Candidates for Board of Directors

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Dear Members, The election of new board members will be conducted the end of November. We are seeking committed Dad's Club Swim Team Parents and Facility Members interested in serving on its Board of Directors for a two year term. To be eligible you must be an adult parent or guardian of a currently registered Dad’s Club Swim Team swimmer, or an adult member with an individual or family membership. Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings and serve in leadership roles in board sub-committees and participate in fundraising.  You may nominate yourself or other members. Nominations will be closed November 5 at noon. Please email the nominating committee to the email addresses below. Your correspondence should include name, phone, email address, and a brief narrative about your relationship to Dads Club and reason considering board service.

If you would like to be involved but with a lesser commitment of finances or time than a board position requires, we also have need for persons to step up to join sub-committees. These committees are currently meeting as needed and often communicate electronically.

The sub-committees include the following:
  • Swim Team 
  • Facility Improvement
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing and Communication
Please contact us in the event you have any questions regarding board or sub-committee service.

Thank you for your support of the Dad’s Club Swim Team, Inc.

Charlie Calderwood, President <>

Jordan Orange, Vice President <>
Linda Kutac, Executive Director <>

Clayton Bobo Commits to Texas A&M

posted Oct 13, 2017, 4:17 PM by Rey Aguilar

Congratulations to Clayton Bobo for committing to Texas A&M.

During his time at Dad’s Club Bobo has broken multiple Gulf and State records, achieved junior and national rankings and NISCA and Scholastic All American honors. He has also been individual NCSA Junior National Champion and ranked in FINA's World Top 100 18 and under swimmers in 100 LC freestyle. In UIL High School swimming Bobo has broken multiple Stratford High School team records and has been a three time individual UIL state champion. Bobo is also a great leader and is one of our national group team captains.

Some of Bobo’s best events include 50, 100 and 200 free, and 100 fly. He will be a great addition to the Aggies sprint group.

“Extremely excited to announce that I will be continuing my academic and swimming career at Texas A&M University!  Gig’em”

Bobo plans on majoring in Finance

Congratulations Bobo!

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Dad’s Club Class of 2018 Swimming College Commitments

Claire Smith

Claire Smith Commits to Texas A&M

posted Oct 13, 2017, 1:55 PM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Oct 16, 2017, 3:28 AM ]

Congratulations to Claire Smith on committing to Texas A&M University.

Claire is part of our national training group and attends Cypress Woods High School. Claire has qualified for sectionals, UIL State, NCSA Jr. Nationals, Summer Speedo Jr. Nationals and has been named a three time NISCA All American in several events. She is currently one of our teams’ athlete representatives to Gulf Swimming and was recently named a Scholastic All American Swimmer by USA Swimming.

The women’s A&M team is one of the strongest NCAA programs in the nation. The Aggies placed 3rd at last year’s NCAA Championships and have also won multiple Big 12 conference titles.

“I am excited to announce my verbal commitment to swim and continue my education at Texas A&M University! Thank you to my coaches and family for helping me get to this point. I look forward to being part of this great team. Gig’em!”


Claire plans on studying Kinesiology.

Congratulations Claire!

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2017 Gulf Awards Banquet

posted Oct 11, 2017, 11:52 AM by Rey Aguilar

The 2017-2018 Gulf Banquet was held on Sunday, October 1st at the Westchase Marriot. The guest speaker was three time Olympian Elizabeth Biesel and she was fantastic. Her message was very positive and motivating to athletes, coaches, parents and officials.  We had 41 athletes that qualified to receive an award at this year’s banquet. Below is a list of Dads Club athletes and the level of award that they achieved. 

