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Facility Update

posted Jul 16, 2015, 7:51 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Jul 16, 2015, 7:51 PM ]
The Dad's Club is continuing it's journey to improve our facilities. Our goal is to position the club to continue offering renowned swimming programs, for all ages and levels, for decades to come. 

We've seen the upgrade of the locker rooms, opening of the 25-yard training/recreation pool, and a new poolside rest room facility. We are nearing completion of a site master plan, which will improve facilities, parking, and overall site safety. We will have separate communications on the master plan's scope and the associated fundraising goals, but know that it will address the following: (i) rehab work on the 50-meter pool, (ii) permanent solution for indoor pool & building, (iii) facility improvements, (iv) parking and grounds. 

The Board is finalizing plans to provide a temporary cover for the 33-yard (indoor) pool for continued use by our Aquatics programs through the upcoming season as an interim step in executing the site master plan. 

Our next, immediate step is to tear down the structure over the 33-yard pool. The permits and plans have just been completed. The tear down of the indoor pool building will occur from July 20-August 17. 
July 20-26
All pools and schedules remain unchanged. However, please be alert to safety markers and signage around the entire facility. We request that the spaces in the west side parking lot by the family beach pool be reserved for handicapped members.

July 27-August 9
The front parking lot, family beach pool, and new bathrooms are the only areas of the facility that will be accessible.

All parking lots/driveways are closed except the 15 spaces immediately adjacent to Voss by the family beach pool. Employees will park off site. There will not be much space.
  • Please consider walking or bike riding. 
  • Please drop off and pick up 
  • Carpool 
  • Please respect our neighbors and refrain from parking in the neighborhood adjacent to the club. 
The family beach pool will be open regular hours.
  • Swim lessons will continue in the family pool. 
  • Member recreational swimming will be unchanged. 
  • Morning water exercise class will meet as usual. 
  • Member lap swimming--seven lanes will be available for lap swimming from 5:30am-7:30am. Two lanes will be set for lap swimming between 7:30am-9pm. 
The gym and locker rooms will be closed due to proximity to the construction area.
  • The new bathrooms by the family beach pool will be open with a temporary outdoor shower. It is intended for rinse off only. No soaps or detergents. 
The offices will be moved to temp buildings.
  • The current coaches office and "Dolphin Shop" will be moved to an area adjacent to the outdoor pools. 
  • The Administrative offices will be moved into these buildings. 
  • Telephone access will be spotty. Please use email to communicate with us. 

The 50m pool will be closed.
  • tryDad's and returning swimmers (who did not swim the summer long course season at Dad's Club) will practice at the Spring Branch Natatorium for these two weeks ONLY. See address and schedule here
  • Swimmers who swam long course season will take their annual traditional break and return Monday, August 10. 
  • Masters and TriSwim training practices will combine, and 11:30am and 7:00pm practices will be at the Spring Branch natatorium (please note evening time change). The pool will be open at 5:30am on Tuesday and Fridays to swim, but there will not be any 5:45am coached workout in order to accomodate our member lap swimmers in the morning. 
  • Member Lap Swimming in the morning will have the full 7 lanes in the 25y family beach pool until 7:30am at which time the lanes will decrease to two open lanes to accomodate swimming lessons. Member lap swimming will be available Monday-Friday from 11:30am until 1pm and 4pm until 8pm at the Spring Branch Natatorium near Gessner and Hammerly at Spring Woods High School, 10404 Tiger Trail, 77043. On Saturday there will be seven lap swimming lanes available in the family beach pool from 8:00am-10:00am and two lanes available from 10:00am-6:00pm. Sunday from 1:00pm-6:00pm there will be two lanes available for members. 
  • Special Olympics team will practice at the Clay Road YMCA. The coaching staff of the team will be coordinating and communicating with the Mavericks. 

August 10-16
All pools and parking will open as usual and regular schedules will resume. The crew will be completing isolated work on the indoor pool area, so please be alert to safety markers and signage around the entire facility.

We will send updates if necessary. We hope that everyone will join us in approaching the inconvenience with good spirit and optimism.

John Burns
Board of Directors, President
Dad's Club Swim Team

Linda Kutac
Executive Director
Dad's Club Swim Team
1006 Voss Rd., Houston, TX 77055
713/461-8577 office