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2016 Short Course TAGS

posted Mar 10, 2016, 3:20 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Mar 10, 2016, 10:46 PM by Rey Aguilar ]
Location: The Colony, Tx The Colony Aquatic Center
Dates: March 3rd-6th

Tags (Texas Age Group Championships) is the highest level strictly 14 & under meet in the state of Texas. Every swimmer must have a qualifying time to swim at this meet. All relays must meet a time standard as well to qualify.

What a fantastic meet! The coaching staff is very proud of our swimmers. Each and every swimmer played a very important part to the success of the team. Our swimmers stepped up and rose to the occasion. We finished 9th in the entire state of Texas out of 61 teams that competed at TAGS. Our girls finished 6th and our boys tied for 11th. Our 11-12 girls finished 2nd in overall points and our 10 & under boys finished 3rd overall.

Here are the athletes that represented Dads Club:

Ellie McLeod, Sydney Buchman, Luca Burns, Emma Clark, Olivia Cone, Sophia Cone, Tori Cone, Brynn Bond, Josh McLean, Noah Czelusta, Izzy Evans, Amy Evans, Trey Fischbach, Cole Graydon, Kara Moss, Lowell Moss, Lexi Pickens, Pearl Reagler, Larkin Helman, Finnian Helman, Sydney Smith, Kassidy Kitchel, Chris Fields, Berkeley Keller, Edward Lo, Travis Ly, Alex Miao, Romain Joubert and Grace Oggero

Here is the break down by day:


Kassidy Kitchel started it all off dropping 11.38 seconds to finish 9th in the 500 free


Amy Evans was seeded 24th and Kara Moss was seeded 19th for prelims and both made the A final (top 8). Amy dropped a total of 9.15 seconds to finish 4th and Kara finished 5th dropping 6.36 seconds. Stepping it UP.

Larkin Helman led the charge in the 10 & under boys 100 breast stroke dropping a second to finish 6th overall. Edward Lo dropped 1.79 seconds and finished 10th with a great finals swim.

The 11-12 girls were at again in the 100 breast. Amy Evans became our first TAGs Champion of the meet winning the 100 breast with a time of 1:07.01. This time currently has her 14th in the country.

Kara Moss was seeded 25th and finished 11th in the 100 breaststroke dropping almost 2 seconds. Amazing!

Trey Fischbach took his first 50 in the 100 breast out faster than he has ever gone in the 50 breast to finish 2nd overall with a 1:05.55. On Fire but will burn brighter….

Ellie McLeod achieved a personal best in the 100 breast to finish 16th. Way to get up and race.

Pearl Reagler stepped it up in finals to move from 11th to 10th place also achieving a personal best in the 11-12 girls 200 freestyle.

Larkin Helman was back in the pool in the 10 & under boys 50 back finishing 10th. We will see many more swims from this young man. Great Job!

Sophia Cone has her first final in the 11-12 girls 50 backstroke. She attacked the race and came out 7th in the state. She is only 11 and making the A final already.

Luca Burns drops .49 seconds in the 11-12 boys 50 back to finish 6th in the state also as an 11 year old. Race mode…ON.

Kassidy Kitchel drops 1.72 seconds in her 100 IM to finish 12th overall for 10 & Under girls. Kassidy is just starting to get warmed up. Look out 10 & under girls.

Larkin Helman has had a very busy day making his 3rd final of the day. This time he finished 8th in the boys 10 & under 100 IM. Way to represent Larkin!

Kara Moss and Amy Evans are also swimming their 3rd finals in the girls 11-12 100 IM. Kara continued to turn the afterburners on finishing 4th overall with a time of 1:03.31. Amy wins her second TAGs event becoming a two time TAGS Champion with a time of 1:01.97. This just in from the news room, SHE’s ON FIRE!


Boys 10 & Under 400 Free

2nd –Romain Joubert, Travis Ly, Edward Lo and Larkin Helman

Girls 11-12 400 Free

5th- Amy Evans, Sydney Smith, Kara Moss and Pearl Reagler

Girls 13-14 400 Free

11th- Sydney Buchman, Olivia Cone, Lexi Pickens and Ellie McLeod

Can day three be as exciting? ABSOLUTELY!

10 & Under boys relay - Larkin Helman, Edward Lo, Romain Joubert, Travis Ly, and coach Joel.


Kassidy Kitchel starts the night off with an amazing 100 fly dropping 2.34 seconds to finish 6th. Once again making her team proud.

Race mode continues for Luca Burns in the 11-12 boys 100 back. Most swimmers entered with a meters cut do not make a yards final. Not only did he make finals but he finished 7th.

Kassidy Kitchel has a prelim time of 2:38.01 for the 10 & under girls 200 IM. She makes the B finals dropping to 2:34.38. Then she drops another 4.58 seconds in finals to place 9th and win the b final. We told you she was just starting to warm up. Flame on Kassidy!

Larkin Helman lights it up dropping 2.91 seconds to take the 9th and win the B final in the 10 & under boys 200 IM. Taking charge of that final.

Amy Evans has yet another amazing swim dropping 4.04 seconds in her 200 IM placing her 2nd overall for the girls 11-12 200 IM. Exactly one second away from her sectionals cut at 12 years old.

Sydney Buchman starts our sprints off by finishing 15th in the 13-14 girls 50 free. Light speed here we come!

Pearl Reagler also makes the jump to light speed this time for the 11-12 girls in the 50 free finishing 12th in the state. Way to race!

Noah Czelusta makes his finals debut in the 13-14 boys 200 breast. He drops an astounding 4.81 seconds to finish 14th. This is coming off a swimming 100% best times last week. Wow!