Award Levels

Level 1-Zones Select Camp Participant, USA Swimming Junior National Championships Qualifier, TAGS Individual Champion, Southern Senior Zones Individual Champion, Futures Individual Finalist(top 16), National Open Water Champ Participant, National Diversity Select Camp Participant

Level 2 -National Select Camp, Gulf Record(Individual & Relay), Senior Zones Record, Futures Champion, USA Swimming Junior National Champion, National Championships Qualifier, US Open Water Top 8 Finisher, USA Swimming Top 10( fastest top 10 times in the country per event and age bracket)

Level 3-National Championship Finalist(top16), US Open Championship Finalist(top 16), National Age Group Record(Individual & Relay), National Open Water Champion, Olympic Trials Qualifier, World Championships Trials Qualifier

Level 4-National Junior Team Member, US Swimming Junior National Championship Champion, National Championships 18 & Under Champion, US Open Championships 18 & Under Champion

Level 5-National Team Member, National Championships Champion, US Open Championships Champion, Olympic Team Member, World Championships Team Member


Qualifier Award Winners

Jeremy  Bates-Sectional Relay Finalist

Bailey Bergen-TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Sydney Buchman-Sectional Relay Finalist

Ava Ceraudo- TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Sophia Cone- TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Tori Cone- TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16

Benjamin Farahbod- TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Rafael Fente-Damers- TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16, TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Trey Fischbach- TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16

Finnian Helman- TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16, TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Zelie Hughes- TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8


Christopher Hung- Sectional Relay Finalist

Lexi Lukens- TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16, TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Alex Miao- TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16, TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Kara Moss- TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Nathan Moss- TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Renee Nealon- TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Avery Pham- TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Pearl Reagler- TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8, TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16

Morgan Reyna- Sectional Relay Finalist

Emma Venghaus- TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16

Joey Weiland- TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8, TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16

Max Zuanich- TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16


Level 2 Award Winners

Isabella Alas-Gulf Record, TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16, TAGS Relay Top 8

Emma Clark-National Top 10, Zones Select Camp Participant, TAGS Finalist, TAGS Relay top 8

Caleb Duncan- Gulf Record, Sectional Relay Finalist

Amy Evans- Zones Select Camp Participant, Sectional Individual Finalist, TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16, TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8

Kaley Hoffman-National Top 10, Sectional Relay Finalist

Ellie McLeod-Gulf Record, Sectional Relay Finalist

Audrey Orange- National Top 10, Gulf Record, Speedo Junior National Qualifier, Sectional Relay Finalist

Sophie Newell- National Top 10, Gulf Record, Sectional Relay Finalist

Brandon Quinteros- Gulf Record, Speedo Junior National Qualifier, Sectional Relay Finalist

Mark Shoemaker- Gulf Record, Sectional Relay Finalist, Sectional Individual Finalist

Claire Smith-National Championship Qualifier, Speedo Junior National Qualifier, Sectional Relay Finalist, Sectional Individual Finalist

Sydney Smith- Gulf Record, TAGS Individual Champion, TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16, TAGS Relay Top 8

Emma Stephenson- National Top 10, National Championship Qualifier, Speedo Junior National Qualifier, Sectional Relay Finalist, Sectional Individual Finalist

Clarissa Vincent- National Top 10, Southern Senior  Zones Top 8 Finisher

Eloise Williamson- Gulf Record, TAGS Individual Champion, TAGS Relay Finalist Top 8, TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16

Cooper Wozencraft- National Top 10, Speedo Junior National Finalist, Gulf Record, Speedo Junior National Qualifier, Sectional Relay Finalist, Sectional Individual Finalist

Megan Zuanich- Gulf Record, TAGS Individual Finalist Top 16, TAGS Relay Top 8


Level 3 Award Winner

Clayton Bobo-World Championships Trials Qualifier, National Top 10, US Open Championships Qualifier, Speedo Jr. Nationals Finalist, National Championships Qualifier, Gulf Record


Dads Club is very proud of the accomplishments of our athletes.  The coaching staff would like to thank our athletes for their hard work and dedication to our sport. We would also like to thank the parents for all you do for our athletes and this team. Dads Club Proud!

2017 Swim Marathon

posted Sep 22, 2017, 4:05 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Sep 25, 2017, 10:16 AM ]

We hope this note finds you returning to a bit of normalcy after Hurricane Harvey. The Swim Marathon Committee has delayed communications about the event to give everyone a chance to catch their breath and return to the routine of school and swimming.

The Dad’s Club facilities weathered the storm with very few issues. We are fortunate that the creek bed restoration work was completed prior to the arrival of Hurricane Harvey. The pools were able to reopen just days after the storm and provided much needed recreation and a return to the routine for our team and members. Our facilities have hosted several school teams and USA swim teams who were unable to use their pools due to damage from the storm.

