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Gulf Summer Champs

posted Aug 5, 2017, 7:52 PM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Aug 6, 2017, 6:47 PM ]

Summer Champs was hosted by First Colony Swim Team at the Don Cook Natatorium on July 14-16th. Overall we finished 4th out of 20+ teams from the Gulf. Summer Champs is a prelims/finals championship meet. The fastest 16 swimmers from the prelims earn themselves a second swim in the evening. Our boys and girls both finished 4th overall with some outstanding swims.



Jordan Baron, Reece Bends, Luca Burns, Brazos Donovan, Isabelle Hardie, Kendall Hoffman, Zelie Hughes, Kassidy Kitche, Jarred Lee, Grace Markovich, Josh McLean, Mila Mrugala, Shannon Tyler, Lane VanderVoort, Justice Wenz, Jade Belmar, Quinn Belmar, Bailey Bergen,  Katie Czelusta, Alexander Farahbod, Katie Fikes, Claire Fischbach, Matthew Lee, Dash Leibold, Dash Leibold, Edward Lo, Renee Nealon, Grace Oggero, Ian O'Neil, Max O'Neil, Preston Pham, Reid VanderVoort, David Alas, Philip Antake, Madi Baker, Alyssa Basaldua, Yasemin Bayanay, Caroline Beck, Reed Casper, Jill Chandler, Scott Dunn, Keagan Firenza, Susana Flores, Julia Gelber, Evan Lawson, Michael Ma, Jimmy Maher, Kyle McDonald, Maycie McDonald, Lucy McLean, Laura Miles, Kate Mischlich, Grant Mueller, Lara Prakash, Luke Reed, Gillian Richardson, Chloe Tondera, Jett Walker, Joey Wendt



Individual Champions

Kendall Hoffman-100 bk and 100 fr

Reed Casper-50 fr



Jade Belmar- 16th/100 bk, 8th/400 fr

Quinn Belmar- 12th/ fly, 4th/ 200 IM, 2nd/100 bk , 6th/ 200 fr, 14th/ 50 Fr , 3rd/ 50 Fr 

Bailey Bergen- 3rd/50 fly, 6th/200 IM, 8th/100 breast, 1st/400 free

Luca Burns-13th / 200 IM, 9th / 400 fr, 2nd / 100 fly, 12th / 200 fr, 2nd / 200 bk, 13th / 100 fr

Katie Czelusta- 16th/200 free, 15th/100 breast, 13th/100 free, 16th/50 breast, 15th/400 free

Brazos Donovan-12th / 200 IM, 4th 100 bk, 3rd / 200 fr, 3rd / 200 bk, 3rd / 100 fr

Alexander Farahbod-6th/200 br,  14th/100 br

Katie Fikes- 13th/200 br, 14th/100 br

Claire Fischbach- 15th/200 IM, 10th/100 breast, 12th/50 breast

Isabelle Hardie-10th / 400 fr, 12th / 100 br, 13th / 200 br

Kendall Hoffman-9th / 200 IM, 1st / 100 bk, 5th / 200 bk, 1st / 100 fr

Kassidy Kitchel-2nd / 50 fr, 2nd / 100 fr

Jarred Lee-10th / 100 br, 6th / 100 fr, 13th / 200 br

Matthew Lee- 9th/100 br, 3rd/50 br

Dash Leibold- 7th/100 bk, 3rd/50 fr, 7th/200 bk

Edward Lo- 11th/50 fr, 7th/100 fr

Grace Markovich-16th / 200 IM, 15th / 100 fr

Josh McClean-12th / 100 bk, 11th / 100 br, 6th / 200 br

Renee Nealon- 3rd/200 IM, 4th/50 back

Grace Oggero- 10th/50 Fly, 12th/100 bk, 6th/50 fr, 3rd/200 bk, 16th/50 bk

Ian O'Neil- 15th/100 Fly, 1st/200 Fly

Max O'Neil- 7th/200 br

Preston Pham-14th/100 Fly, 14th/50 bk

Shannon Tyler-9th / 50 fr, 12th / 100 fr

Lane VanderVoort-4th / 200 fly, 7th / 100 fly,

Reid VanderVoort- 5th/200 br, 2nd/100 br

Emma Venghaus-13th / 50 fr

Marie Walsh- 12th/50 fr

David Alas: 3rd/ 200 IM, 4th/ 400 Fr, 1st/200 Fr, 12th/ 100 Br, 10th/50 Fr, 3rd/100 Fr, 10th/200 Br

Madi Baker: 4th/ 400 IM, 6th/ 800 Fr

Alyssa Basaldua: 10th/ 200 Fly, 15th/ 100 Fly, 14th/ 200 Bk, 1st/ 200 MR

Yasemin Bayanay: 3rd/ 100 Br

Reed Casper: 3rd/100 Bk, 10th/200 Fr, 1st/ 50 Fr, 1st/ 100 Fr

Keagan Firenza: 7th/ 800 Fr

Susana Flores: 13th/ 50 Fr, 5th/ 800 Fr

Michael Ma: 16th/ 200 Fr, 16th/ 100 Br, 2nd/ 50 FR

Kyle McDonald: 12th/ 400 Fr, 12th/ 100 Fly, 6th/ 200 Fr, 6th/ 100 Fr

Maycie McDonald: 5th/ 200 Fr Relay

Lucy McLean: 9th/ 50 Fr, 15th/ 100 Fr, 14th/ 200 Br

Laura Miles: 2nd/ 200 IM,  2nd/ 100 Bk

Kate Mischlich: 10th/ 200 IM, 10th/ 400 Fr, 5th/ 200 Fr, 5th/ 100 Br, 16th/ 50 Fr, 12th/ 200 Bk, 12th/100 Fr, 3rd/ 200 Br

