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Dad's Club Swimmers Compete at SPC and TAPPS High School Championships

posted Feb 13, 2021, 10:31 AM by Rey Aguilar

Forty one Dad’s Club swimmers represented thirteen schools at the recent private school TAPPS and SPC Championship meets.

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) State Championships are divided into three divisions based on school size. This year’s State meets were held at the Bill Walker Pool of Northeast ISD in San Antonio, TX on February 8th, 9th, and 10th


Dad’s Club swimmers at Division I TAPPS:

From Incarnate Word – Olivia Hill

From St. Agnes – Lindsey Regan

From St. Pius X – Stephanie Birkelbach and Ava Ceraudo

From St. Thomas – Alex Erickson, Josh McLean, andDylan Michaels

From The Village School – Yana Bacha, Quinn Belmar, Thomas Chin, Daniel Itkins, and Ananya Rao


Top 8 finishers include: 

Yana Bacha – 6th200 Medley Relay, 3rd100 Fly, 5th200 Free Relay, 4th100 Back, Quinn Belmar – 5th200 Medley relay, 2nd100 Fly, 6th100 Free, 6th200 Free Relay, Stephanie Birkelbach– 4th200 IM, 2nd500 Free, Ava Ceraudo – 5th50 Free, 4th100 Breast, Thomas Chin – 5th200 Medley Relay, 6th200 Free Relay, Olivia Hill– 8th100 Fly, 7th400 Free Relay, Daniel Itkins – 5th200 Medley Relay, 1st50 Free, 3rd100 Free, 6th200 Free Relay, Josh McLean – 1st200 Medley Relay, 3rd200 IM, 6th100 Breast, 3rd400 Free Relay, Dylan Michaels – 1st200 Medley Relay, 2nd200 Free, 1st500 Free, 3rd400 Free Relay, Ananya Rao – 6th200 Medley Relay, 5th100 Free, 5th200 Free Relay


Dad’s Club swimmers at Division II TAPPS:

From Second Baptist – Leighton Chapman, Tanner Chapman, andCaroline Haynes


Top 8 Finishers include:

Leighton Chapman – 2nd200 Free, 2nd500 Free, 2nd200 Free Relay, 2nd400 Free Relay, Caroline Haynes – 6th200 Free, 8th500 Free, 2nd400 Free


Dad’s Club swimmers at Division III TAPPS:

From Lutheran High North – CalebWenzand JusticeWenz


Top 8 finishers include:

Caleb Wenz –6th50 Free, 2nd100 Fly Justice Wenz – 2nd200 IM, 1st100 Breast


The Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) Championships were held at the University Of Houston Rec Center in Houston, TX on February 6th.


Dad’s Club swimmers at SPC:

From Awty – Isabella Chamma, Colette Chen, Larkin Helman, Anais Jayr, Chloe Nogaret, Anabelle Parrella, and Ethnan Pedro

From Duchesne –Carina Kass, and Reese Painter

From Episcopal – Sydney Coward

From Houston Christian – Derby Watson

From Kinkaid – Cade Duncan, Alexander Farahbod, Zelie Hughes, Grace Markovich, Pryce Pivec, Laura Saunders, and Sydney Smith

From St. John’s –Ryan Guthrie, Emily Huang, Warren Kozak, Lexie Lukens, Brayden Mi, and Alex Miao


Top 8 finishers include:

Isabella Chamma – 5th200 Medley Relay, 6th200 IM, 8th100 Fly, 4th200 Free Relay, Colette Chen – 5th200 Medley Relay, 6th50 Free, 4th200 Free Relay, Sydney Coward – 3rd200 Medley Relay, 5th50 Free, 7th100 Free, 2nd400 Free Relay, Cade Duncan – 2nd50 Free, 1st100 Free, 2nd200 Free Relay, 3rd400 Free Relay, Alexander Farahbod – 6th200 IM, 7th100 Free, 2nd200 Free Relay, 3rd400 Free Relay, Ryan Guthrie – 4th200 IM, 4th100 Back, Larkin Helman – 2nd200 Medley relay, 1st200 IM, 4th100 Fly, 4th400 Free Relay, Zelie Hughes – 2nd200 Medley Relay, 4th50 Free, 5th100 Breast, Anais Jayr – 5th200 Medley Relay, 8th200 Free, 7th100 Fly, 3rd400 Free Relay, Carina Kass – 7th200 Medley Relay, 7th500 Free, 5th400 Free Relay, Warren Kozak – 3rd200 Free, 3rd100 Free, Lexie Lukens – 1st200 Medley Relay, 3rd200 Free, 3rd500 Free, 2nd400 Free Relay, Grace Markovich – 4th200 Free, 2nd500 Free, 1st200 Free Relay, 1st400 Free Relay, Brayden Mi – 5th200 IM, 3rd100 Breast, Alex Miao – 2nd200 Free, 5th100 Fly, 1st200 Free Relay, Chloe Nogaret – 4th200 Free Relay, 5th100 Back, Reese Painter – 7th200 Medley Relay, 7th200 IM, 6th200 Free Relay, Anabelle Parrella – 5th200 IM, 8th100 Free, 4th200 Free Relay, 3rd400 Free Relay, Ethnan Pedro – 2nd200 Medley Relay, 4th200 Free, 6th100 Fly, 4th400 Free Relay, Pryce Pivec – 3rd200 IM, 2nd200 Free Relay, 2nd100 Back, 3rd400 Free Relay, Laura Saunders – 2nd200 Medley Relay, 3rd100 Free, 1st200 Free Relay, 1st400 Free Relay, Sydney Smith – 1st50 Free, 1st200 Free Relay, 1st100 Breast, 1st400 Free Relay, Derby Watson – 4th200 Medley Relay, 5th200 Free, 4th500 Free, 5th200 Free Relay