Dad’s Club, like the rest of Houston, intends to push forward with setting and achieving goals for the swimmers and the club. In that spirit, we are planning to move ahead with our annual Swim Marathon on October 28th. The club has reached out to those affected by the storm to offer support and an exemption from the fundraising requirement for this year.

Those of you who have participated in the Swim Marathon in previous years know it as an event that raises funds for the betterment of our swim club. This has always been the main purpose of the annual Swim Marathon. The money raised this year will fund the creek bed restoration work that saved our pools and will keep the club in a strong financial position for future facilities improvements.

Swimmers who participate in the Swim Marathon enjoy bolstering team spirit, gaining self-confidence, experiencing the joy of giving, and learning how their actions can make a difference.

Information is coming next week about how your swimmer(s) can participate in this endurance swim & fundraiser. Each swimmer is required to raise a minimum amount of money for the Swim Marathon ($150 for White and Blue Group and $200 for all other training groups). This can be done by fundraising through the swimmer’s personal website, by purchasing and selling raffle tickets, and through corporate sponsorships. The raffle is a fun new addition to the Swim Marathon this year, more information is coming soon. Signing up a business sponsor counts towards your swimmer’s fundraising goal. The dollar amount of their sponsorship is attributed to your swimmer’s required amount (sponsorship form).

We look forward to a fun swim marathon. The theme this year is Dive In with the coach’s quote, Those who endure...conquer.

The Swim Marathon Committee

Southern Senior Zones Championships

posted Sep 21, 2017, 12:31 PM by Rey Aguilar

The Senior and National Groups represented Dad’s Club at the Southern Senior Zones Championships August 1st-5th at Texas A&M University. This meet included top level senior swimmers from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia. We had a fun week with a bunch of fast swims, finalists, and lifetime bests.

Way to go Dad’s Club!



David Alas, Jeremy Bates, Hector Bayaborda, Reed Casper, Olivia Cone, Noah Czelusta, Izzy Evans, Luke Funderburk, Olivia Gore, Bridie Hibbler, Hannah Kral Brandon Mahan, Kyle McDonald, Laura Miles, Nathan O’Neil, lexi Pickens, Morgen Reyna, Nicolas Roa, Will Sampson, Bob Timuruly, Clarissa Vincent, Jett Walker, Joey Wendt, and Jodi Wong.

Individual Finalists:

Jeremy Bates: 18th/200 IM, 11th/50 Br, 20th/50 Bk, 30th/50 Fly, 23rd/100 Br

Reed Casper: 21st/50 Fr

Noah Czelusta: 19th/200 Br, 24th/50 Br, 26th/100 Br, 26th/200 IM

Luke Funderburk: 21st/ 800 Fr, 25th/400 IM, 28th/200 IM

Bridie Hibbler: 29th/200 Br, 26th/50 Br, 20th/100 Br

Nathan O’Neil: 30th/200 Br

Lexi Pickens: 23rd/50 Bk, 27th/50 Fly, 14th/50 Fr

Morgen Reyna: 19th/100 Fr, 21st/50 Fr

Will Sampson: 29th/200 Bk, 18th/50 Br

Clarissa Vincent: 24th/ 200 Br, 8th/50 Br, 24th/ 100 Br

Jodi Wong: 28th/200IM


100% Best Times:

Hannah Kral



200 MR-Girls

A-relay: 7th-Jodi Wong, Clarissa Vincent, Morgen Reyna, Lexi Pickens (Team Record)

