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Gulf Age Group Champs

posted Jul 24, 2017, 12:06 PM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Jul 24, 2017, 12:07 PM ]

Gulf Age Group Champs was held at the Fleet training pool on July 7-9th. Swimmers must first qualify to swim at this meet and also be 14 years or under. This is the fastest 14 & Under meet in the Gulf.  It was a prelims/finals meet where the top 20 swimmer from prelims raced again in finals. Dads Club finished 3rd overall out of the 50+ teams. Our girls finished 2nd overall with 1265 points and out boys finished 4th overall with 767 points. This is our best finish in a number of years at Gulf Age Group Champs. Here is a list of our athletes that represented us:


Isabella Alas, Quinn Belmar, Baily Bergen, Luca Burns, Sophia Cone, Tori Cone, Brazos Donovan, Trey Fischbach, Ryan Guthrie, James Hackney, Finnian Helman, Larkin Helman, Kendall Hoffman, Zelie Hughes, Kassidy Kitchel, Jarred Lee, Edward Lo, Lexi Lukens, Travis Ly, Grace Markovich, JP McCann, Kara Moss, Lowell Moss, Nathan Moss, Renee Nealon, Karl Nolte, Roxana Nolte, Allison Ortiz, Avery Pham, Pearl Reagler, Sydney Smith, Monica Tan, Justice Wenz, Eloise Wlliamson, Ava Wylie, Max Zuanich and Megan Zuanich.


Here is a list of our finalist:

Isabella Alas-10th/ 400 fr

Baily Bergen-19th/50 back, 19th/400 free

Luca Burns-17th/100 bk

Sophia Cone-1st /100 bk(Sectionals Cut), 16th/ 400 IM, 4th/200 bk(Sectionals Cut)

Tori Cone- 4th/200 IM, 2nd/100 back, 13th/200 free, 7th/100 breast, 12th/50 free, 9th/100 free, 10th/50 breast

Trey Fischbach-16th/ 400 IM

Ryan Guthrie-9th/100 bk, 19th/ 200 br, 8th /200 bk, 50 bk

James Hackney- 14th/50 back

Finnian Helman- 13th/50 fly, 4th/200 IM, 8th/100 fly, 4th/50 free, 5th/50 back, 3rd/100 free, 3rd/50 breast

Larkin Helman- 3rd / 50 Fly, 8th / 100 Bk, 8th / 100 Fly, 9th / 50 Free

Kendall Hoffman-19th/ 100 br

Zelie Hughes-15th/ 100 br, 16th/ 50 fr

Kassidy Kitchel-9th / 50 fly, 13th / 200 IM, 1st / 100 fly(TAGS Cut), 15th / 200 fr, 15th /100 fr

Travis Ly- 16th 50 Fly, 19th / 100 Fly

Lexi Lukens-5th / 400 fr(TAGS Cut), 15th/ 200 IM, 16th / 100 bk, 7th/ 200 fr, 4th / 50 fr, 3rd / 200 bk, 3rd 100 fr (TAGS Cut).

Grace Markovich-18th / 200 fly

JP McCann- 6th / 200 Br, 17th /100 Br

Kara Moss-10th / 400 fr, 13th / 200 IM, 7th / 100 fly, 15th / 200 fr, 16th / 100 br, 11th / 100 fr, 8th / 200 fly

Lowell Moss-15th / 200 br, 17th / 50 br

Nathan Moss- 18th/50 fly, 13th/200 IM, 13th/100 fly, 8th/200 free, 14th/50 free, 17th/100 free, 9th/400 free

Renee Nealon- 14th/50 fly, 14th/100 fly, 17th/50 breast

Karl Nolte- 12th/50 fly, 12th/200 IM, 5th/100 fly, 14th/200 free, 15th/100 breast, 14th/100 back, 13th/400 free

Roxana Nolte-6th / 100 fly, 9th / 200 bk

Avery Pham- 20th/50 fly, 17th/50 back

Pearl Reagler-1st / 400 fr(Sectionals Cut), 7th / 200 IM, 4th / 100 bk, 1st / 200 fr(Sectionals Cut) , 3rd / 50 fr, 4th / 100 fr, 10th / 200 fly

Sydney Smith- 1st / 50 fly, 1st / 200 br(Sectionals Cut), 1st / 200 fr, 2nd / 50 fr, 5th / 50 bk(TAGS Cut), 5th / 200 fly