Lara Prakash: 6th/ 100 Fly, 6th/ 200 Fr, 5th/ 50 Fr, 5th/ 100 Fr

Luke Reed: 10th/ 100 Fly, 13th/ 100 Br, 15th/ 200 Bk, 12th/ 200 Br, 5th/ 200 MR

Jett Walker: 6th/ 100 Bk, 15th/ 100 Fly, 11th/ 200 Fr, 6th/ 50 Fr, 8th/ 200 Bk, 10th/ 100 Fr

Joey Wendt: 13th/ 200 IM, 7th/100 Bk, 11th/100 Fly, 9th/ 50 Fr, 12th/200 Bk

100 % Club-had all best times in each event they swam

Brazos Donovan, Isabella Hardie, Kendall Hoffman, Kassidy Kitchel, Grace Markovich, Lane VanderVoort, Emma Vanghaus, Jade Belmar, Bailey Bergen, Mila Crosser, Cynthia Lo, Renee Nealon,  Grace Orrego, David Alas, Madi Baker, Alyssa Basaldua, Yasemin Bayanay, Caroline Beck, Reed Casper, Jill Chandler, Susana Flores, Kyle McDonald, Maycie McDonald and Grant Mueller

Next level swims:

Kara Moss achieves her 1st sectionals cut in the 200 fly

Lane VanderVoort and Emilia Mruguala make their A time to make Gold

Reed Casper achieves his sectionals cut in 50 free


Southern Senior Zones Qualifiers:

David Alas: 100 Fr, 200 Fr

Reed Casper: 50 Fr, 100 Fr

Michael Ma: 50 Fr, 100 Fr

Kyle McDonald: 100 Fr

Laura Miles: 50 Fr

Lara Prakash: 50 Fr, 100 Fr

Jett Walker: 50 Fr, 100 Fr

Joey Wendt: 50 Fr




Girls 10 and under 

200 Medley- 2nd

Jade Belmar, Katie Czelusta, Bailey Bergen, Addison Ramirez


Girls 10 and under 

200 Fr- 6th Jade Belmar, Katie Czelusta, Mila Crosser, Addison Ramirez

11-12 Girls

200 Fr-6thMarie Walsh 12, Katie Fikes 11, Brynn Bond 12, Grace Oggero 11

11-12 Boys

200 Medley- 

A-relay-5th  Dash Leibold 11, Reid VanderVoort 11, Quinn Belmar 11, Preston Pham 11

B-relay-4th Alexander Farahbod 12, Benjamin Farahbod 11, Ian O'Neil 12, Aiden Madaffri 12

200 Fr-1st Quinn Belmar 11, Ian O'Neil 12, Preston Pham 11, Edward Lo 12

13-14 Girls

200 Medley

A relay-2nd  Jordan Baron 13, Isabelle Hardie 14, Grace Markovich 14, Shannon Tyler 14

B relay-20th Audrey Jones 13, Luella Bakker-Barrink 13, Lane VanderVoort 13, Maya Schachel 13

200 Fr

A relay-1st  Isabelle Hardie 14, Kendall Hoffman 14, Grace Markovich 14, Shannon Tyler 14

B relay-12th Emilia Mrugala 14, Luella Bakker-Barrink 13, Audrey Jones 13, Jordan Baron 13

13-14 Boys

200 Medley

A relay-4th Brazos Donovan 14, Jared Lee 14, Luca Burns 13, Josh McLean 14

B relay-13th Nicholas Antake 14, Drew Schachel 14, Alex Yoon 13, Reece Bends 13

200 Fr

10th Reece Bends 13, Nicholas Antake 14, Alex Yoon 13, Josh McLean 14


200 MR

A-relay-1st- Lara Prakash, Yasemin Bayanay, Alyssa Basaldua, Gillian Richardson

B-relay-7th- Lucy McLean, Kate Mischlich, Susana Flores, Jill Chandler

200 FR

A-relay-1st- Lucy McLean, Susana Flores, Kate Mischlich, Lara Prakash

B-relay-5th- Maycie McDonald, Alyssa Basaldua, Madi Baker, Jill Chandler


200 MR

A-relay-5th-Jett Walker, Luke Reed, Keagan Firenza, Michael Ma

B-relay-2nd-Joey Wendt, David Alas, Jimmy Maher, Reed Casper

200 FR

A-relay-1st- Michael Ma, Joey Wendt, Jett Walker, Reed Casper

B-relay-6th-Luke Reed, Jimmy Maher, Keagan Firenza, David Alas


Way to get up and race gang. Our kids really stood out with our ability to step up and rise to the occasion. The coaching staff is very proud of our kids and the way they raced day in and day out. Congratulations on a great meet and all the personal best times. Dads Club proud! Thanks to all the parents that stepped up and timed.