B-relay: 15th-Laura Miles, Bridie Hibbler, Izzy Evans, Olivia Gore


200 MR-Boys

A-relay: 12th-Will Sampson, Jeremy Bates, Bob Timuruly, Reed Casper

B-relay: 23rd-Jett Walker, Noah Czelusta, Hector Bayaborda, David Alas


200 FR-Girls

A-relay: 18th- Olivia Cone, Olivia Gore, Laura Miles, Izzy Evans


800 FR-Girls

A-relay: 20th-Laura Miles, Olivia Gore, Izzy Evans, Olivia Cone


200 MR-Mixed

A-relay: 12th-Will Sampson, Jeremy Bates, Morgen Reyna, Lexi Pickens

B-relay: 20th- Jodi Wong, Clarissa Vincent, Bob Timuruly, Reed Casper


400 FR-Girls

A-relay: 11th- Olivia Cone, Olivia Gore, Jodi Wong, Morgen Reyna


400 MR-Girls:

A-relay: 14th- Jodi Wong, Clarissa Vincent, Olivia Gore, Morgen Reyna


400 MR-Boys

A-relay: 16th- Will Sampson, Noah Czelusta, Nathan O’Neil, Reed Casper

Texas Age Group Championships

posted Sep 15, 2017, 12:02 PM by Rey Aguilar

2017 long course TAGS was held in Austin at the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swim Center located at the University of Texas campus. This meet is the fastest 14 and under swimmers in the state of Texas and you must have qualifying times to swim at this meet. Dads Club had 28 swimmers represent us extremely well in and out of the water. We finished 11th overall missing 10th place by 3.5 points. Our girls finished 6th overall and our boys finished 29th out of 76 teams.


TAGS qualifiers:

Isabella Alas, Bailey Bergen, Luca Burns, Sophia Cone, Tori Cone, Trey Fischbach, Finnian Helman, Larkin Helman, Kendall Hoffman, Zelie Hughes, Kassidy Kitchel,  Spencer Locascio, Lexi Lukens, Travis Ly, JP McCann, Lowell Moss, Kara Moss, Renee Nealon, Karl Nolte, Avery Pham, Pearl Reagler, Sydney Smith, Emma Vanghaus, Eloise Williamson, Max Zuanich, Megan Zuanich.



Our 13-14 girls 4 x 200 freestyle relay, Pearl Reagler, Kara Moss, Roxana Nolte and Sophia Cone, started the meet just barely making the cut 2 weeks before TAGS. The girls stepped up from being seeded 22nd to finishing 15th. Way to go ladies!



Tori Cone and Eloise Williamson started the night with the 200 IM. Tori killed her best time from prelims dropping a total of 6.09 seconds winning the B final.  Eloise dropped time from prelims to finals finishing 7th in the A final. Rising to the occasion girls.

Finnian Helman gets the 10 and under boys on the board by dropping the hammer in his 200 IM taking off a total of 4.82 seconds finishing 15th overall in the state. Nice!

Sydney Smith starts the 11-12 girls with a Sectionals cut in her 200 IM going a 2:30.94. Sydney finished 7th overall. Congrats on another Sectionals cut Syd.

Tori Cone is back at it in the 50 backstroke making the A final and finishing 7th overall. Tori was seeded 25th going in to the event. Wow! That is awesome.

The 11-12 girls are back again in the 100 freestyle. Sydney Smith makes her second final of the day finishing 11th and achieving a personal best.   Megan Zuanich was seeded 21st and finished 6th in the state with a 1:01.69. Isabella Alas achieved a best time in prelims and had a great race to finish 4th overall. Three girls making finals and these girls are just starting to warm up.

Tori Cone wins the B final again but this time in the 10 and Under 100 freestlye with a time of 1:08.65. Eloise Williamson finishes 2nd with a time of 1:06.17. Eloise was seeded 29th going into the event. Mad props girls!

Finnian Helman has his second finals swim of the night with the boys 100 freestyle. Finnian dropped 1.44 seconds to take home 11th place.



400 Medley Relay
13-14 Boys
Max Zuanich, Trey Fischbach, Luca Burns and Spencer Locascio
finished 11 overall dropping a total of 3.13 seconds. Beast Mode boys!

11-12 Girls

Lexi Lukens, Sydney Smith, Isabella Alas and Megan Zuanich finished 3rd. Their time of 4:45.18 ranks them 18th in the country. Still getting warmer……

11-12 Boys

Larking Helman, JP McCann, Travis Ly and Lowell Moss moved up 2 places from 20th to 18th. Way to swim boys.




The 10 and under girls start the night off with Tori Cone dropping 10.24 seconds in her 200 free to once again win the B final. This is her 3rd time to win the B final. Eloise Willamson drops 1-4 seconds between prelims and finals to come in 4th overall. Way to step up!

Isabella Alas drops over a second in her 200 free to finish 7th with a time of 2:15.16. Great swim.

Pearl Reagler also drops over a second in her 200 free going a 2:11.40 finishing 12th in the 13-14 girls age group. Fantastic swim.

