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Newsletter April 2017

posted Apr 25, 2017, 6:32 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Apr 25, 2017, 6:34 PM ]
Hello Dad's Club Member's and our many Friends!

Hopefully, my quarterly letter finds you and your family in good health and spirits! The Dad's Club seems to be enjoying improving good health, both financial and physical with a wonderfully renewed spirit of volunteerism and parent involvement. It is a pleasure for me to list and relate the current accomplishments and our ongoing issues to be addressed this quarter and year.

In my year end 2016 newsletter, I mentioned that club membership is at an all-time high, and that our financial outlook had taken a rather sunny side up prospective, with the physical plant evolving for the better with multiple improvements being made and many more planned, and that the 33 yard pool that was under the former steel girder and galvanized metal roof was repaired and is now being utilized. I am very pleased these four items are positives that continue!

Noteworthy first quarter accomplishments
  • Completed the fencing for the 33 yard pool 
  • Offered and completed training and safety classes for our lifeguards 
  • New cleaning crew hired and results have earned positive reviews 
  • Completed $7500 of drainage improvement in the chronically wet areas 
  • Landscaping of shrubs along the wrought iron fence 
  • Asphalt repair and restriping on the driveway and parking lot completed 
  • Lighting improvements for the three pools, both above and below the water 
  • Marathon Fundraiser Weekend topped $100,000 in proceeds 
  • Saturday, April 1st Volunteer Club Clean up day had over 90 parent volunteers 
  • Swim Committee and Facilities Committees are two shining examples of our functioning committee system

Key Initiatives for 2017-18 that are crucial for our future growth, strength and legacy
  • Revise the Mission and Vision Statements to reflect the fact we are an "Aquatics Center with a National Reputation" as opposed to a "Houston Swim Team" only
  • Commit to a Statement of Core Values that are a basis of how we will act as a board, coaches, staff, swimmers, parents and adult members
  • Strategic and Development Plans include both initiatives
    1. A. Revise, rewrite and update the corporate by-laws and covenants to facilitate its maturation into the successful and stable institution that reaches its true potential in the near term
    2. B. Physical Plant Design and Redevelopment with three major endeavors
      • 1. Stabilize the Briar Branch Creek Channel to allow a 20+ year window of bank stability
      • 2. Formulate, then start to implement the master plan of the property's design and physical plant
      • 3. Design and build a multi-use natatorium that meets the needs of our Mission Statement
Please feel to call or email if you have questions, answers and comments.

I look forward to any and every conversation in the spirit of making the Dad's Club the best Aquatics Center in our Nation!

Charlie Calderwood

Dad's Club Swim Team, Inc. President

PS. A very belated, but sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart for all 90+ Volunteers on our Saturday, April 1st "Clean up Day" who spent a good part of the day, cleaning, clearing, fixing, shining, raking, and digging our way to a better club. Thank you!!!