Monica Tan- 18th / 100 Fly

Eloise Williamson- 1st/50 fly, 3rd/200 IM, 1st/100 fly, 2nd/200 free, 1st/50 free

Justice Wenz-7th / 100 br

Max Zuanich-8th / 400 fr, 7th / 200 fr, 3rd / 200 bk(Sectionals Cut), 3rd / 100 fr

Megan Zuanich-6th / 50 fly(TAGS Cut), 13th / 100 bk, 11th / 100 fly, 4th / 200 fr(TAGS Cut), 1st / 50 fr, 2nd / 50 bk(TAGS Cut), 1st / 100 fr


High Point by Gender and Age Group

Pearl Reagler and Sydney Smith won their age group for high point of the meet.


Our highest ranking swimmer per age group is as followed:

10 & Under Girls                                                               10 & Under Boys

Eloise Williamson           113 points             Finnian Helman         66 points

Tori Cone                            73 points           Nathan Moss        47 points


11-12 Girls                                                                    11-12 Boys

Sydney Smith                    111 poin                   LarkinHelman   64 points

Megan Zuanich                 100 points                 Ryan Guthrie     31 points


13-14 Girls                                                                    13-14 Boys         

Pearl Reagler                     103 points             Max Zuanich     51 points

Kara Moss                           48 points             Justice Wenz       16 points

 Next Level Swims-Sectionals

Sophia Cone-100 and 200 bk

Pearl Reagler-200 and 400 fr

Sydney Smith-200 br

Max Zuanich-200 bk


Next Level-TAGS

Isabella Alas-100 fly

Larkin Helman-50 and 100 fly

Kassidy Kitchel-100 fly and bonus 50 fly

Lexi Lukens-100 and 400 fr bonus 200 fr

JP McCann-200 br

Sydney Smith-50 bk

Megan Zuanich-50 fly, 50 bk, 200 fr

Tori Cone- 200 IM, 100 back, 200 free, 100 Breast, 50 free, 100 free

Finnian Helman- 200 IM

Karl Nolte- 100 Fly

Eloise Williamson- 200 IM, 100 fly, 200 free




10 & Under Girls

200 Freestyle Relay 2nd place                         200 Medley Relay 3rd place

Avery, Renee, Eloise, Tori                                                           Bailey, Renee, Tori, Eloise


10 and under boys                                                          

200 Medley Relay 5th place                                 200 Freestyle Relay 4th place

Nathan, Finnian, Karl, James                                                      James, Nathan, Karl, Finnian


11-12 Girls

200 Freestyle(currently  7th in country), 200 Medley(16th in the country), 400 Free( 7th  in the country), 400 Medley (currently 9th  in the country)-all 1st place

Sydney Smith, Lexi Lukens, Megan Zuanich, Isabella Alas


11-12 Boys

200 Freestyle  6th Place                                                                                 

Travis Ly, JP McCann, Ryan Guthrie, Larkin Helman  

200 Medley 3rd Place  

Larkin Helman, Lowell Moss, Travis Ly, Ryan Guthrie

400 Freestyle 5th place

Ryan Guthrie, Lowell Moss, Travis Ly, Larkin Helman

400 Medley 4th Place

Ryan Guthrie, JP McCann, Larkin Helman, Travis Ly


13-14 Girls

200 Freestyle 3rd place

Pearl Reagler, Zelie Hughes, Kara Moss, Sophia Cone

200 Medley 7th place

Roxana Nolte, Zelie Hughes, Pearl Reagler, Kara Moss

400 Freestyle 2nd place

Kara Moss, Roxana Nolte, Sophia Cone, Pearl Reagler

400 Medley 4th place

Sophia Cone, Zelie Hughes, Kara Moss, Pearl Reagler


200 Freestyle 5th place

Brazos Donovan, Max Zuanich, Jared Lee, Luca Burns

200 Medley 3rd place

Max Zuanich, Trey Fischbach, Luca Burns, Brazos Donovan

400 Freestyle 8th place

Luca Burns, Trey Fischbach, Brazos Donovan, Max Zuanich

400 Medley 6th place

Max Zuanich, Justice Wenz, Luca Burns, Brazos Donovan


We had a lot of fun and the coaching staff is very proud of the way our team came together, swam together and raced. Thanks to all the volunteers that stepped up to time. You are appreciated.

Dads Club Proud!