Gulf Age Group Champs

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Gulf Age Group Champs was hosted by Aggie Swim Club at the University of Texas A&M natatorium in College Station. There were qualifying standards to make this meet. This was a prelims/finals meet. Everyone raced in the morning and the fastest 16 swimmers per event for 11-14 year olds raced again in the evening. The top 8 10 & under swimmers made it back to finals. Our boys finished 11th and our girls finished 4th leading to a 7th place finish overall out of 45 teams.


Isabelle Alas, Antonio Amador, Tori Cone, Quinn Belmar, Sophia Cone, Jade Belmar, Bailey Bergen, Brynn Bond, Elle Burke, Luca Burns, Trey Fischbach, Finnian Helman, Larkin Helman, Olivia Hill, Zelie Hughes, Amaury Jayr, Romian Joubert, Kassidy Kitchel, Edward Lo , Lexi Lukens, Travis Ly, Grace Markovich, Alex Miao, Kara Moss, Lowell Moss, Renee Nealon, Karl Nolte, Roxana Nolte, Ian O’Neil, Grace Oggero, Pryce Pivec, Pearl Reagler, Sydney Smith, Lane VanderVoort, Eloise Williamson, Megan Zuanich


100 %-swimmers that had best times in all of their individual events

Antonio Amador, Tori Cone, Kassidy Kitchel, Lexi Lukens, Grace Oggero, Sydney Smith, Lane VanderVoort, Eloise Williamson, Megan Zuanich, Karl Nolte, Quinn Belmar, Brynn Bond, Olivia Hill, Alex Miao, Ian O'Neil 


Isabelle Alas-50 fr/7th , 100 fly/16th , 200 fr/12th , 100 fr/ 6th (TAGS) , 200 IM 8th

Quinn Belmar-200 bk/ 13th                      

Bailey Bergen- 50 fr/5th, 100 fr/7th

Brynn Bond- 50 Fr/11th

Elle Burke- 50 fr/14th, 200 fr/13th

Sophia Cone-200 bk/ 8th , 100 bk/ 9th

Trey Fischbach-100 br/ 12th

Finnian Helman- 500 fr/5th, 50 br/2nd, 50 fr/2nd, 200 fr/2nd, 100 fr/3rd, 100 br/3rd, 200 IM/4th

Larkin Helman-500 fr/ 15th , 100 bk/ 7th (TAGS) 50 fr/12th , 100 fly/9th , 200 fly/ 6th (TAGS), 100 fr/ 11th , 50 fly/ 8th

Zelie Hughes-100 br/9th (TAGS and Sectionals)

Romain Joubert-200 bk/ 14th

Kassidy Kitchel-500 fr/7th , 100 IM/ 12th , 100 fly/ 4th (TAGS), 200 fr/ 3rd , 200 fly/ 5th (TAGS), 100 fr/ 5th , 50 fly/ 5th (TAGS)

Kara Moss-200 fly/ 13th

Lowell Moss-200 br/ 10th ,50 br/9th , 100 br/ 7th (TAGS)

Renee Nealon- 500 fr/9th, 50 br/5th, 100 fly/5th, 200 fr/7th, 50 fly/5th, 200 IM/14th

Karl Nolte- 500fr/12th, 50 br/7th, 100 fly/4th, 200 fr/6th, 50 fly/3rd, 100 br/14th, 200 IM/14th

Pearl Reagler-500 fr/ 13th, 50 fr/ 10th , 200 fr/ 9th , 100 fr/ 9th , 100 bk/ 10th

Sydney Smith-400 IM/ 1st (Sectionals), 100 IM/ 1st (ranked 2nd in the country), 200 br/ 1st (NSCA cut ranked 3rd in the country), 100 fly/ 1st (TAGS), 100 fr/ 1st , 100 br/ 1st (NCSA cut ranked 7th  in the country), 200 IM/ 1st

Eloise Williamson-50 fr/ 3rd (TAGS), 100 fly/ 11th, 200 fr/ 11th

Megan Zuanich-50 fr/ 10th (TAGS)

Next Level-swimmer that achieved new higher level qualifying times

TAGS- Isabelle Alas , Larkin Helman, Zelie Hughes, Kassidy Kitchel, Lowell Moss, Eloise Williamson, Megan Zuanich, Sydney Smith

