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2014 Gulf Short Course Champs II

posted Mar 5, 2014, 6:49 AM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Mar 5, 2014, 6:50 AM ]

Spring Champs II marked the end of the season for many of our 13 & over swimmers. Overall 51 swimmers from Gold, Senior and Senior Elite represented us throughout the weekend. The meet was held at the CISD Natatorium in Shenandoah, TX from February 28th-March 2nd.


Some of the highlights of the meet include Caddie Dull hitting best times after a long season of recovery following a back injury. Senior swimmers Alex Hale, Meg Meliet, and Daniel Patterson dropping time in every single of their events. Grant Kirchhofer achieving his Sectional time in the 200 Breast and Mathew Delgado breaking the 50 second barrier in the 100 Free.


The following swimmers advanced to the finals of individual events. The list includes their top individual finish.

Riley Carson – 2nd Open 1650 Free (Sectional A cut)

Caddie Dull – 10th Open 200 Free 

Sara Jane Gage – 15th Open 200 Breast

Elizabeth Jordana – 2nd Open 200 fly (NCSA Juniors B cut)

Grant Kirchhofer – 7th Open 200 Breast (Sectionals A cut)

Audrey Orange – 2nd 13-14 50 Free (TAGS time)

Meghan Parsons – 10th Open 100 Fly

Shannon Peifer – 22nd Open 200 Fly

Xavier Ramirez – 19th Open 200 Breast

Nicolas Roa – 6th 13-14 100 Back

Elena Skaribas – 5th Open 50 Free (Sectional A cut)

Erika Stephenson – 9th Open 200 Free (Sectional A cut)

Cory Stephenson – 3rd 13-14 100 Breast(TAGS time)

Clarissa Vincent- 9th 13-14 200 Breast

Tara Virginillo – 9th  Open 100 Breast (Sectional A cut)

Kaysey Weber – 6th Open 200 Breast

Samantha Wong - 4th Open 200 IM (Sectional B cut)

Jodi Wong – 9th 13-14 400 IM

Cooper Wozencraft – 1st Open 200 Back (NCSA juniors A cut)



This was a very special meet for many of our swimmers. Spring Champs marked the very last short course meet our high school seniors will swim with the Dad’s Club.

Jack Goodman, Ellen Heerensperger, Grant Kirchhofer, Shannon Peifer, Xavier Ramirez, Nathan Tresch, and Kaysey Weber have been a very important part of our team for many years. Many of them chose to make this their last SC course meet despite having a very long high school swim season.

Congratulations to all our participants!

Samantha Wong, Mallory Menier, Erika Stephenson, Sara Jane Gage, Tara Virginillo, 
and Elizabeth Jordana. 

Coach Amy with Shannon Peifer