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2015 Short Course TAGS

posted Mar 11, 2015, 3:46 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Mar 12, 2015, 11:11 AM by Rey Aguilar ]
Conroe Independent School District Natatorium
March 5th-8th

Dads Club would like to congratulate all of our swimmers that represented Dads club at the 2015 SC TAGS. We finished 10th overall in the state with our girls leading the way with a 5th place finish. Here is a list of the Dads Club 2015 SC TAGS team.

Jeremy Bates, Sydney Buchman, Sophia Cone, Amy Evan, Izzy Evans, Trey Fischbach, Luke Funderburk, Fernanda Gamez, Ryan Guthrie, Larkin Helman, Wednesday Hunter, Kelan Johnson, Romain Joubert, Edward Lo, Travis Ly, Sophie Newell, Roxana Nolte, Nathan O’Neil, Audrey Orange, Ellen Pack, Pearl Reagler, Mark Shoemaker, Sydney Smith, Emma Stephenson, Monica Tan, Clarissa Vincent, Jodi Wong, Megan Zuanich.

Here is a daily breakdown.  

Thursday-March 5th

The day was started off with a fantastic swim by Pearl Reagler breaking the TAGS record in the 10 & Under Girls 500 free and winning the event with a time of 5:28.30 achieving her 11-12 tags time in the process.

Our 13-14 girls all dropped time in the 4 x 200 free relay to finish 6th overall. Swimming on this relays was Audrey Orange, Jodi Wong, Fernanda Gamez and Sophie Newell.

Friday, March 6th

Our first finalist of the day was Emma Stephenson swimming the 100 fly breaking a team record and is currently ranked 3rd in the country for 13 year old girls with a time of 56.04.

Sydney Smith dropped almost a full second to finish 16th in the 10 & Under Girls 100 breast and 6th all time for Dads Club 10 & Under Girls

Amy Evans was next on the block with an 11th place finish in the 11-12 girls 100 breast and puts her 3rd all time for Dads Club in the 11-12 age group.

Trey Fischbach stepped up and went a best time to finish 15th overall and 5th for Dads Club 11-12 boys

Audrey Orange dropped a second between prelims and finals to finish 10th overall for the 13-14 girls 100 breast.

Pearl Reagler breaks another TAGS record in the 10 & Under Girls 200 free with a time of 2:01.81 achieving one more 11-12 tags cut.

Sophia Cone was next with an amazing 50 back finishing 1st at Tags and setting a new 10 & Under Girls Dads Club record.

Monica Tan made her first Tags and her first A final finishing 7th overall and placing her 5th for 11-12 girls all time for Dads Club.

Emma Stephenson collects another sectionals cut and finishes 14th overall for the 13-14 girls 100 back.  This also ranks her 3rd all time for Dads Club

Pearl Reagler continues to amaze and finishes 1st again, this time in the 100 IM.  This is her third 1st place finish.

Jodi Wong had a great swim in the 400 IM to finish 14th overall in one of the most difficult of all events. 

Friday Relays-4 x 100 Frees

1st Place 10 & Under Girls-Pearl Reagler, Megan Zuanich, Sydney Smith and Sophia Cone 

NEW Dads Club Record

4th Place 13-14 Girls-Emma Stephenson, Sydney Buchman, Sophie Newell, Audrey Orange

This relay is currently ranked 19th in the country

Saturday, March 7th

Pearl Reagler starts the evening off by getting her fourth 1st place individual finish in the 10 & Under Girls 200 IM and sets a New Dads Club Team record.

Audrey Orange takes 9th overall in the 13-14 50 free with her first NCSA Jr’s cut of 24.08.  This time places her 2nd all time for Dads Club

Emma Stephenson cranks it up to finish 11th in the 50 Fr.

The 10 & Under Girls really stepped up to finish 1st, 3rd and 5th in the 50 free.  Pearl Reagler sets yet again another TAGS record with a time of 25.68 and another 11-12 tags cut.  Sophia Cone finished 3rd and Sydney Smith finished 5th.  All of the girls finished in the same position for Dad Club all time for 10 & Under Girls. Great job!

