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Gulf Meet 10 & Under

posted Oct 18, 2012, 2:49 PM by DCST Webmaster
The first meet of the season brought the ten and unders together for some Dads Club cheering and fast swimming. 
  • 100% best times were performed by Grace DeJong, Ethan JonesSophia Cone, Zhi Hahn See, Claire Vasques and Isabella Evans
  • The greatest accumulated time drop was Sloane Margraves with a 47.68 seconds. 
  • There were many new swimmers swimming for Dads for the first time
    • Six year olds: Maddie Skaufel, Ryan Presswood, and Hannah Kim
    • Seven year olds: Berkeley Keller, Cameron Ederle, Romain JoubertEdward Lo, Stevie Markovich, and Rishi Shiv
    • Eight year olds: Serena Bezanis, Elizabeth Dunwoody, Daniel Hernandez-Ponce, Caroline Howell, Audrey Jones, Alfredo Larrea, Sloane Miers, Tess Roovers, Daniel Ryu, Anika Sarna, Meredith Simpson, and Hudson Songer
    • Nine year olds: Antonio Amdor, Sydney Coward, Christina Engles, Andrew Fischbach, Josh McLean, William Suttle, Emma Venghaus, Lily Wise, and Samantha Wotring
    • Ten year olds: Haley McCloskey, Henry Genez, Sloane Bissett, Jake Cartwright, Christina Dunwoods, Grant Mueller, Sabrina Schlather and Tyler Zyroll
Check the results for all the top places. Dads had many in the top ten.