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2014 Gulf Annual Awards Banquet

posted Sep 29, 2014, 3:39 PM by DCST Webmaster
Congratulations to all our swimmers who received awards at the Gulf Annual Awards Banquet. 

This year’s banquet was held at the Marriott Westchase on Sunday September 28th. Attendees had the opportunity to listen to Olympic Gold Medalist Ricky Berens.

Qualification Award

Texas Select All Star Camp Participant, National Diversity Camp Participant, National Open Water Camp Participant, North American Challenge Cup Team Participant, Gulf Open Water Team Participant, TAGS Individual Finalist , TAGS Relay Finalist, Sectionals Individual Finalist, National Championships Relay Participant, US Open Championships Relay Participant.
  • Luca Burns – Tags finalist
  • Sophia Cone – Tags finalist
  • Noah Czelusta – Tags relay finalist
  • Juliette Farmer – Tags relay finalist
  • Vincent Huang – Tags relay finalist 
  • Kara Moss – Tags relay finalist 
  • Sophie Newell – Tags relay finalist 
  • Audrey Orange – Tags relay and individual finalist 
  • Frankie Pink – Tags finalist 
  • Pearl Reagler – Tags relay and individual finalist 
  • Morgen Reyna – Tags relay finalist 
  • Nicolas Roa – Tags relay finalist and North American Cup Team participant
  • Mark Shoemaker – Tags relay finalist 
  • Cory Stephenson – Tags relay finalist 
  • Clarissa Vincent – Tags relay and individual finalist
  • Samantha Wotring – Tags relay finalist 
  • Jamie Morgan – Gulf Open Water participant
  • Kaley Hoffman – Tags individual finalist 
  • Jacob Won – Tags individual finalist 
  • Roxana Nolte – Gulf Open Water participant 
  • Isabel Evans – Tags finalist 
  • Alec Wilrodt – Sectional individual finalist 

Level 1 Award

Zones Select Camp Participant, Speedo Junior National Championships Qualifier, 
TAGS champion, North American Challenge Cup champion, Senior Zones or Sectionals Champion.
  • Jack Calderwood – Sectional finalist and Speedo Jr. National qualifier
  • Emma Stephenson – Tags Champion 
  • Cooper Wozencraft – Speedo Jr. National qualifier

Level 2 Award

National Select Camp Participant, Gulf record, Senior Zones Record, Speedo Junior National Championships Finalist, National Championships Qualifier, US Open Championships Qualifier, National Open Water Top 8 Finisher, USA Swimming Top 10.
  • Clayton Bobo – Tags champion, Tags record holder, USA swimming top 10 and Speedo Jr. National Qualifier
  • Sydney Buchman – Tags champion, Tags record holder and Gulf record holder
  • Alexandra Buscher – Sectional Champion, USA swimming top 10 and Speedo Jr. National, National and U.S Open qualifier
  • Olivia Cone - Tags champion, Tags record holder and Gulf record holder
  • Syuen See - Tags champion, Tags record holder and Gulf record holder
  • Ellie McLeod – Tags Champion, Tags record holder and Gulf record holder
Left to right: Olivia Cone, Emma Stephenson, Kara Moss, Sophia Cone, Samantha Wotring, Frankie Pink, Pearl Reagler, and Luca Burns.

Left to right: Vincent Huang, Cory Stephenson, Nicolas Roa, Jacob Won, and Clayton Bobo