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Dad's Club member and swim team parent set to swim the Catalina Channel on August 6th.

posted Aug 4, 2016, 8:06 AM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Aug 4, 2016, 8:07 AM ]
Kerry with her husband and son Luca.

Kerry Yonushonis is a Dad’s Club member and the mother of blue group swimmer Luca Incerpi. The Catalina channel swim will be Kerry’s 2nd open water swim  in the Oceans 7 Swim Challenge. This 20+ mile swim will take her approximately 12 hours and will begin in the late evening on August 6th, finishing mid-day August 7th.

The Catalina swim is also the first ever Bicoastal Aquathon for dyslexic youth.

The Bicoastal Aquathon includes two separate open water swims on both the West Coast and East Coast of America.  Kerry will start her solo swim on August 6th and as the sun comes up on August 7th, the Bicoastal Relay Team comprised of dyslexic students will swim a 6.2-mile relay along the coast of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts led by Dean Bragonier, founder of NoticeAbility.  This means in total they will swim the length of a marathon, 26.2 miles!  All dyslexic, all raising money for dyslexia! 

You can track Kerry during her swim

There will be a live tracker which shows the real time map, route, weather, distance, speed, waves, and much more so you know exactly where she is and what she is experiencing!  This will become “live” on the evening of August 6th

Make sure to “like” Kerry Swims for Dyslexia on Facebook.  There will be live updates with videos every 30 minutes on August 6th and 7th which will be from the boat, featuring Kerry and her crew while she swims to give you a “reality style” view on what this swim entails!

Please feel free to post comments, words of encouragement, and prayers to her face book page.  Kerry’s crew will shout them out to her during the swim.

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Good luck Kerry!