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Gulf Champs I

posted Mar 4, 2012, 7:50 PM by DCST Webmaster
Gulf Championships for 9 to 14 year olds was held on February 24-25-26 in Spring, TX.

Syuen See is high point winner for 10 & Under girls

102 Dad’s Club swimmers were signed up for the meet. Swimming for the first time for Dads were Haley Goodrow and Caroline Green. High point award was achieved by Syuen See with 50 points for 10 and under girls and Dylan Presswood with 44 points for 13-14 boys. New Tags times were achieved by Vincent Huang, Syuen See, Ellie McLeod and Cory Stephenson. Greatest accumulated time drop was achieved by Joshua Jones with 58.88 seconds dropped and Ellie McLeod with 51.73 seconds dropped. There were an amazing amount of best times swum by the Dad’s Club swimmers.

100% best times were achieved by Philip Antake, Olivia Barbozaq, Isabella Boone, Melissa Brill, Cameron Dasher, Grace DeJong, Constance Dull, Kathryn Dull, John Gahn, Sarah Grover, Alex Hale, Lauren Kearns, Kelly Griffin, Mikihail Khramov, Daigo Kobayashi, Naoto Kobayashi, Abigail Lord, Madeline Luther, Meg Meliet, Christina Moreno, Alexandra Ondarza, MacKenzie Parsons, Dylan Presswood, McKamie Quine, Michaela Skaribas.
Dylan Presswood is high point winner for 13-14 boys

1st place  GOLD

2nd place  SILVER

3rd place BRONZE

Melissa Brill 200 free

Philip Antake 200 back

Riley Carson 200IM

Riley Carson 400IM

Riley Carson 200 free

Juliette Farmer 200br

Olivia Cone 50 br

Samuel Goddard 100 br

Luke Funderburk 100bk

Olivia Cone 50 fr

Conlee Dull 100 free

Vincent Huang 100 free

Brazos Donovan 50 br

Payton Herleth 50 free

Vincent Huang 100IM

Conlee Dull 100IM

Vincent Huang 100 br

Ethan Jones 100 br

Juliette Farmer 100 fly

Ethan Jones 50 br

Brooke Kemick 50 free

Juliette Farmer 200 bk

Ethan Jones 100IM

Brooke Kemick 100 free

Luke Funderburk 50 bk

Alexandra McKillip 100 bk

Laura Lei  500 free

Luke Funderburk 100IM

Ellie McLeod 200IM

Laura Lei 100IM

Vincent Huang 200 br

Mallory Minear 50 fr

Ellie McLeod 50 free

Ethan Jones 100 fly

Ellie McLeod 100 back

Christina Morena 100 fl

Ethan Jones  500 free

Ellie McLeod 50 breast

Abby Partridge 200 br

Mallory Minear 400IM

Ellie McLeod 100 breast

Abby Partridge 400IM

James Nantz   50 bk

Mallory Minear 50 free

Dylan Presswood 200br

Dylan Presswood

Mallory Minear 200 free

Syuen See 200IM

McKamie Quine 100 bk

Christina Moreno 200 fly


McKamie Quine 100 br

Christina Moreno 50 free


Robert Ritchie 100 br

James Nantz 100 breast

Laura Steudtner 100bk

Darcie Robetrs 50 br

Dylan Presswood 200IM

Justin Turet 50 br

Darcie Roberts 50 fly

Dylan Presswood 100 br

Maxwell Zuanich 100bk

Syuen See 50br

Darcie Roberts 50bk

Clarissa Vincent 100 bk

Syuen See 100 free

Syuen See 50 free

Clarissa Vincent 100 free

Syuen See 50 bk

Cory Stephenson 50br

Dylan Presswood 200bk

Clarissa Vincent 50br

Kelsie Stephenson 50 br


Dad's Club scored enough points to earn the Third Place Trophy.