Sectionals -Zelie Hughes, Sydney Smith

NCSA Jr. Nationals - Sydney Smith


High Point Top 8-accumulated the most points per age group

11-12 Girls                                                          10 & Under Boys

1st-Sydney Smith                                                    3rd –Finnian Helman               

7thKassidy Kitchel



400 Medley

13-14 Girls

9th-Sophia Cone, Isabella Alas, Kara Moss, Pearl Reagler

13th-Lexi Lukens, Zelie Hughes, Roxana Nolte, Megan Zuanich

13-14 Boys

13thLuca Burns, Trey Fischbach, Amaury Jayr, Antonio Amador

11-12 Girls

1st-Tori Cone, Sydney Smith, Kassidy Kitchel, Eloise Williamson

16thAllison Ortiz, Grace Oggero, Olivia Hill, Brynn Bond

11-12 Boys

6th-Romain Joubert, Lowell Moss, Larkin Helman, Alex Miao

14thFinnian Helman, Edward Lo, Ian O’Neil, Travis Ly


400 Free

13-14 Girls

1st-Isabella Alas, Kara Moss, Megan Zuanich, Pearl Reagler

14thLexi Lukens, Roxana Nolte, Zelie Hughes, Sophia Cone

11-12 Girls

3rdSydney Smith, Kassidy Kitchel, Brynn Bond, Grace Oggero

13thTori Cone, Renee Nealon, Allison Ortiz, Olivia Hill

11-12 Boys

7thRomain Joubert, Edward Lo, Alex Miao, Larkin Helman


The coaching staff would like to thank all of of swimmers for their hard work and dedication.  We had a lot of great swims and best times and we look forward to February and March for the end of the season championships. Thank you parents for all your support. Dads Club proud!

Fall Champs

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Fall Champs was hosted by PACK and held at the Klein High School Natatorium.  Dad's Club finished 2nd overall out of 6 teams. This meet was a timed finals meet where you had one opportunity to achieve a top 16 place for scoring. Below is a list of our top 16 finishers and their accomplishments from this meet.


Amaury Jayr-500 fr/ 9th , 200 fr/9th , 50 fr/6th , 100 fly/2nd , 200 IM/5th , 100 fr/8th , 200 fly/2nd

Josh McLean-500 fr/ 12th ,100 br/ 5th , 50 fr/15th , 200 bk/7th , 200 IM/12th , 100 bk/7th

JP McCann-500 fr/ 13th , 100 br/ 4th , 200 br/3rd

Pryce Pivec-500 fr/ 15th, 200 fr/ 16th, 50 fr/ 3rd, 100 fly/8th , 200 IM/8th , 100 fr/9th , 100 bk/1st

Ryan Guthrie-500 fr/16th , 100 bk/10th

Grace Markovich-500 fr/7th , 200 fr/ 11th, 50 fr/ 4th , 100 fly/2nd, 200 IM/9th , 100 bk/16th

Isabelle Hardie-500 fr/ 10th , 200 IM/14th , 200 br/5th , 100fr/15th

Patty Lynn-500 fr/ 14th , 200 fr/16th , 50 fr/ 2nd , 200 bk/6th

Nina Davalos-500 fr/16th , 400 IM/8th , 200 br/10th

Grace Oggero-200 fr/ 3rd, 100 fly/1st , 100 IM/3rd, 200 IM/4th , 50 fly/4th , 100 bk/4th

Kendall Hoffman-200 fr/ 2nd, 100 br/ 1st , 50 fr/ 1st , 200 br/1st , 100 fr/2nd , 100 bk/1st

