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Thanksgiving Week 

Christmas and New Year's Week

Caleb Duncan Commits to University of Louisville

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Congratulations to Caleb Duncan who recently committed to University of Louisville!

Louisville is one of the top D1 swim programs in the country. They have placed top 12 at the men’s NCAA’s the last four years. In 2018 they cracked the top 10 with a 9th place finish.

During his time at Dad’s Club Caleb has been a Sectional and UIL State finalist, NCSA Jr. National finalist, winter and summer Jr. National qualifier and currently holds multiple team and Gulf LSC records. Caleb has also been named NISCA All American and USA Swimming Academic All American.

Caleb’s best events include 50, 100 free and 100 fly and will be great asset to the cardinals’ sprint group

“I am very excited to announce my verbal commitment to swim at the University of Louisville. I want to thank all my friends and family for helping me get to this point. I can’t wait to start my collegiate swimming career”

Caleb plans on studying Mechanical Engineering.

Congratulations Caleb!

Caleb SWIMSWAM article

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Dad’s Club Class of 2019 College Commitments

Emma Stephenson – Texas A&M


Dad’s Club All Time College Swimmers

NCSA Jr. Nationals

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The Dad’s Club national team traveled to Indianapolis for this past summers’ NCSA Jr. National Long Course Championship. The meet was held on July 31st through August 4th at the IUPUI Natatorium.

Dad’s Club placed 14th out of over 100 teams from across the country.




Isabella Alas, Aria Bernal, Sophia Bernal, Sydney Buchman, Emma Clark, Amy Evans, Olivia gore, Ellie Mcleod, Sophie Newell, Lexi Pickens, Emma Stephenson, and Emma Venghaus


Jeremy Bates, Reed Casper, Noah Czelusta, Jeffrey De Groot, Caleb Duncan, Luke Funderburke, Andreas mason, Will Sampson, Mark shoemaker, and Max Zuanich


Swims of the Sessions

We continued our national group tradition of recognizing the best performance of each session at national level meets. There are many factors in choosing the best swim of the session which include: time dropped, placing, splitting, execution of the race, overcoming obstacles, etc.



-         Prelims – Emma Clark got the team off to a great start with a huge drop in the 200 backstroke. Her time of 2:19.40 was a new 15-16 team record and a winter junior national qualifying time. She also earned herself a second swim in the B finals.

-         Finals – Ellie McLeod’s 50 free splits in the 200 medley and 200 free relays of 25.89 and 25.80 made her the only swimmer to achieve this feat at the meet.


-         Prelims – Will Sampsons’ 100 breast’s time of 1:09.30 marked the first time he broke the 1:10 barrier.

-         Finals – Noah Czelusta’s 100 breast winter Jr. National cut. His time of 1:06.40 made him the second fastest 15-16 year old boy in Dad’s history.


-         Prelims – Jeff  De Groot’s execution of the 200 free. His splitting and race strategy were a big improvement from any other 200 he had done earlier in the season.

-         Finals – Aria Bernal’s 100 back time of 1:03.08 made her the fastest Dad’s Club girl in history. Her effort also won her the bronze medal.


-         Prelims – Sydney Buchman’s 2 second drop in the 100 fly. Although considered one of her off events, Sydney stepped up and had an amazing race from beginning to end.

-         Finals – Emma Stephenson’s 100 fly time of 1:01.42 made her the fastest 100 flyer in Dad’s Club history. Her time also earned her a 4th overall finish.


-         Prelims – Ellie McLeod’s swim in the 50 free. Ellie attempted a risky new race strategy which ended up working for her. Her swim earned her a place in the championship finals. 