Sydney Smith makes the 11-12 girls A final in the 50 breast. Sydney dropped 1.10 seconds from her best time placing 7th. That is huge in a 50 of anything at this level. Awesome!

Eloise Williamson rocks the 100 fly going a 1:12.19 and placing 3rd in the state of Texas for 10 and under girls.

Sydney Smith makes her second final of the night in the 11-12 girls 100 fly barely missing her 2nd Sectionals cut of the meet by .05 going a 1:08.04. It was a great race dropping 1.81 seconds from prelims to finals.



400 Freestyle

11-12 GirlsIsabella Alas, Megan Zuanich, Sydney Smith and Lexi Lukens dropped 5.73 seconds to finish 2nd barely missing 1st by .15. This time places them 3rd in the country for the season. Still getting warmer…..

13-14 Girls

Pearl Reagler, Kara Moss, Kendall Hoffman and Roxana Nolte just missed the top 16 finishing 17th overall.  Way to race girls.



Emma Venghaus gets the evening started off with a great 200 backstroke swim for the 13-14 girls. Emma dropped 2.38 seconds between prelims and finals to place 12th overall. Rising to the occasion!

Max Zuanich comes out swinging in the 13-14 boys 200 back dropping 5.47 seconds. Max was seeded 26th and finished 12th in the state.

Eloise Williamson becomes our first TAGS Champion for this meet in the 10 and under girls 50 butterfly. Her time of 31.21 is already her TAGS cut for the 11-12 age group. Way to go Eloise!

The 11-12 girls are at it again with 3 girls making finals in the 50 butterfly. Isabella Alas finished 11th and Megan Zuanich finished 14th. Both of the girls dropped between prelims and finals. Sydney Smith places 5th overall achieving a personal best time of 30.65. Great job ladies!

Trey Fischbach drops a full second in the boys 13-14 100 breaststroke to go a 1:12.75 to finish 14th in the state of Texas. Way to rock!

Finnian Helman is back in finals but this time in the 10 and under boys 100 breaststroke. Finnian dropped over 3 seconds to make the A final and finish 7th. On Fire!

Sydney Smith drops 2.5 seconds from prelims to finals in the 11-12 girls 100 breaststroke to finish 3rd overall with a time of 1:17.85. Crank it young lady.

Pearl Reagler steps it up in the 13-14 girls 400 free and drops 2.31 from prelims to finals to finish 15th overall. Grinding the mid distance, NICE!



200 Freestyle

13-14 Girls

Pearl Reagler, Zelie Hughes, Kara Moss and Sophia Cone finished 18th moving up one spot from their seeded position.

10 & Under Girls

Bailey Bergen, Renee Nealon, Tori Cone and Eloise Williamson finished 3rd with an amazing drop of 4.70 seconds. Lighting it UP!

11-12 Girls

Isabella Alas, Megan Zuanich, Sydney Smith and Lexi Lukens are TAGS CHAMPIONS setting a TAGS record and finish the season ranked 1st IN THE COUNTRY for 11-12 girls.  Congratulations girls on a tremendous accomplishment.



Sophia Cone and Emma Venghaus light it in the 13-14 girls 100 backstroke. Emma was seeded 25th and finished 12th overall with a lifetime best of 1:08.29. Sophia Cone achieves a personal best of 1:07.58 to crank out a 5th place finish. Mad skills girls.

Tori Cone has been crushing her finals swims dropping time left and right from prelims to finals. Her 4.69 second drop places her 3rd in the state for 10 and under girls. Wow!

Finnian Helman has his last swim of the weekend dropping 3.51 seconds in his 100 backstroke finishing 7th for 10 and under boys. Way to go FinFin!

Sydney Smith digs deep to drop 5.37 seconds in her 200 breaststroke between prelims and finals to go a 2:47.98 placing her 3rd overall with a fantastic swim.

Eloise Williamson and Tori Cone both make the A final in the 10 and under girls 50 freestyle. Tori drops 1.37 seconds, huge in a 50, to finish 4th. Eloise drops exactly 1 second to win her second event and is once again a TAGS CHAMPION. Incredible swims ladies.

