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14 Things to Know Before a Swim Meet

posted Oct 2, 2018, 9:59 AM by Rey Aguilar


We are very excited about our first meet of the season. We know many of you have already signed up to volunteer and we are thankful for your help and support. Without your help we could not run a swim meet.

We also know that for many of you this will be your first meet in year round swimming. Here are 14 things to remember before our meet this upcoming weekend.


1)      You can find the meet’s location on our meets & results page by clicking on the meet name.

2)      Team apparel needed for swim meets

-          Team shirts (Blue on Saturday & White on Sunday)

-          White team cap

-          Team suit (must be ordered through Texas Swim Shop) 

3)      Swimmers entries can be found on your parent portal

-          It is a good idea to write down the event, heat, and lane assignment on young swimmer’s hand or forearm to help them remember when they will swim.


4)      There are two sessions per day.

-          11 & over girls and 13 & over boys - will swim in the morning sessions

-          10 & under girls and 12 & under boys - will swim in the afternoon session

5)      The estimated timeline and warm-ups will be posted under our meets and results page

-          You can find the timeline and warm-ups on our meets & results page next to the name and date of the meet. The timeline is indicated as TL or COMBO, the warm-up is indicated as WU or COMBO.

-          Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of warm-up

-          Coaches will meet with all swimmers at the conclusion of warm-up.

-          It is very important that your swimmer is on time for warm-ups. This will help them get a proper warm-up and feel comfortable in their surroundings. We don’t want swimmers to have anxiety over being late and having to rush.


6) The meet will usually start about 10-15 minutes after the last warm-up is over.

7)      Swimmers participating in races 400 or longer must circle in for their event 45m before the start of the session.

8)      Heat sheets can be purchased at the meet

-          The heat sheets will show the event, heat and lane for each swimmer.

A heat sheet is usually available for sale in the lobby or concession area of the pool. Heat sheets generally sell for around five dollars. They contain the heat and lane assignments for all swimmers in each event. When the team entry is sent in, each swimmer and his/her previous best time in the event is listed. If the swimmer is swimming an event for the first time, he/she will be entered with an “NT” or “no time”. A “no time” swimmer will likely compete in one of the last heats of the event. **Heat sheets are NOT sold at every meet – sometimes just the heat and lane assignments are posted once circle in is closed. Our October 6th and 7th meet will provide free heat sheets online. Information on this will be posted at the meet.


9)      New swimmers will be buddied up with returning swimmers during our team meeting at the conclusion of warm-up

10)   Parents are not allowed on deck. Please do not approach coaches during swim meets.

According to USA Swimming rules (due to insurance restrictions), parents are not allowed on deck unless they are serving in an official capacity or as a volunteer timer. Similarly, all questions concerning meet results, an officiating call, or the conduct of the meet, should be referred through the coaching staff by email or the end of the session. We, in turn, will pursue the matter through proper channels.


11)   Bring healthy snacks and drinks

-          Healthy snacks include – fruits, pasta, granola bars, bagels ….

-          The best drink is water

12)   Where to sit?

-          Indoor seating is usually reserved for parents watching their kids while they compete. There is plenty of space outdoors where you can hang out while you wait for your swimmer’s event to start. You are welcome to set up tents and chairs outdoors.

13)   Swimmers need to speak with their coach before and after each race

-          Please help us by reminding your swimmer to speak with their coach

14)   Additional things to bring

-          Multiple goggles

-          1-2 towels

-          Things to keep swimmers warm.



Coach Rey

Head Coach

Dad's Club Swim Team