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Gulf Age Group Champs

posted Jan 3, 2018, 11:09 AM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Jan 3, 2018, 11:11 AM ]
Gulf Age Group Champs was hosted by Aggie Swim Club at the University of Texas A&M natatorium in College Station. There were qualifying standards to make this meet. This was a prelims/finals meet. Everyone raced in the morning and the fastest 16 swimmers per event for 11-14 year olds raced again in the evening. The top 8 10 & under swimmers made it back to finals. Our boys finished 11th and our girls finished 4th leading to a 7th place finish overall out of 45 teams.


Isabelle Alas, Antonio Amador, Tori Cone, Quinn Belmar, Sophia Cone, Jade Belmar, Bailey Bergen, Brynn Bond, Elle Burke, Luca Burns, Trey Fischbach, Finnian Helman, Larkin Helman, Olivia Hill, Zelie Hughes, Amaury Jayr, Romian Joubert, Kassidy Kitchel, Edward Lo , Lexi Lukens, Travis Ly, Grace Markovich, Alex Miao, Kara Moss, Lowell Moss, Renee Nealon, Karl Nolte, Roxana Nolte, Ian O’Neil, Grace Oggero, Pryce Pivec, Pearl Reagler, Sydney Smith, Lane VanderVoort, Eloise Williamson, Megan Zuanich


100 %-swimmers that had best times in all of their individual events

Antonio Amador, Tori Cone, Kassidy Kitchel, Lexi Lukens, Grace Oggero, Sydney Smith, Lane VanderVoort, Eloise Williamson, Megan Zuanich, Karl Nolte, Quinn Belmar, Brynn Bond, Olivia Hill, Alex Miao, Ian O'Neil 


Isabelle Alas-50 fr/7th , 100 fly/16th , 200 fr/12th , 100 fr/ 6th (TAGS) , 200 IM 8th

Quinn Belmar-200 bk/ 13th                      

Bailey Bergen- 50 fr/5th, 100 fr/7th

Brynn Bond- 50 Fr/11th

Elle Burke- 50 fr/14th, 200 fr/13th

Sophia Cone-200 bk/ 8th , 100 bk/ 9th

Trey Fischbach-100 br/ 12th

Finnian Helman- 500 fr/5th, 50 br/2nd, 50 fr/2nd, 200 fr/2nd, 100 fr/3rd, 100 br/3rd, 200 IM/4th

Larkin Helman-500 fr/ 15th , 100 bk/ 7th (TAGS) 50 fr/12th , 100 fly/9th , 200 fly/ 6th (TAGS), 100 fr/ 11th , 50 fly/ 8th

Zelie Hughes-100 br/9th (TAGS and Sectionals)

Romain Joubert-200 bk/ 14th

Kassidy Kitchel-500 fr/7th , 100 IM/ 12th , 100 fly/ 4th (TAGS), 200 fr/ 3rd , 200 fly/ 5th (TAGS), 100 fr/ 5th , 50 fly/ 5th (TAGS)

Kara Moss-200 fly/ 13th

Lowell Moss-200 br/ 10th ,50 br/9th , 100 br/ 7th (TAGS)

Renee Nealon- 500 fr/9th, 50 br/5th, 100 fly/5th, 200 fr/7th, 50 fly/5th, 200 IM/14th

Karl Nolte- 500fr/12th, 50 br/7th, 100 fly/4th, 200 fr/6th, 50 fly/3rd, 100 br/14th, 200 IM/14th

Pearl Reagler-500 fr/ 13th, 50 fr/ 10th , 200 fr/ 9th , 100 fr/ 9th , 100 bk/ 10th

Sydney Smith-400 IM/ 1st (Sectionals), 100 IM/ 1st (ranked 2nd in the country), 200 br/ 1st (NSCA cut ranked 3rd in the country), 100 fly/ 1st (TAGS), 100 fr/ 1st , 100 br/ 1st (NCSA cut ranked 7th  in the country), 200 IM/ 1st

Eloise Williamson-50 fr/ 3rd (TAGS), 100 fly/ 11th, 200 fr/ 11th

Megan Zuanich-50 fr/ 10th (TAGS)

Next Level-swimmer that achieved new higher level qualifying times

TAGS- Isabelle Alas , Larkin Helman, Zelie Hughes, Kassidy Kitchel, Lowell Moss, Eloise Williamson, Megan Zuanich, Sydney Smith

Sectionals -Zelie Hughes, Sydney Smith

NCSA Jr. Nationals - Sydney Smith


High Point Top 8-accumulated the most points per age group

11-12 Girls                                                          10 & Under Boys

1st-Sydney Smith                                                    3rd –Finnian Helman               

7thKassidy Kitchel



400 Medley

13-14 Girls

9th-Sophia Cone, Isabella Alas, Kara Moss, Pearl Reagler

13th-Lexi Lukens, Zelie Hughes, Roxana Nolte, Megan Zuanich

13-14 Boys

13thLuca Burns, Trey Fischbach, Amaury Jayr, Antonio Amador

11-12 Girls

1st-Tori Cone, Sydney Smith, Kassidy Kitchel, Eloise Williamson

16thAllison Ortiz, Grace Oggero, Olivia Hill, Brynn Bond

11-12 Boys

6th-Romain Joubert, Lowell Moss, Larkin Helman, Alex Miao

14thFinnian Helman, Edward Lo, Ian O’Neil, Travis Ly


400 Free

13-14 Girls

1st-Isabella Alas, Kara Moss, Megan Zuanich, Pearl Reagler

14thLexi Lukens, Roxana Nolte, Zelie Hughes, Sophia Cone

11-12 Girls

3rdSydney Smith, Kassidy Kitchel, Brynn Bond, Grace Oggero

13thTori Cone, Renee Nealon, Allison Ortiz, Olivia Hill

11-12 Boys

7thRomain Joubert, Edward Lo, Alex Miao, Larkin Helman


The coaching staff would like to thank all of of swimmers for their hard work and dedication.  We had a lot of great swims and best times and we look forward to February and March for the end of the season championships. Thank you parents for all your support. Dads Club proud!