Calderwood, Harris Masterson, Dustin Heitmann, and Cynthia Tzetzo for the facility membership

A special thanks to the outgoing board members!   On the Swim Team side of the board we thank Christy Dull & Antonio Moreno, while on the Facility side, there is Sid Clark and  Kelly Rives.    These five board members were instrumental in our membership growth, strategic planning, committee development and best practices for our board governance model.     When you see them, please thank them, our club has benefited greatly from their efforts!


In addition, a special thanks of herculean size goes to our outgoing President, John Burns!    John took over as club president at a most uncertain financial time, nearly two and half years ago.  In his tenure as president, membership blossomed by +33%, the club hired additional swim coaches, increased pay for the coaches & staff, streamlined operations, and mightily increased board transparency.   Our outgoing President always welcomed input, and worked tirelessly to benefit the workings of the club!   We are forever indebted to you, John Burns!


Well done John, Christy, Kelly, Antonio & Sid!  

Swim Team Candidate # of valid votes % of valid votes Rank # Result
Frank Wozencraft 79 87.8% 1 Elected
Andrew Fischbach 76 84.4% 2.5 Elected
Greg Zuanich 76 84.4% 2.5 Elected
Tom Peloski 73 81.1% 4 Elected
Wojciech Mrugala 71 78.9% 5 Elected
Facility Candidate # of valid votes % of valid votes Rank # Result
Charlie Calderwood 69 76.7% 1 Elected
Harris Masterson 45 50.0% 2 Elected
Dustin Heitmann 44 48.9% 3 Elected
Cynthia Tzetzo 40 44.4% 4 Elected
Andy Carey 38 42.2% 5
Michael Montalbano 36 40.0% 6

Directors are elected for a 2-year term, with approximately half the positions up for election in alternating years. This year there were nine open positions, five (5) for the swim team and four (4) for the facility members.

The elections were held online the week of October 24th, starting Monday the 24th and closing at 4:00 PM on Saturday the 29th. All cast votes were valid.

Voter participation was 12.6% (90 out of 717 eligible members). Members can verify their vote by searching this sheet for the unique yet anonymous voting token received by e-mail on October 24th.