-         Finals – Aria Bernal’s gold medal performance in the 50 back.  The win makes Aria only our 3rd Dad’s Club Swimmer to win an individual event at NCSA Jr Nationals. (1st Cooper Wozencraft 50 back in 2016 , 2nd Clayton Bobo 100 free in 2016)

                                 Aria Bernal's Lane 4 50 Backstroke 


Team Records

Emma Clark:

-         200 back 15-16 – 2:19.40

Emma Stephenson:

-         50 fly open – 27.63

-         100 fly 17-18 – 1:01.42

-         100 fly open – 1:01.42

Ellie McLeod:

-         50 free 15-16- 26.36

-         100 free 15-16- 56.64

-         100 free open- 56.64

Aria Bernal:

-         50 back open- 28.89

-         100 back 17-18- 1:03.08

-         100 back open- 1:03.08

Noah Czelusta :

-         200 breast 15-16 – 2:24.43

Jeremey Bates

-         50 breast open

Aria Bernal, Sydney Buchman, Emma Stephenson, Ellie McLeod

-         200 medley relay open – 1:57.11

Emma Stephenson, Ellie Mcleod, Lexi Pickens, Isabella Alas

-         200 free relay open – 1:46.47

Elle McLeod, Emma Stephenson, Isabella Alas, Sophie Newell

-         400 free relay- 3:55.41

Aria Bernal, Sydney Buchman, Emma Stephenson, Ellie Mcleod

-          400 Medley relay – 4:19.46


Gulf Records

Aria Bernal, Sydney Buchman, Emma Stephenson, Ellie McLeod

-         200 medley relay open – 1:57.11






14 Things to Know Before a Swim Meet

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We are very excited about our first meet of the season. We know many of you have already signed up to volunteer and we are thankful for your help and support. Without your help we could not run a swim meet.

We also know that for many of you this will be your first meet in year round swimming. Here are 14 things to remember before our meet this upcoming weekend.


1)      You can find the meet’s location on our meets & results page by clicking on the meet name.

2)      Team apparel needed for swim meets

-          Team shirts (Blue on Saturday & White on Sunday)

-          White team cap

-          Team suit (must be ordered through Texas Swim Shop) 

3)      Swimmers entries can be found on your parent portal

-          It is a good idea to write down the event, heat, and lane assignment on young swimmer’s hand or forearm to help them remember when they will swim.


4)      There are two sessions per day.

-          11 & over girls and 13 & over boys - will swim in the morning sessions

-          10 & under girls and 12 & under boys - will swim in the afternoon session

5)      The estimated timeline and warm-ups will be posted under our meets and results page

-          You can find the timeline and warm-ups on our meets & results page next to the name and date of the meet. The timeline is indicated as TL or COMBO, the warm-up is indicated as WU or COMBO.

-          Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of warm-up

-          Coaches will meet with all swimmers at the conclusion of warm-up.

-          It is very important that your swimmer is on time for warm-ups. This will help them get a proper warm-up and feel comfortable in their surroundings. We don’t want swimmers to have anxiety over being late and having to rush.


6) The meet will usually start about 10-15 minutes after the last warm-up is over.

7)      Swimmers participating in races 400 or longer must circle in for their event 45m before the start of the session.

8)      Heat sheets can be purchased at the meet

-          The heat sheets will show the event, heat and lane for each swimmer.

A heat sheet is usually available for sale in the lobby or concession area of the pool. Heat sheets generally sell for around five dollars. They contain the heat and lane assignments for all swimmers in each event. When the team entry is sent in, each swimmer and his/her previous best time in the event is listed. If the swimmer is swimming an event for the first time, he/she will be entered with an “NT” or “no time”. A “no time” swimmer will likely compete in one of the last heats of the event. **Heat sheets are NOT sold at every meet – sometimes just the heat and lane assignments are posted once circle in is closed. Our October 6th and 7th meet will provide free heat sheets online. Information on this will be posted at the meet.


9)      New swimmers will be buddied up with returning swimmers during our team meeting at the conclusion of warm-up

10)   Parents are not allowed on deck. Please do not approach coaches during swim meets.

According to USA Swimming rules (due to insurance restrictions), parents are not allowed on deck unless they are serving in an official capacity or as a volunteer timer. Similarly, all questions concerning meet results, an officiating call, or the conduct of the meet, should be referred through the coaching staff by email or the end of the session. We, in turn, will pursue the matter through proper channels.


11)   Bring healthy snacks and drinks

-          Healthy snacks include – fruits, pasta, granola bars, bagels ….

-          The best drink is water

12)   Where to sit?

