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Great swims at the Marathon

posted Oct 31, 2013, 4:10 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Oct 31, 2013, 4:20 PM ]
Dad’s Club swimmers of all ages participated in our two annual marathons. Our swim start lessons held their mini marathon/Halloween party on Friday Oct. 25th and our competitive swim team held it the following Saturday. 

The Dad's Club Swim Start Mini Marathon and Halloween Party was a great success. Ages 2-10 participated and everyone had a scary great time. There was food swimming and fun. 

Using the width of our indoor pool:
  • 2-3 year olds did 6 laps kicking and 6 times jumping into the pool and swimming back to the wall. 
  • 4 year olds did 6 laps kicking, 4 laps freestyle and 2 laps backstroke. 
  • 5-10 year olds did 10 laps kicking, 10 laps freestyle and 5 laps backstroke. 
Everyone completed their mini marathon tasks and spent the rest of the evening eating hot dogs and playing games in the pool.

Over 200 swimmers participated on Saturday’s swim team marathon. The pool was packed full of hardworking swimmers from 7:30-11:30AM. The Marathon was held in the outdoor 50 meter pool. 

White, Blue, Bronze, Silver and the Senior groups were racing against the clock as they challenged themselves to achieve as many laps in the allotted time. 

Below are the top swimmers with the most lengths completed. 

White (40 minutes) 
4PM - 1st Stephanie Birklebach with 58 lengths, 2nd Sam Roberts with 60 and 3rd Raphael Fente-Damers with 52 lengths.

6:30PM – 1st Jeffery Coffey 52 and a three-way tie for 2nd place for Kate Marsha, Luke Moreton and Katy Warren with 50 lengths.

Blue (45 minutes) 
4PM- In first place was Callum Glover with an impressive 102 lenghts, 2nd place went to Pluk Korsen and Sara Fente-Damers both with 96 lengths.

6:30PM- 1st Alfre Chalico 104, 2nd Chloe Tondera 96 and tied for 3rd Alex Lamprecht and Lauren Salel with 92 lengths.

Bronze (50 minutes)
1st place tie for Pearl Reagler and Frankie Pink with 152 lengths. 2nd place also had a two way tie with Cole Graydon and Luca Burns 148

Silver (1 hour) 
Girls – 1st Lizzie Markovich with 172 lengths, in close second was Laura Lei with 170 lengths and in 3rd Conlee Dull and Grace Royston with 164 lengths.

Boys- 1st place Luke Funderburk was only 475 yards away from a 5,000 with 181 lengths, in second place Luke Reed and Max Zuanich tied with 178 lengths. In 3rd place just one length behind Luke and Max was Tom Vincent with 177 lengths.

Senior (1 hour)
The top boy was Janne Roovers who completed 200 lengths. He was followed by Max Humberger and Ross Kimmel.

On the girls side Ellie Tuchaai completed 180 lengths followed by a three-way tie from Melissa Brill, Meg Meliet and Mallory Minear.

Gold and Sr. Elite completed a 5,000yd swim.

The fastest three girls were Jade Kemp with 1:02:22, Audrey Orange with 1:03:07, and Ellie McLeod with a time of 1:03:14

The top three boys were Cory Stephenson with 1:01:07, Vincent Huang with 1:02:14 and Clayton Bobo with 1:02:51

Sr. Elite
The top three boys were Riley Carson with a time of 55:09, Jack Calderwood with a 56:30 and Shawn Jones with a 57:59.

The top three girls were Alexandra Buscher with 58:10, Elizabeth Jordana with 1:00.54, and Elena Skaribas with 1:01.55.

Thanks to all our sponsors and parent volunteers who made this event possible.