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Board Elections to be held October 26

posted Oct 17, 2013, 6:12 AM by DCST Webmaster
The Dad's Club Swim Team, Inc. (DCST) is a 501(c)(3) which is operated by its members. Its Board of Directors is comprised of 15 Directors. Under the bylaws, 10 of the Directors must be parents/legal guardians of USA Swimmer actively participating on its team. The remaining five directors are from the adult general membership of the club. 

In accordance with the DCST bylaws, Directors are elected for a 2-year term, with approximately half the positions up for election in alternating years. This year we have 9 positions opening, 8 because they reached the end of the 2-year term, and 1 vacated position following a resignation. The election will be held in conjunction with the annual Swim Marathon fundraiser on October 26. Voting will begin at 8:30 and will continue until 1:30. You can vote if you pay recurring fees for the use of our facilities, or if you or your child/children are on our swim team. We are looking for motivated individuals willing to invest themselves in the fortunes of our non-profit organization.
After years of impact following the I-10 expansion project, we now have a rejuvenated and growing organization. An extensive construction phase is underway to improve our facility which includes the addition of a combined recreational/training pool. We have conducted recent repairs to the exterior of the natatorium and we are making changes to the roofing and dressing rooms. 

The next phase of our re-development involves additional improvements to the natatorium to the safety, functionality, and appeal of our indoor pool and its adjacent buildings. Most of the funds for the facility improvement will need to be raised, be it from internal fundraisers or from foundations supporting community services offered by our organization. 

Here our Directors play a key role, both in the fund raising activities as well as in pledging personal contributions. Foundations tend to make their donations contingent on an engaged Board of Directors. 

To nominate yourself, or to nominate someone you would like to see serving on the Board, simply send an e-mail to or call Lee Shuchart, DCST President (, 713.385.6014).