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2014 Annual Banquet - Achievement Awards

posted Jun 10, 2014, 8:16 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Jun 10, 2014, 8:19 PM ]
Our annual awards banquet took place on May 23rd at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church. As always we are very happy in being able to share our swimmers' achievements with the rest of the team.

We would like to thank everyone who attended as well as our parent volunteers, coaches and board of directors for working countless hours in order to see us succeed.

Once again our team had an outstanding year. Here are some of the highlights:
  • 27 high school state qualifiers
  • 30 Tags qualifiers for the year
  • 30 Sectional qualifiers
  • 15 individual NCSA Junior national qualifiers (17 including relays)
  • 3 Speedo Junior National qualifiers
  • 2 National qualifiers
  • 2 U.S Open qualifiers
  • 45 Team Records
  2013-14 Award winners:   NICOLE DREESSEN AWARD – Best Attendance
  • Bronze - Zhi-Hahn See
  • Silver – Ethan Jones
  • Gold – Syuen See
  • Senior - Melissa Brill
  • Sr. Elite - Alexandra Buscher
  JOAN SPILLANE AWARD – Best Dad’s Club swim of the year 
  • Alexandra Buscher for her 1:47.07 in the 200 free at the 22nd annual Chesapeake Elite Pro/Am.
  RENEE MAGEE – Most improved
  • Bronze – Pearl Reagler
  • Silver – Grace Royston
  • Gold – Emma Stephenson
  • Senior - Alex Hale
  KEENA ROTHHAMMER – Toughest swimmer
  • Senior - Meg Meliet 
  • Sr. Elite – Riley Carson
  ALAN RYDEN AWARD – Swimmers on the Sr. Elite group vote this award at the end of the year. The Alan Ryden Award embodies dedication, commitment, leadership and the courage to strive for the best, no matter the obstacles.
  • Briana Burns

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
Gulf Champs top 8
TAGS finalist Ladder of Success
Sectionals finalist State select camp Gulf Record
NCSA JUNIORS Top 10 in Nation Southern Select Camp
SPEEDO JUNIORS NCSA finalist National Select Camp NATIONALS Speedo finalist U.S OPEN Olympic trials

Tyler Presswood

Sloane Margroves

Olivia Cone


Maddie Robinson

Cooper Wozencraft

Jaimie Miller

Alexandra Buscher

Max Zuanich

Austin Alpe

Sydney Buchman


Elizabeth Jordana

Danielle Yoon


Michael Miller

Vincent Huang

Luke Barber

Syuen See


Jack Calderwood


Kate Luo

Nikita Bushuev

Emma Stephenson


Cooper Wozencraft


Jodi Wong

Price Deering

Ellen Pack


Alice Read


Noah Czelusta

Rafael Fente-Damers

Pearl Reagler


Briana Burns


Cole Graydon

Larkin Helman

Sophia Cone


Annie Miller


Josh McLean

Romain Joubert

Luca Burns


Clayton Bobo


Trey Fischbach

Edward Lo

Elizabeth Hirs


Dawn Virginillo


Ethan Jones

Travis Ly

Samantha Wong


Elizabeth Prasse


Cole Graydon

Preston Pham

Tyler Goulding


Jason Bo


Josh Mclean

Bryan Tang

Kara Moss


Clarissa Vincent


Zhi-Hahn See

Travis Anderson

Audrey Orange


Ellie McLeod


Trey Fishbach

Santiago Bustos

Fernanda Gamez


Monica Tan

Rexford Kaase

Frankie Pink


MacKamie Quine

Ryan Lamprecht

Samantha Wotring


Emily Quin

Brady Pro

Cory Stephenson


HoLelly Kurisky

Rohan Takkar

Nicolas Roa


Isabella Boone

Alex Alpe

Tara Virginillo


Megan Hale

Tori Cone

Emma Partridge


Aiden Pro

Sara Fente-Damers

Elena Skaribas


Luke Reed

Isabel Glover

Erika Stephenson


Kelsie Stephenson

Berkeley Keller

Margaret Vincent


Bridie Hibbler

Elle Burke

Keagan Firenza


Juliette Farmer

Alise Hardie

Sophie Newell


Xavier Ramirez

Avery Pham

Christina Moreno


Justin Turet

Anjeli Savajol

Meghan Parsons


Meg Meliet

Tessa Roovers

Lexie Mueller



Lily Wise

Lexie Mueller


Morgen Reyna

Claire Fischbach

Grant Hirchhofer


Lily Wise

Kevin Zhang

Riley Carson


Lizzie Markovich

Sara Fente-Damers


Mackenzie Parsons

Isabel Glover


Abby Partridge

Berkeley Keller


Lara Prakash

Elle Burke


Philip Antake

Alise Hardie


Holden Baird

Avery Pham


Samuel Ho

Anjeli Savajol


Tessa Roovers