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Newsletter July 2017

posted Jul 24, 2017, 4:50 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Jul 25, 2017, 2:18 PM ]
Hello Dad's Club Members and Our Many Friends!

Wow! The Club's progress and improvements have been as hot & steamy as this Houston weather! I hope my message finds you and your Family in good health and spirits! There is a lot to report, but I'm going to make this letter brief, emphasizing the before and after pictures of our creek bank erosion remediation and channel repair work. This heavy construction is complimented by our new Sun Shades for both the Family Pool and 50 meter pool. The Families, Coaches, Swimmers and Fans in the bleachers now have shade, relief from that scorching sun beating down on the deck.

In my May Newsletter, I mentioned, that we spent $86,000 of the $100,000 from the Fall Marathon, this past spring on 21 "much needed" capital improvements & expenses. Well, I've got a big fat confession for everybody. Guess what? We spent the leftover $14,000, and then some, twenty times over.

Sorry, but we needed it! Here you go, let me give you the good news, we spent quick and on just two projects, not like this spring on 21 spots. The Sun Shades cost $56,000, we needed it badly, custom engineered, designed and manufactured. Looks terrific, don't you agree?

Then the biggie was $220,000 for the Creek Bank Erosion and Repair, when you add up the Engineering Consulting firm, Transporting Concrete & Dirt, eight days of skilled labor, and four pieces of onsite heavy equipment. We're thinking we got the pool(s) saved, which was crucial.

Before I go much further, please join me in thanking Board members Dustin Heitmann, Facility Committee Chair and his co-chair Wojciech Mrugala. The Sun Shades and especially the creek repair, were both a big time commitment and effort by these two men.

Our club will benefit for years (perhaps decades), because of Dustin and Wojciech working on these two major projects!

The "Beat the Creek" Fundraising Campaign developed by Barbara Bends is important for all our members, friends, former parents and swimmers to pitch in and help us pay for the repair of the creek. We had no other choice, but to save our pool from "falling" into the creek due to erosion caused by excessive creek water flow of the Briar Branch Creek Watershed Drainage Area. Please go to the website and help out. Any amount is appreciated, but please consider giving a substantial and meaningful gift. Trust me, it was thoughtfully and appropriately spent and spent well!

Sorry, I can't spend more time on these other exciting topics, but let me briefly mention, perhaps more info at a later date; Swim Team membership and participation is at an all time high, nearly 400 swimmers, in addition, our Summer Swim Team, The Spring Valley Dolphins won their league, plus we added three beautiful picnic tables and umbrellas at the Family Pool, not to mention another 200+ children have taken summer swim lessons, how wonderful for the club that the April and June Saturday Work Day(s) had combined 170+ members helping, and last, but not least, further progress on site development and the building plans for the new office/natatorium were modified, discussed and reviewed for presentation to the members. Whew, lots of great things are going on, my friends! Feel free to call and volunteer, we can use you!

Please have a safe and enjoyable rest of the summer!

Charlie Calderwood
President, Dads Club Swim Team, Inc.

After the work, look at the finished product, the Family Pool is saved

The bank that eroded was fully restored and the creek bed returned to its 100 year flood map position

Here is the "Before".........look at the erosion of the bank and the way the water cuts into the bank

Each concrete rock weighs between 110 and 140 lbs, packed together and with "grout" added to further cement the rocks