Sydney Smith is quickly back in the water for the 10 & Under Girls 50 breast where she finishes 15th overall.

Amy Evans continues to drop time and has a great 200 breast placing her in 9th place for 11-12 girls

Trey Fischbach does it again as well making the 11-12 boys 200 breast final moving  up 2 more places from prelims to finals and finishing 14th.

Saturday Relays- 200 Medley

2nd 13-14 Girls-Sophie Newell, Clarissa Vincent, Emma Stephenson, Audrey Orange

This relays is currently ranked 4th in the country/ New Dads Club Team record

200 Free

1st 10 & Under Girls-Pearl Reagler, Sydney Smith, Sophia Cone, Megan Zuanich

New Dads Club Team record

14th 10 & Under Boys-Ryan Guthrie, Kelan Johnson, Larkin Helman, Romain Joubert

3rd 13-14 Girls-Sophie Newell, Sydney Buchman, Emma Stephenson, Audrey Orange

This relays is currently ranked 6th in the country/ New Dads Club Team record

Below are a few more highlights:

Pearl Reagler  breaking five TAGS records , winning 7 out of 7 individual events and achieving the 10&under age group high point in the process. Pearl ended the season ranked 1st in the 200IM, 2nd in the 50 fly, 50 free and 200 free and 3rd in the 100 free and 500 free in the nation.

Sophia Cone winning 50 Back. Cone's 50 back time also ranks her 4th in the nation for this season.

10 & Under girls winning 2 out of 3 relays

Emma Stephenson currently ranked 3rd in the country as a 13 year old for 100 butterfly

Audrey Orange achieving 2 NCSA Jr. National cuts

13-14 Girls relays  current National Rankings

  • 200 Medley 4th 
  • 200 Free 6th
  • 400 Medley 17th
  • 400 Free 19th

There are no National rankings for 10 & Under athletes or relays

The Dads Club Staff would like to thank all the parents for their continued support. We would like to thank our entire staff and the board for making all of this possible.  We would like to congratulate all of our Tags swimmers for all their accomplishments.  Enjoy the moment and be happy but never satisfied.  Great JOB!

Pearl Reagler with Coach Jane

Pearl Reagler, winner of High Points Ward 10 & Under, with Coach Jane

Sunday, March 8th

Sophia Cone gets up and finishes 2nd overall in the 10 & Under Girls 100 back and is currently ranked 2nd on the Dads Club 10 & Under Girls top 10.

Pearl Reagler is on fire and continues to burn bright in the 10 & Under Girls 100 free with a Tags record and a time of 56.40.  This also places her 1st on Dads Club top 10 for 10 & Under Girls

Sophia Cone drops 3.11 seconds in the 100 free for a 10th place finish and places her 4th on our top 10 list.

Sydney Smith drops 1.88 seconds for a 13th place finish in the 10 & Under Girls 100 free and she finishes 5th on Dads Club top 10.

Audrey Orange finishes the her individual events with another NCSA Jr. National cut, this time in the 13-14 Girls 100 free with a time of 52.05.  This time puts her #1 in the Dads Club top 10 list for 13-14 girls.

Finishing off our individual swim is Pearl Reagler in the 10 & Under Girls 50 butterfly.  Any guesses here? You got it, she finished 1st and yet again achieves a TAGS record making her 11-12 TAGS cut.

Sunday Relays

200 Medley

2nd 10 & Under Girls-Sophia Cone, Sydney Smith, Pearl Reagler, Megan Zuanich

New Dads Club Team record

3rd 13-14 Girls-Sophie Newell, Clarissa Vincent, Emma Stephenson, Audrey Orange

This relays is currently ranked 17th in the country/ New Dads Club Team record

16th 11-12 Girls-Monica Tan, Amy Evans, Roxana Nolte, Wednesday Hunter

10th 10 & Under Boys-Ryan Guthrie, Larkin Helman, Travis Ly, Edward Lo

16th 13-14 Boys-Luke Funderburk, Jeremy Bates, Nathan O’Neil, Mark Shoemaker