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2016 Dad's Club Developmental Meet

posted Apr 19, 2016, 5:19 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Apr 19, 2016, 5:25 PM ]
Location: Dad's Club Family Pool
Date: April 10th

Developmental meets are designed to help our novice athletes and parents get used to the meet formats. The atmosphere is relaxed and all about having fun while learning.  Coaches, athletes, and parents had a great time.  Our kids did a fantastic job of applying new skills, racing, and having fun in the process.  Dad's Club finished 2nd out of 5 teams with 37 athletes representing us. Here are our athletes who represented Dads Club:

8 & Under
Boran Mostafizi, Eric Liu, Gwen Skillern, Savanah Ceraudo, Olivia Ceraudo, Elika Lee, Elizabeth Wilson, Lexi Smith, Lena Dwyer, Sydney Harris, Aubrey Wilson Olivia Gregor, Cia Schattle, Chloe Kirk, Henry Schattle, Mathew Parker, Tyler Koehn, Jackson Yi, Austin O’Malley, Samuel Markovich, and Esme Bohan

James Hackney, Lucca Incepi, Ethan Pudwill, Addison Scott, Gabriella Burghaudt, Ella Gillentine, Adrian Gonzales, Christopher Guthrie, Christian Hernandez, Sam Frank, Gabriel Russel, Johan Babaahmadi, Kaan Kocaman, Brian Kim, and Juliet Yi

The Dad's Club staff would like to thank all of the volunteers who came out to help the team.  We had parents step up who didn’t even have kids at the meet! This just shows what a team effort it is all about. 
Thank you.
Here are the athletes who scored:

8 & Under
Boran Mostafizi-100 fr 5th , 50 fly 3rd, 50 bk 4th
Eric Liu-100 fr 7th , 50 fly 4th, 50 bk 3rd, 50 fr 5th
Gwen Skillern-25 bk 3rd, 25 fr 5th, 25 fly 4th, 25 br 2nd 
Savanah Ceraudo-25 bk 4th, 25 fly 3rd, 25 br 5th
Elika Lee-25 bk 6th
Elizabeth Wilson-25 bk 7th, 25 fr 7th, 25 fly 2nd, 25 br 1st
Lexi Smith-50 bk 5th
Sydney Harris-25 fr 6th, 50 fr 6th
Olivia Ceraudo-25 fly 6th, 25 br 3rd
Henry Schattle-25 bk 1st, 25 fr 2nd, 25 br 3rd
Mathew Parker-25 br 2nd, 25 fr 6th, 25 fly 1st, 25 br 1st
Tyler Koehn-25 bk 4th, 25 fr 1st, 50 fr 3rd
Jackson Yi-50 bk 6th
Samuel Markovich-25 fr 5th

James Hackney-100 fr 1st, 25 fr 2nd, 50 fr 2nd
Lucca Incepi-100 fr 2nd, 50 bk 6th, 50 fr 4th, 25 fly 4th
Ethan Pudwill-100 fr 6th, 25 bk 6th
Addison Scott-25 bk 1st
Gabriella Burghaudt-25 bk 2nd
Ella Gillentine-25 bk 3rd
Adrian Gonzales-25 bk 1st, 25 fr 6th, 25 br 1st
Christopher Guthrie-25 bk 2nd, 25 br 2nd
Christian Hernandez-25 bk 4th, 50 bk 7th, 50 fr 7th
Sam Frank-25 bk 5th
Gabriel Russel-25 bk 7th, 25 br 3rd