Lexi Lukens, Megan Zuanich and Isabella Alas all make the 11-12 girls 50 freestyle final. Lexi was seeded 34th and finished 16th in the state. Megan goes a 28.06 to achieve her first Sectionals cut and finishes 6th. Isabella Alas also gets her Sectionals cut going a 28.22 to finish 7th. Way to crank out the top end speed.

Max Zuanich and Spencer Locascio finish the individual events off with the 13-14 boys 50 freestyle. Spencer makes his first TAGS final and sprints his way to a 14th place finish with a 26.40.  Max wins the B final finishing 9th achieving a personal best of 25.68. Great job gentleman.


200 Medley

10 and Under GirlsAvery Pham, Renee Nealon, Eloise Williamson and Tori Cone drop 2.23 seconds to take 6th place. Way to step up for your team. Nice!

11-12 Girls

Lexi Lukens, Sydney Smith, Isabella Alas and Megan Zuanich are TAGS CHAMPIONS again. They dropped 4.40 in 3 weeks. This is the true definition of rising to the occasion. The girls time of 2:06.81 places them 3rd in the country for 11-12 girls. ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-12 Boys

Larkin Helman, JP McCann, Travis Ly and Lowell Moss crank it out to drop 1.82 seconds to finish 20th overall and move up 3 spots from their seed. Awesome job boys.

13-14 Girls

Sophia Cone, Zelie Hughes, Kara Moss and Pearl Reagler have an incredible relay. They swam lights out to go from 16th seed to finishing 8th overall getting into the double points scoring. Crushing IT!

13-14 Boys

Max Zuanich, Trey Fischbach, Luca Burns and Spencer Locascio step up for their team and each other to place 13th in the state of Texas for 13-14 boys. Tremendous job guys!

We had a great time. The coaching staff would like to thank the Venghaus’s for hosting the TAGS party this season. We would also like to thank everyone involved in assisting Dads Club to be what it is today. We couldn’t do it without you parents. Thank you. Last but not least the athletes. We want to recognize the time, dedication and commitment to this sport and this team that you have given. The coaching staff thanks you. Dads Club Proud and continue to dream BIG!

Tri & Masters Summer Break

posted Aug 13, 2017, 6:10 PM by Rey Aguilar


The summer break for the morning and evening tri/masters groups is the week of August 14th. Tri/Masters members are welcome to swim with the noon group during this time.



Monday 14

Tuesday 15

Wednesday 16

Thursday 17

Friday 18



No practice


No practice

No practice








No practice

No practice

No practice





The summer break for the noon tri/masters is the week of August 21stTri/masters members are welcome to swim with the morning or evening groups during this time.



Monday 21

Tuesday 22

Wednesday 23

Thursday 24

Friday 25








No practice


No practice

No practice

No practice








Leonel Dubon Joins Coaching Staff

posted Aug 13, 2017, 5:08 PM by Rey Aguilar

Dad’s Club is very excited to welcome Leonel Dubon to our coaching staff.

Coach Dubon has over 25 years coaching experience. Throughout his long career he has worked with all different ages and levels.

Coach Dubon has developed countless Texas Age Group State (TAGS) qualifiers, many of them becoming tags finalist and champions. He has also helped many of his swimmers qualify for sectionals and become nationally ranked in their age groups.

As a swimmer Coach Dubon was part of the Guatemalan national team and later became one of their national team coaches. After immigrating to the U.S he continued coaching with Alief Aquatic Club where he worked with their age group swimmers.

Most recently he was age group coach at Houston Swim Club where he aided in the success of their age group program.

Coach Dubon will be working with the white 4pm, blue 4pm, and silver training groups.

Please take the time to welcome him to our family when you see him

Training Equipment, Team Suits, and Parkas

posted Aug 5, 2017, 8:07 PM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Aug 5, 2017, 9:05 PM ]

Texas Swim Shop will be on site on August 16th & 17th from 3:30-7:15pm. They will be located under the pavilion adjacent to the 50-meter pool. 

 Training equipment will be available for sale and you will also be able to place your team suit and parka orders. 

 Dad's club families also have the option of purchasing training equipment online via Amazon. If you are not sure of the sizing, it may be best to make your purchase directly through Texas Swim Shop. 

 Click here to check out the list of training equipment along with the Amazon links.

 Team suits and parkas are not available for sale on Amazon. You will need to place your order with Texas Swim Shop. 

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