Sophia Cone-200 fr/10th

Dylan Michaels-200 fr/ 11th , 50 fr/8th , 100 fly/6th

Pearl Reagler- 100 br/ 5th , 400 IM/1st

Megan Zuanich- 100 br/ 7th , 200 bk/4th, 100 fly/7th

Mila Mrugala-100 br / 14th

Kassidy Kitchel- 50 fr/ 1st

Allison Ortiz- 50 fr/ 4th , 50 bk/2nd , 100 fr/6th , 50 br/2nd

Lane VanderVoort-100 fly/3rd , 200 IM/16th , 200 fly/3rd

Antonio Amador-200 IM/7th , 200 br/1st , 100 fr/3rd

Shannon Tyler-100 fr/16th , 100 bk/10th

Quinn Belmar-  500 Fr/ 4th Fr, 200 Fr/2nd,  50 Fr/4th, 200 Bk/2nd, 100 Fr/ 2nd, 100 Bk/ 3rd, 50 Fly/ 2nd

Stephanie Birkelbach – 500 Fr/ 3rd, 100 Br/4th, 100 Fly/ 2nd, 100 IM/ 5th, 200 IM/ 2nd, 50 Fly/ 6th, 100 Free/7th

Brynn Bond-  50 Fr/ 2nd, 100 Fly/ 3rd, 100 IM/ 2nd, 200 Br/2nd, 100 Fr/4th, 50 Fly/ 3rd

Ava Cerardo- 100 Br/ 2nd, 50 Fr/ 13th, 100 IM/ 10th, 50 Fly/ 11th, 100 Fr/ 12th, 50 Br/ 4th

Isabella Chamma- 200 Bk/ 14th

Nia Davalos- 500 Free/ 16th, 400 IM/ 8th,

Dayanara Dubon- 100 Fly/ 12th, 200 Fly/ 5th

Alexander Farahbod- 200 Bk/ 8th

Olivia Hill- 500 Fr/ 4th, 50 Fr/ 15th, 50 Bk/ 4th, 100 IM/ 11th, 100 Fr/ 9th, 100 Bk/ 7th, 50 Br/ 7th

Dash Leibold- 100 Br/ 6th, 50 Fr/ 10th, 50 Bk/ 6th, 100 IM/ 4th, 100 Fr/ 7th,

Aiden Madaffri- 200 Br/ 12th

Nathan Moss- 200 Fr/ 6th, 200 Bk/ 4th, 50 Fly/ 7th, 100 Fr/ 9th, 100 Bk/ 7th

Ian O’Neil – 200 Fr/ 3rd, 50 Fr/ 11th, 50 Bk/ 5th, 100 Fr/ 5th, 100 Bk/ 5th, 50 Br/ 4th

Max O’Neil- 200 Fr/ 4th, 50 Fr/ 8th, 50 Bk/ 9th, 50 Fly/ 4th, 100 Fr/ 6th, 100 Bk/ 6th

Natalie Ou- 50 Fr/ 9th

Ethnan Pedro- 100 Fly/ 7th, 200 Fly/ 5th

Preston Pham- 50 Fr/ 13th, 50 Bk/ 3rd, 100 Fly/ 2nd, 100 IM/ 7th, 50 Fly/ 3rd, 100 Fr/ 12th

Lindsey Regan- 200 Bk/ 13th

Anastasia Rubio- 500 Fr/ 10th, 200 Fr/ 8th, 50 Fr/ 16th, 100 Fly/ 4th, 50 Fly/ 8th

Grace Stern- 100 Br/ 13th, 200 Br/ 7th

Reid VanderVoot- 200 Fr/ 10th, 100 Br/ 3rd, 50 Fr/ 9th, 100 IM/ 9th, 100 Fr/ 13th, 50 Br/ 2nd

Marie Walsh- 200 Bk/ 15th

Jacob Baker- 50 fr/13th, 100 fr/7th, 500 fr/4th, 50 ba/2nd, 50 br/4th, 100 br/8th, 100 IM/9th

Jade Belmar- 50 fr/7th, 100 fr/6th, 200 fr/6th, 500 fr/6th, 100 ba/8th, 100 br/16th, 100 IM/8th

Helen Clechenko- 500 fr/15th, 50 ba/11th, 50 br/15th

Lauren Cutter- 200 fr/16th, 50 ba/7th

Katie Czelusta- 100 fr/2nd, 500 fr/5th, 50 br/3rd, 100 br/4th, 100 fly/1st, 100 IM/3rd, 200 IM/3rd

Claire Fischbach- 50 fr/10th, 100 fr/9th, 100 ba/2nd, 50 br/1st, 100 br/1st, 200 IM/9th