-          Indoor seating is usually reserved for parents watching their kids while they compete. There is plenty of space outdoors where you can hang out while you wait for your swimmer’s event to start. You are welcome to set up tents and chairs outdoors.

13)   Swimmers need to speak with their coach before and after each race

-          Please help us by reminding your swimmer to speak with their coach

14)   Additional things to bring

-          Multiple goggles

-          1-2 towels

-          Things to keep swimmers warm.



Coach Rey

Head Coach

Dad's Club Swim Team


Texas Swim Shop/Team Caps and Shirts

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Texas Swim Shop will be on site on Monday October 1st from 4-6:30pm. They will be set up under the pavilion adjacent to the 50 meter pool. They will have training equipment for sale and will also be taking team suit and parka orders. 

Our parent volunteers will be handing out latex caps and white team t-shirts on Oct 1st and 2nd from 4-6:30pm. You will also be able to purchase silicone caps and the blue team t-shirt. All purchases of caps and t-shirts will be billed through your Active account.


Swim Meet Apparel:

Team Cap

Team Suit

Blue Team Shirt – Saturday

White Team Shirt – Sunday

2017-18 Scholastic All American

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Dad's Club is proud to announce the following swimmers as 2017-18 Scholastic All-American athletes:

Noah Czelusta, Caleb Duncan, and Audrey Orange

Each year, USA Swimming recognizes its members who excel both in the classroom and in the pool. The Scholastic All-America (SAA) Team is made up of high school student-athletes who have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher and have achieved the required time standards.

Parent Orientations, Caps, Shirts, Texas Swim Shop

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We will be holding parent orientations, distributing caps and shirts and Texas Swim Shop will be on site on Tuesday and Wednesday September 18th and 19th. 

The parent orientation is for all new parents and any other parent who would like a refresher course on general team information. We have scheduled four different orientation times for your convenience. We hope every parent new to the team is able to make it.


Parent Orientation Times

Tuesday September 18th 4-5pm and 6-7pm

Wednesday September 19th 4-5pm and 6-7pm


Wednesday September 19th -Texas Swim Shop will be set up under the pavilion adjacent to the 50 meter pool. They will have training equipment for sale and will also be taking team suit and parka orders.


Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th - We will have parent volunteers handing out latex caps and white team t-shirts. You will also be able to purchase silicone caps and the blue team t-shirt. All purchases of caps and t-shirts will be billed through your Active account.


Please keep in mind that swimmers are required to have the following apparel for swim meets:

Team Cap

Team Suit

Blue Team Shirt – Saturday

White Team Shirt – Sunday

Southern Senior Zones

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Dad’s Club swimmers competed at the 2018 Southern Senior Zone Championships in Huntsville, Alabama. 65 of the best teams from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina were in attendance. We had ten boys and 7 girls compete at the meet. Those swimmers are as follows:

David Alas, Luisa Bandmann, Hector Bayaborda, Keagan Firenza, Trey Fischbach, Noah Fisher, Kendall Hoffman, Wednesday Hunter, Hannah Kral, Brandon Mahan, Grace Markovich, Kyle McDonald, Kara Moss, Roxana Nolte, Nathan O’Neil, Luke Reed, Jett Walker


