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2016 Gulf Short Course Champs II

posted Mar 2, 2016, 3:56 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Mar 2, 2016, 3:56 PM ]
Location: Spring Branch Natatorium, Feb. 19-21, 2016. 
Dad's Club had a fantastic Championship meet. This meet is for all 9-12 year olds and all 13-14 year olds that have less than 3 “A” times. We finishes 1st overall out of 8 teams. Our girls finished first with a total of 963 points. The boys also finished first with a total of 681 points. Many personal best times were achieved and we had a great time as a team. Here is a list of our swimmers that a best time in every event they swam. Congratulations gang!

100 % best time were achieved by all the athletes below:

Antonio Amador, Martina Caridad, Angelina Davalos, Scott Dunn, Benjamin Farahbod, Samuel Fereday, Kati Fikes, Kendalyn Firenza, Susana Flores, Henry Genez, Ella Gillentine, Isabelle Hardie, Christian Hernandez, Ella Harrigal, Kendall Hoffman, Anna Hoskovec, Raphael jayr, Kaifeng Jing, Alfredo Larrea, Mathew Lee, Sarah Li, Olivia Lyster, Noah Marino, Grace Markovich, Sabastian Martinez, Maycie McDonald, Josh McLean, Emily Moak, Lowell Moss, Ian Ong, Allison Ortiz, Sloan Pyle, Stockton Pyle, Amaan Siddiqui, Sydney Smith, Mathew Tomlinson, Juliette Tonnel, Ava Tommino, Lane Vandervoort, Reid Vandervoort, Emma Vanghaus, Isabel Wabnitz, Joey Wendt, Lily Wise, Samantha Wotring, and Max Zuanich

Here are our athletes that finished top 5 in total points achieved for their age group:

10 &Under Girls Points 10& Under Boys Points
1st Sydney Smith 63 2nd Roman Joubert 41
2nd Kassidy Kitchell 46 4th Travis Ly 38
4th Tori Cone

11-12 Girls 11-12 Boys
1st Pearl Reagler 50 4th Josh McLean 42
2nd Frankie Pink 41
3rd Sophia Cone 38
3rd Jordan Baron

13-14 Girls 13-14 Boys
1st Emma Venghaus 36 1st Max Zuanich 50
3rd Martina Caridad 32.5 3rd Keagan Firenza 35
4th Emily Moak 31 4th Joey Wendt 33

Honorable mention total points (making top 10 in points earned)

Berkely Keller, Lowell Moss, Edward Lo, Alex Miao, Joey Wieland, Grace Markovich, Samantha Wotring, Luca Burns, Ella Harrigal, Gillian Richardson,
and Henry Genez
Travis Ly, Roman Joubert, Edward Lo, Larkin Helman (10 & under 200 free record breaking relay) 

Here are our athletes that scored 1st through 3rd in at least 1 event: 

Madeline Baird, Jordan Baron, Martina Caridad, Sophia Cone, Tori Cone, Raphael Fente-Damers, Keagan Firenza, Clint Foreman, Ryan Guthrie, Ella Harrigal, Larkin Helman, Romain Joubert, Kassidy Kitchel, Edward Lo, Dash Leibold, Travis Ly, Olivia Lyster, Grace Markovich, Josh McLean, Alex Miao, Kate Mischlich, Emily Moak, Lowell Moss, Frankie Pink, Pearl Reagler, Gillian Richardson, Sydney Smith, Emma Venghaus, Allie Wieland, Sabine Waldron, Joey Wendt, Lily Wise, Samantha Wotring, and Max Zuanich 

Here are our athletes that scored 4th through 8th place in at least 1 event: 

Stephanie Birkelbach, Brynn Bond, Luca Burns, Ashley Cardin, Emma Cate Clarkson, Brazos Donovan, Scott Dunn, Sara Fente-Damers, Chris Fields, Katie Fikes, Callum Glover, Henry Genez, Cole Graydon, Kendall Hoffman, Amaury Jayr, Berkeley Keller, Mathew Lee, Laura Lei, Jimmy Maher, Lizzie Markovich, Kyle McDonald, Lucy McLean, Nathan Moss, Mila Mrugala, Grace Oggero, Allison Ortiz, Stockton Pyle, Peyton Pivec, Lane Vandervoort, Reid Vandervoort, Joey Wieland, and Ava Wylie