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2015 Gulf Champs

posted Dec 17, 2015, 4:40 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Jan 7, 2016, 2:36 PM ]
December 11th-13th, 2015, 
Location: Texas A & M University Natatorium. 

Gulf Champs is a 14 & Under meet where you must have a qualifying time to attend. These are the fastest 14 & Under swimmers in the Gulf. It is a prelims/finals meet where the top 8 times for 10 & Unders and the top 16 times for 11-14 year olds come back to race in finals in the evening. 

Dads Club finished 4th overall out of 42 teams.  We are extremely proud of all of the athletes representing Dad's Club. 

Jordan Baron, Sydney Buchman, Luca Burns, Emma Clark, Olivia Cone, Sophia Cone, Tori Cone, Noah Czelusta, Amy Evans, Izzy Evans, Rafael Fente-Damers, Sara Fente-Damers, Trey Fischbach, Frank Gibbons, Ryan Guthrie, Finnian Helman, Larkin Helman, Wednesday Hunter, Romain Joubert, Berkley Keller, Kassidy Kitchel, Parker Kooyman, Dash Leibold, Edward Lo, Lexi Lukens, Travis Ly, Grace Markovich, Josh McLean, Alex Miao, Jamie Morgan, Kara Moss, Lowell Moss, Roxanna Nolte, Lexi Pickens, Frankie Pink, Pearl Reagler, Sydney Smith, Monica Tan, Kenneth Tuan, Sabine Waldron, Joey Wieland, Cayla Won

16 out of 43 swimmers achieved 100 percent status getting best times in every event they swam. Way to rock the pool gang. Here they are:
Luca Burns, Emma Clark (also had 100% at Fall Champs), Noah Czelusta, Amy Evans, Izzy Evans, Trey Fischbach, Frank Gibbons, Ryan Guthrie, Kassidy Kitchel, Dash Leibold, Kara Moss, Grace Markovich, Roxanna Nolte, Lexi Pickens, Frankie Pink, Monica Tan

All of our athletes did a tremendous job racing. Here are our athletes that scored for us including relays.

Izzy Evans-5th 400 IM, 12th 200 br, 9th 100 fly
Lexi Lukens-8th 500 fr, 8th 100 bk, 6th 50 bk
Wednesday Hunter-11th 1000 fr, 10th 1650 fr
Emma Clark-14th 1000 fr, 5th 200 bk
Cayla Won-15th 1000 fr
Pearl Reagler-4th 500 fr, 3rd 50 fr, 3rd 200 fr, 9th 50 bk, 2nd 100 fr, 1st 50 fly
Roxanna Nolte-8th 500 fr, 2nd 100 fly, 6th 100 bk, 8th 200 fr, 8th 200 fly, 3rd 200 bk, 6th 50 fly
Kara Moss-14th 500 fr, 4th 100 IM, 5th 100 fly, 6th 50 br, 7th 200 fly, 8th 100 br, 6th 200 IM
Noah Czelusta-16th 400 IM, 9th 200 br, 16th 100 br
Larkin Helman-8th 500 fr, 5th 50 br, 5th 100 fly, 5th 200 fr, 2nd 50 fly, 4th 100 br
Kassidy Kitchel-3rd 100 IM, 8th 50 fr, 6th 200 fr, 3rd 50 fly, 8th 50 bk, 6th 200 IM
Amy Evans-1st 200 br, 3rd 100 fly, 1st 50 br
Sydney Buchman-11th 200 br, 7th 100 fly, 2nd 50 fr
Trey Fischbach-1st 200 br, 4th 50 br, 12th 100 fr, 1st 100 br
Sydney Smith-4th 50 br, 1st 50 fr, 1st 200 fr, 1st 100, 3rd 100 br, 2nd 100 IM
Sara Fente-Damers-8th 50 br, 5th 100 fr, 5th 100 br, 4th 200 IM
Luca Burns-15th 100 fly, 8th 100 bk, 5th 50 bk, 5th 200 bk
Lexi Pickens-9th 50 fr
Olivia Cone-16th 50 fr, 15th 100 fr, 14th 200 IM
Sophia Cone-9th 100 bk, 2nd 50 bk, 14th 200 bk
Jamie Morgan-12th 500 fr, 7th 1650 fr
Travis Ly-3rd 50 fly
Edward Lo-6th 100 br


10 & Under  200 Medley
Girls- 1st Lukens, Kitchel, Fente-Damers, Smith
Boys- 1st L. Heman, Lo , Ly , Joubert
11-12    400 Medley
Girls-1st S. Cone, A. Evans, Nolte, Reagler
Boys-8th Guthrie, Fischbach, Burns, McLean
13-14 400 Medley
Girls-5th Clark, Buchman, I. Evans, Pickens

10 & Under 200 Free
Girls- 1st Lukens, Kitchel, Fente-Damers, Smith
Boys-8th F. Helman, L.Moss, R. Fente-Damers, Miao
11-12 400 Free
Girls-1st K. Moss, Nolte, A. Evans, Reagler
Boys-10th Burns, Guthrie, McLean, Fischbach
13-14 400 Free
Girls-5th Pickens, Morgan, O.Cone, Buchman

Total Points Scored by Age Group- Top 16 places only
10 & Under
2nd Sydney Smith 113 4th Larkin Helman 101
5th Kassidy Kitchel 89 15th Edward Lo 38
9th Sara Fente-Damers 65.5
15th Lexi Lukens 44

4th Pearl Reagler 93 14th Trey Fischbach 64
6th Roxanna Nolte 92
8th Kara Moss 80.5
13th Amy Evans 56

Our kids did a fantastic job.  Many TAG cuts were achieved and we had a great time as a team.  Thanks to all the parents, coaches and athletes for a great Championship weekend.