Hector Bayaborda – 200 Fly/21st, 400 IM/20th, 200 IM/31st

Trey Fischbach – 200 Breast /14th, 50 Breast/32nd, 100 Breast/22nd

Kendall Hoffman – 200 Breast/15th, 100 Breast/23rd

Brandon Mahan – 200 Fly/30th, 1500 Free/19th

Grace Markovich – 200 Fly/27th

Kara Moss – 200 Breast/29th, 400 IM/15th, 200 IM/30th

Roxana Nolte – 200 Fly/24th

Nathan O’Neil – 200 Breast/25th, 200 Fly/22nd, 400 IM/16th

Jett Walker – 50 Back/20th



Men’s 200 Meter Medley A Relay – 18th Place – 1:56.37

Jett Walker, Trey Fischbach, Nathan O’Neil, Kyle McDonald

Men’s 200 Meter Medley B Relay – 26th Place – 1:59.20

Keagan Firenza, Luke Reed, Hector Bayaborda, Noah Fisher

Women’s 200 Meter Freestyle Relay – 27th Place – 1:57.84

Kara Moss, Wednesday Hunter, Hannah Kral, Luisa Bandmann

Men’s 200 Meter Freestyle A Relay – 19th Place – 1:43.14

Jett Walker, Noah Fisher, Keagan Firenza, David Alas

Men’s 200 Meter Freestyle B Relay – 27th Place – 1:47.41

Luke Reed, Kyle McDonald, Brandon Mahan, Hector Bayaborda

Mixed 200 Meter Medley Relay – 20th Place – 2:02.20

Jett Walker, David Alas, Grace Markovich, Wednesday Hunter

Mixed 200 Meter Freestyle Relay – 35th Place – 1:52.64

Kyle McDonald, Nathan O’Neil, Roxana Nolte, Kendall Hoffman

Women’s 800 Meter Freestyle Relay – 15th Place – 9:14.38

Kara Moss, Wednesday Hunter, Luisa Bandmann, Roxana Nolte

Men’s 800 Meter Freestyle Relay – 24th Place – 8:28.73

Trey Fischbach, David Alas, Keagan Firenza, Kyle McDonald

Women’s 400 Meter Freestyle Relay – 22nd Place – 4:11.80

Roxana Nolte, Kara Moss, Wednesday Hunter, Grace Markovich

Men’s 400 Meter Freestyle A Relay – 19th Place – 3:45.78

David Alas, Noah Fisher, Jett Walker, Kyle McDonald

Men’s 400 Meter Freestyle B Relay – 25th Place – 3:49.05

Brandon Mahan, Luke Reed, Keagan Firenza, Nathan O’Neil

Women’s 400 Meter Medley Relay – 19th Place – 4:44.10

Roxana Nolte, Kendall Hoffman, Kara Moss, Grace Markovich

Men’s 400 Meter Medley A Relay – 15th Place – 4:11.57

Jett Walker, Trey Fischbach, Nathan O’Neil, Noah Fisher

Men’s 400 Meter Medley B Relay – 23rd Place – 4:16.85

Keagan Firenza, David Alas, Hector Bayaborda, Luke Reed


New Sectional Cuts:

David Alas – 200 Breast

Hector Bayaborda – 200 Free Bonus, 400 Free, 100 Fly

Trey Fischbach – 200 IM Bonus

Kendall Hoffman – 100 Breast

Kara Moss – 400 IM, 200 IM

Nathan O’Neil – 200 IM

Luke Reed – 100 Breast, 200 IM Bonus

Jett Walker – 50 Free Bonus, 100 Free Bonus

Meg Norman at Special Olympics Nationals

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Congratulations to Meg Norman.

Meg is a long-time Dad’s Club Special Olympian swimmer who was chosen to represent Texas Special Olympics Swimming at the National Meet in Seattle in early July.  She had an outstanding performance by winning two gold medals, a silver medal and a 4th place finish.  While that is all pretty terrific, one of her gold medal performances was covered on TV by Rowdy Gaines in ESPN nightly coverage of the games during the 25M Butterfly.  It was also followed up by a poolside interview with Meg who was proud to bring home her gold medal to Houston. 

Meg's post race interview

Meg and her parents were given the Humanitarian Award in Houston for their community efforts with the special Olympics program.

Way to go Meg!


Lifeguard Golden Backboard Award

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Congratulations to our 2018 recipients of the first annual Golden Backboard award. Cath
rine and Ashlyn  have both been valuable members of our 
staff for 
over four years 
at Dads. 

The Golden Backboard is an award to be given at the end of the summer to two members of the safety team who exemplified Red Cross standards in preforming their day to day responsibilities and 
win our final summer
challenge. The challenge is to respond to a simulated submerged drowning victim in deep water
In the simulation the
 victim has a spinal injury and 
goal is to complete the
 rescue maintain
 stabilization, plac
 the victim on a backboard, and extricat
 the victim without causing further injury
. Catherine and Ashlyn demonstrated real "girl power" as they pulled the victim from the bottom of the deep end and out of the pool faster than the other teams.

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