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Orientation for New Parents

posted Sep 10, 2014, 2:48 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Sep 10, 2014, 2:49 PM ]
Welcome to the Dad’s Club Family!
We are very happy your child has chosen swimming as their sport and looking forward to another successful year.
Please take the time to read over this information. We want all parents to be aware of our policies, procedures, and upcoming events.

Website :
  • Our website is our primary method of communicating.
  • On our home page you can find team news and any new important information. 
  • Any cancellation or changes due to weather will be posted on our home page as soon as the determination is made. 
  • All other information concerning the swim team can be found under the swim team tab. 

Swim Meets

The meet schedule is located on our website under the meets/results link. The letters to the right of each meet indicate which training groups will be attending (w-white, b- blue, B - bronze, S-silver, G-gold, SR–Senior, SE-Sr. Elite) The Q means – swimmers must have the qualifying times to attend.

  • Entry Procedure 
    • All swimmers will be entered in meets unless notified otherwise. 
    • The coaches will enter each swimmer in their particular events.
    • You can notify the coaches if your swimmer is not attending via our website. The non-attendance notification tab is on the meet/results page. This is the only way you can notify the coaches if your child is not attending a meet. The deadline for notification is on the right of each meet. Failure to notify us before the deadline will result in your child being entered in the meet. The deadline is usually 2-3 weeks before the start of each meet. Please check the deadlines ahead of time.
    • The fees for each meet will be taken out of your account via Thriva. You can review the meet fees for each meet on our meet/results page.

October Meet Deadlines


Training Groups Attending

Opt-out deadline



Gold & Sr. Elite

Sept. 16th


Gulf Open/11-12

White, blue, bronze, silver and gold.

Sept. 13th

AM session- 12&under boys and 10&under girls.

PM session – 11&up girls and 13&up boys.


Senior & Sr. Elite

Sept. 28th


Swim Marathon/25

All groups

No opt. out



For more information on swim meets please check out our short training videos located on the right hand side of our Meets & Results page.

  • Leading up to each meet 
    • Timing- We will always need volunteers to help time during each meet. Please sign up for timing under the meet/results page.
    • Timeline- You can find a timeline of the meet the Wednesday before the start of the meet. The timeline is located to the right of each meet and will have a T you can click on.
    • Warm-ups – Warm-up times for our team will be posted on our website along with the timeline. 
    • Meet entries- You can view the meet entries on the right of each meet. Coaches will choose the swimmer’s events. 
  • During the Meet 
    • Warm-up times for morning sessions usually start at 7:30 or 8:10am. Swimmers are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the designated warm-up. All swimmers are expected to warm-up with the team. 
    • The competition portion of the meet usually starts at 9am. 
    • Meets usually last between 3.5-4.5 hours.
    • Relays- During meets where relays are offered the coaches will announce the final relay line ups immediately after warm-up. Swimmers arriving late will be taken out of relays. Although we try our best to pre enter swimmers in relays, we often have to make changes at the meets. Swimmers should not assume they are not in a relay. Always ask a coach before leaving a meet.
    • Uniforms- swimmers must wear a Dad’s Club shirt, cap and swim suit during meets.
    • All swimmers should wear their new white (est. 1948) shirt for all Saturday sessions and a blue dad’s club shirt for theSunday sessions.
    • See below under uniforms/equipment for more information on team shirts.

Parent Volunteering

The sport of swimming depends on parent volunteers. One of the best ways you can help is by timing during swim meets. We are responsible to fill all the timing slots designated to us for the meet. Please remember to sign up for a time slot at every meet your swimmer attends. Per our registration agreement; parents who do not sign up may be assigned a time slot where it is needed. 


  • Each swimmer will receive a Dad’s Club shirt and a latex cap. We will be passing out the shirts and caps on Tuesday Sept 23rd and Wednesday Sept 24th between 4-6:30PM. This year’s shirt is white with the est. 1948 logo on the front. 
  • Swim Caps
    • You can also purchase a Dad’s Club silicone cap on Tuesday Sept. 23rd and Wednesday Sept. 24th between 4-6:30PM. The silicone caps are $13 each. 
  • Shirts 
    • Shirts can be purchased through our spirit wear which is located on our website under the apparel/equipment tab. Please purchase your blue Dad’s Club shirt for the Sunday meet sessions through the spirit wear. 
  • Parkas
    • Texas Swim Shop is taking orders for Parkas. If you are interested in ordering a parka please email Susan Matherne at
  • Team suits
    • If you have not ordered a team suit already, please do it directly through Texas Swim Shop. Please contact Susan Matherne at
  • Training equipment
    • Training equipment can be purchased at Texas Swim Shop. They will have the required equipment list by training group, but you can also get this information from the Training Groups  section on our website. Let them know you are with Dad's Club in order to receive the team discount. 
Texas Swim Shop
10429 S Post Oak Rd, Houston, TX 77035
Phone: (713) 723-0910
Hours: 10:00 am – 5:00pm

Fund Raising

  • Our annual Swim Marathon will be held on Saturday Oct. 25th. All swimmers are required to participate. Swimmers will need to supply a counter to keep track of their laps. 
  • An email with all the marathon details and start times will be sent out in the next few weeks.

Parents First Point of Contact

  • Each training group has parent volunteers who are there to help with any questions you may have. This is a great resource for new parents. Please do not hesitate to contact them for assistance. 


Speaking with Coaches

  • Coaches are unable to speak with parents during workout times. 
  • If you wish to speak with a coach please schedule a time to meet with them via email. 
  • Please keep in mind that parents are not allowed on deck during practice times. Parents are welcome to watch practice in the designated parent sitting areas. 
  • Please contact your swimmer’s coach directly for any assistance. 

Rey Aguilar
Head Coach