Larkin Helman has his second final of the day finishing 10th overall in the 10 & under boys 50 breaststroke. This makes 5 finals in 2 days.

Amy Evans does it again. THREE TIME TAGS CHAMPION. This time in the 11-12 girls 200 breaststroke. This is also Amy’s 5th final in 2 days. Keep that fire bright young lady.

Kara Moss once again shows you why seeding does not matter. Seeded 19th she makes the A final. She drops 6.25 seconds to finish 7th. Hard work does pay off and she is the shining example of that. This is also Kara’s 4th final in 4 races.

Trey Fischbach struggled a little in prelims adding .30 seeding him 5th in finals with a time of 2:26.99. Can you say lightning in a bottle? He attacked finals from the very first stroke dropping an amazing 6.45 seconds to become our second TAGS CHAMPION with a time of 2:20.45 giving him his first 13-14 TAGS cut and first win at TAGS. Great race!

Amy Evans starts the 11-12 100 fly off by finishing 15th on a long day making this her 6th final. That means 12 races in 2 days. This does not include the warming up and warming down yardage.

Pearl Reagler and Kara Moss both make the A final in the 11-12 100 fly. Pearl was seeded 16th and Kara was seeded 22nd going into prelims. Kara finished 4th from lane 8 going a 1:01.55. This is Kara’s 5th final. Pearl finished 6th (1:02.01) with a fantastic swim making the A final as an 11 year old. Keep it rolling ladies.

11-12 200 free relay with Coach Kyle. The really was comprised of bronze, silver and gold training group members. Great Team work!


Boys 10 & Under 200 Free-Tags Champions

1st- Romain Joubert, Travis Ly, Edward Lo and Larkin Helman

15th-Lowell Moss, Chris Fields, Finnian Helman and Alex Miao

Boys 11-12 200 Medley

23rd-Josh McLean, Trey Fischbach, Luca Burns and Cole Graydon

Girls 13-14 200 Medley

9th-Emma Clark, Ellie McLeod, Sydney Buchman and Lexi Pickens

Girls 11-12 200 Medley- Tags Champions

1st-Sophia Cone, Amy Evans, Kara Moss and Pearl Reagler

Girls 10 & Under 200 Free

12th-Tori Cone, Bynn Bond, Berkeley Keller and Kassidy Kitchel

Girls 11-12 200 Free

3rd-Sydney Smith, Sophia Cone, Kara Moss and Pearl Reagler

Girls 13-14 200 Free

8th- Sydney Buchman, Olivia Cone, Lexi Pickens and Ellie McLeod

Is there more gas is our tanks? Read on to find out.


11-12 girls start the evening off with the 50 breaststroke. Amy Evans sprints her way to a 2nd place finish and earning her the top point scorer for our club with 111 individual points. Truly remarkable effort. This is her 7th final with 16 swims in 3 days. One more relay to go. 

Kara Moss makes this her 6th finals finishing 10th in the 11-12 girls 50 breast. Her light continues to shine bright.

Trey Fischbach finishes his TAGS with a 5th place finish in the 11-12 boys 50 breast. Great meet young man.

Larkin Helman makes yet another final ( #6 of the meet) in the 10 & under boys 100 back. He placed 8th with one more final to go. Keep it going Larkin!

Luca Burns is a backstroke machine making the 11-12 boys B final and winning it as the 14th seed and dropping 5.78 seconds. Digging deep is what Dads Club is about. Nice job!

Emma Clark makes her first TAGS final after qualifying just last week.  Emma had a best time of 2:12.25 last week and continued to drop placing 15th overall with a time of 2:08.75. 

Pearl Reagler is back in finals in the 11-12 girls 100 freestyle finishing 8th in the state and achieving a personal best time. Way to go Pearl!

Ellie McLeod makes finals in the 13-14 girls 100 free drooping over 1.5 seconds. She placed 16th overall with a personal best of 54.49. Stepping up!

Kassidy Kitchel had an amazing 50 fly finishing 3rd overall from lane 1. Can you say outside smoke? Great meet Kassidy. 

Larkin Helman has his last finals of the meet in the 10 & under boys 50 fly finishing 8th. Larkin had the highest individual points for Dads Clubs boys with 69 points

Travis Ly had a great swim in the 10 & under boys 50 fly dropping almost a second to finish 5th overall. Awesome finish Travis.

Kara Moss finishes up TAGS individual swim with the 11-12 girls 50 fly. She went into the A final as the 8th seed and……you guessed it, she stepped up and finished 5th from lane 8. Including relays, this is Kara’s 18th swim in 3 days. The normal meet would be 7. Tough is an understatement. 


Boys 10 & Under 200 Medley

2nd-Larkin Helman, Edward Lo, Travis Ly and Romain Joubert

Boys 11-12 400 Medley

21st-Josh McLean, Trey Fischbach, Luca Burns and Cole Graydon

Girls 13-14 400 Medley 

8th-Emma Clark, Ellie McLeod, Sydney Buchman and Lexi Pickens-2nd 13-14 girls relay to get 8th by .01

Girls 11-12 400 Medley -Tags Champions

1st-Sophia Cone, Amy Evans, Kara Moss and Pearl Reagler
Having fun between races.

Our swimmers had a great time the entire meet. It was such a good time for athletes, coaches and parents alike. This was truly a team effort. Gold, Silver and Bronze all played such a vital role in our team success. The coaching staff is very proud of all our swimmers. Way to step up and rise to the occasion. 

Enjoy your break and stay safe. 
Thank you to all the parents that came to TAGS and especially the relay only swimmers. It made a huge difference on our success. A special thank you to Amy Come, Lisa and Bruce Alpe for hosting the TAGS party.