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Dad's Club President Year-End Message

posted Dec 15, 2016, 5:34 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Dec 15, 2016, 5:34 PM ]
Please let me take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a most Happy Holidays! 

As the new President of the Dad's Club, I wanted to also thank again our outgoing President, John Burns, who served our club with great vigor, insight and total dedication these last two and half years. It has been a pleasure working closely with John in my two years on the board.

Rest assured, John will still be involved to help the club whenever we need him.

2015-2016 is closing in on one of the most memorable two-year stretches in our club's history
  • The club membership has grown by leaps and bounds, there is no other way to describe it. Paying Memberships (Swim Team, Adult Swimming, Family Swim, Pool Lane Rental) are all multiple sources of ongoing revenue. We have currently some 850+ monthly dues-paying members and rental lane customers. Swim lesson families and Summer Members are not included in this count. 
  • Our financial outlook has taken on a rather pleasant sunny-side-up perspective. In achieving that, we have adapted a much needed transparency and a real-time knowledge of our day to day financial condition. While there is work to be done, we have the roadmap and are focused on tracking the productive route we're on.
  • The physical plant and our facilities have changed, a different look perhaps, traffic flow improved, parking spots increased even with an increased car count. New painting, fresh fencing, and improved locker rooms have all been introduced. Lots of work still left to do, but please trust me, the Board knows it, we get it, and we have a sense of urgency. 
  • Our galvanized roof & steel girder building covering the 33-yard pool was removed a year ago, August 2015, for several reasons. The two main reasons were that the value of covered water was greatly diminished by the extraordinary high expense of current maintenance and the cost and renovation expense challenges for our 60-year structure to keep it standing were overwhelming. In addition, the "barn" had become an eye sore to our neighbors and, frankly, to us members as well.
Our Club's Major Initiatives for 2017 & 2018
  • We have drafted our strategic facility plan for the dramatic and profound rebuilding of our facilities on our entire property on both our land parcels. Some of these ideas have already been communicated to our membership. Our architect team is helping us with the revised draft and we plan to soon share these in total with our members' seeking input and comments.
  • Finding a "Warm & Covered Water" solution is crucial. We need a temporary building while we fundraise for the permanent structure.
  • Fund raising will be focused and segmented with four major sections; DCST initiated, Annual, Large Gifts, Capital Campaign. More will follow, for sure, but we will need all the input, help that our members can offer.
  • It is imperative that our member-staffed committees for our organization be reactivated. The committee system will report the members' needs and priorities more effectively to the Board while vetting and researching the most viable options that can be considered. The end result will be a member orientated organization transparent and focused on improving the value proposition that the club endeavors to deliver to its members.
If I can answer any questions or more importantly get you signed up for a committee, please contact me. We will be in contact soon for more future exciting developments. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Joyous Happy New Year!

Charlie Calderwood