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2013 Gulf Banquet Awards

posted Sep 23, 2013, 4:01 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Sep 24, 2013, 10:45 AM by Rey Aguilar ]
Congratulations to all our swimmers who were invited to this year’s Gulf Awards banquet. The banquet was held on September 22nd at the Westchase Marriot hotel. This year’s guest speaker was 2012 Olympic Gold medalist Tyler Clary.

Below is the list of all the Dad’s Club athletes who received awards.

Qualification Awards

Tags finalist

  • Sydney Buchman
  • Sophie Newell
  • Audrey Orange
  • Syuen See
  • Jack Calderwood
  • Ellen Pack
  • Vincent Huang
  • John Kim
  • Nicolas Roa
  • Cory Stephenson
  • Kate Luo


Sectionals finalist

  • Danielle Yoon
  • Elizabeth Prasse
  • Briana Burns
  • Annie Miller
  • Jason Bo


Level 2

  • Alexandra Buscher (Speedo Jr. National finalist, National and U.S Open qualifier and top 10 in the nation)
  • Cooper Wozencraft (Tags finalist and top 10 in the nation)
  • Clarissa Vincent (Tags champion, top 10 in the nation)
  • Clayton Bobo (Tags finalist, top 10 in the nation)
  • Ellie MCleod (Tags finalist, top 10 in the nation)
  • Jaimie Miller (National qualifier, Speedo Jr. National qualifier)


Level 3

  • Michael Miller (Speedo Jr. National finalist, National, U.S Open and World Championship Trial qualifier)
Gulf Banquet 2013