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8 & Under Gulf Champs I

posted Mar 7, 2017, 8:12 PM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Mar 7, 2017, 8:13 PM ]
What a great meet for our young Dads Club swimmers. The meet was held in Friendswood on Jan. 22nd and was a timed finals Championship.  Dads Club finished 2nd overall out of 19 teams. We had 46 swimmers represent us and here they are:

Anna Asby, Arses Babaahmadi, Jayna Beard, Breanna Blemar, Raegan Belmar, Sophie Blitz, Caroline Carney, Olivia Ceraudo, Savannah Ceraudo, Helen Clechenko, Emily DeVany, Lena Dwyer, Victor Fente- Damers, Kate Greenwood, Olivia Gregor, Kacey Harvin, Laurel Hoskovec, Addi Hudson, Evan Hudson, Oliver Jackson, Aidan Jordan, Eli Knox, Henry Lee, Cynthia Lo, Arpad Mallarino, Elliot Milian, Renee Nealon, Parker Nelson, Clare Oggero, Austin O’Malley, Megan Ong, Santiago Perez,  Alice Poche, Cia Schattle, Gwen Skillern, Lexi Smith, Julia Spears, Christopher Thibaut, Lisa Toro, Clara Tournois, Riley Vogler, Olivia Whelan,  Connie Williamson,  Kenny Wu,  Jackson Yi


High Point Winner-most points scored for their team for the meet

Renee Nealon


Top 16 Finalists

Anna Kate Asby- 16th/100 FR

Arses Babaahmadi- 2nd/ 25 bk, 5th/25 fr, 4th/50bk, 10th/50 fr

Jayna Beard- 16th/ 50 bk

Breanna Belmar- 5th/25 bk, 3rd/25 fr, 6th/50 bk, 1st/25 br

Raegan Belmar- 1st/100 fr, 2nd/ 25 fr, 4th/ 50 bk, 1st/50 free

Caroline Carney- 12th/ 25 br

Olivia Ceraudo- 14th/25 fr, 7th/25 br,

Savannah Ceraudo- 9th/100 fr, 10th/50 fly, 7th/25 fr, 10th/50 bk, 4th/25 br

Helen Clechenko- 8th/ 25 bk, 15th/ 25 fr, 14th/ 50 br, 12th/25 br

Lena Dwyer- 10th/25 fr, 9th/ 25fly, 16th/ 50 fr,

Victor Fente-Damers- 1st/100 fr, 14th/25 bk, 4th/50 bk, 3rd/25 fly, 5th/25 br

Kacey Harvin- 14th/ 100 fr, 14th/50 fly,

Laurel Hoskovec- 7th/100 fr, 7th/25 bk, 5th/25 fr, 4th/50bk, 8th/50 fr

Oliver Jackson- 12th/25 bk, 7th/25 fr, 3rd/50bk, 9th/50 fr

Eli Knox- 8th/50 bk, 3rd/ 25fr, 6th/50 fr, 1st/ 25 br

Henry Lee-15th/50 bk


Cynthia Lo- 9th/25 bk, 7th/ 50 fly, 6th/25 fr, 5th/ 25 fly, 1st/ 25 br

Arpad Mallarino- 16th/25 fr, 11th/ 25 br

Elliott Milian- 15th/50 br

Renee Nealon- 1st/ 100 fr, 1st/ 50 fly, 1st/ 50 br, 1st/50 fr, 1st/100 IM

Parker Nelson- 12th/100 fr, 11th/50 br, 11th/50 fr, 

Megan Ong- 12th/50 fr, 

Santiago Perez- 6th/25 bk, 5th/25 fr, 7th/50 bk, 10th/25 fly, 6th/50 fr

Gwendolyn Skillern- 11th/25 bk, 8th/50 br, 11th/50 bk

Christopher Thibaut- 15th/100 fr, 7th/50 fly, 14th/ 50 br

Lisa Torro- 5th/50 br, 

Clara Turnois- 5th/25 fr, 5th/50 bk,4th/50 fr

Olivia Whelan- 5th/100 fr, 11th/25 fr, 10th/25 fly, 6th/25 br

Connie Williamson- 1st/25 bk, 1st/50 bk, 7th/50 fr, 3rd/25 br

Jackson Yi- 8th/100 fr

100% Best Times 

Helen Clechenko, Cynthia Lo, Gwendolyn Skillern, Lisa Toro



100 Medley-Girls

2nd-Gwen Skillern, Renee Nealon, Laurel Hoskovec, Savannah Ceraudo (Team Record)

5th-Helen Clechenko, Cynthia Lo, Parker Nelson, Olivia Ceraudo


100 Medley –Boys

5th-Santiago Perez, Arpad Mallarino, Jackson Yi, Victor Fente-Damers


100 Freestyle-Girls

2nd-Savannah Ceraudo, Cynthia Lo, Laurel Hoskovec, Renee Nealon

7th-Lena Dwyer, Raegan Belmar, Clare Oggero, Olivia Ceraudo

12th-Helen Clechenko, Olivia Whelan, Breanna Belmar, Anna Asby


100 Freestyle-Boys

6th-Arpad Mallarino, Christopher Thibaut, Santiago Perez, Victor Fente-Damers

9th-Eli Know, Elliot Milian, Jackson Yi, Kenny Wu


Thanks to all the volunteers that timed.  The coaching staff is extremely proud of all of our swimmers that represented us. We really enjoyed working with the kids throughout the season and look forward to a great long course season. Dads Club Proud!