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Halloween Fun at Dad’s!

posted Oct 30, 2014, 6:07 AM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Oct 30, 2014, 6:07 AM ]

The Gold, Senior, and Sr. Elite training groups celebrated Halloween with our annual costume challenge.

Swimmers’ costume where judged based on creativity and team effort. Each swimmer also completed a 100 yard swim while in full costume. 

Gold Winners

Most Creative

               Giant Pull Buoy Luke Funderburk

Best Group Effort

               The Dad’s Club Coaches made up of Kelsie Stephenson, Emma Stephenson, Ellie McLeod, Audrey Orange and Sydney Buchman. 

Fastest 100

               Sydney Buchman as Coach Jane. 

Senior and Sr. Elite

Most Creative

Riley Van Ryan with her homemade full body blue luffa. 

Best Group

The award went out to the five Spice Girls Caddie Dull, Annie Miller, Meghan Parsons, MaddieRobinson and Ellie Vincent. Honorable mention went out to the Power Puff Girls made up of Melissa Brill, Sara Jane and William Gage

Fastest 100

               This was a very close race between Honey Boo Boo Jacob Won and Jack the Taco Rogers. In the end it was Rogers who maintained his lead by .01 seconds over Won.

Spice Girls - Annie Miller (Posh Spice), Maddie Robinson (Sporty Spice), Meghan Parsons (Ginger Spice), Caddie Dull ( Scary Spice) and Ellie Vincent ( Baby Spice). 

Dad's Club Coaches - Sydney Buchman (Coach Jane), Kelsie Stephenson (Coach Rey), Audrey Orange ( Head Lifeguard Tracy Stokes), Ellie McLeod (Coach Becky) and Emma Stephenson (Coach Jason). 

Halloween 2014 Senior and Sr. Elite

Halloween 2014 Gold