Sarah Haywood- 100 fr/4th, 100 ba/12th, 50 br/7th

Laurel Hoskevec- 50 fr/8th, 100 fr/11th, 500 fr/12th, 50 ba/5th, 100 ba/10th, 100 IM/15th, 200 IM/8th

Noah Kim- 100 fr/4th, 500 fr/1st, 50 ba/4th, 100 ba/5th, 100 IM/12th

Cynthia Lo- 200 fr/8th, 500 fr/11th, 50 br/4th, 100 br/5th, 50 fly/10th, 100 IM/9th, 200 IM/6th

Clare Oggero- 500 fr/14th

Addison Ramirez- 50 fr/6th, 100 fr/3rd, 200 fr/2nd, 500 fr/7th, 50 ba/1st, 100 ba/1st, 100 IM/7th

Joss Walker- 50 fr/9th, 500 fr/8th, 50 ba/4th, 100 ba/9th, 50 breast/9th, 100 br/13th, 50 fly/4th

Elaine Chen- 50 br/13th

John Foreman- 100 fr/15th, 50 ba/15th, 50 br/6th, 100 br/16th, 100 IM/8th



100 %-swimmers that had all best times in every event they swam

Antonio Amador, Jake Aurelio, Sophia Cone, Sydney Coward, Emily DeVany, Julian Hemmer, Kendall Hoffman, Amaury Jayr, Kassidy Kitchel, Patty Lynn, JP McCann, Josh McLean, Andrew Miller, Austin Miller, Mila Mrugala, Grace Oggero, Allison Ortiz, Pearl Reagler, Henry Schattle, Lane VanderVoort, Megan Zuanich, Quinn Belmar, Stephanie Birkelbach, Brynn Bond, Ava Ceraudo, Daniel Ryu, Claire Fischbach , Noah Kim, Elaine Chen and  Estelle Meador.


Gulf Champs Cuts Acheived:

Antonio Amador-200 breast

Allison Ortiz-50 breast

Pryce Pivec-100 back

Amaury Jayr-100 fly

Grace Markovich-50 fr

Quinn Belmar-100 fr, 200 bk

Brynn Bond-50 fr

Katie Czelusta -100 Butterfly

Claire Fischbach- 100 and 50 breaststroke



High Point Awards-had the highest total combined points for their gender and age group

Kendall Hoffman             13-14 girls

Katie Czelusta                   9-10 girls


The following swimmers achieved their gold motivational cut requirements at Gulf Champs:

Olivia Hill, Brynn Bond, Stephanie Bickelbach, and Isabel Wabnitz

Congratulations ladies!




200 Medley Relay

11-12 Girls

1stAllison Ortiz, Brynn Bond, Olivia Hill, Grace Oggero

4th-Ava Ceraudo, Stephanie Birklebach, Anastasia Rubio, Paysan Lau

7th-Maren Long, Alise Hardie, Christine Parrish, Ashley Cardin

11-12 Boys

2nd-Dash Leibold, Quinn Belmar, Ian O’Neil, Max O’Neil

3rd-James Hackney, Reid VanderVoort, Preston Pham, Benjamin Farahbod

6th-Stevie Markovich, Max Lee, Nathan Moss, Parker Kooyman

13-14 Girls

2nd-Mila Mrugala, Natalie Ou, Grace Markovich, Kendall Hoffman

5th-Samantha Wotring, Patty Lynn, Lane VanderVoort, Nina Davalos

9th-Audrey Jones, Abby Martin, Ava Tumino, Artemisa De Jager

13-14 Boys

4th-Dylan Michaels, Josh McLean, Amaury Jayr, Pryce Pivec

6th-Alexander Farahbod, JP McCann, Ethnan Pedro, Prescott Lau


200 Free Relay


11-12 Girls

1stPaysan Lau, Grace Oggero, Allison Ortiz, Brynn Bond

5th-Ava Ceraudo, Alise Hardie, Stephanie Birkelbach, Anastasia Rubio

9th-Christine Parrish, Anna Hoskovec, Ashley Cardin, Olivia Hill

13-14 Girls

2nd -Grace Markovich, Isabelle Hardie, Shannon Tyler, Kendall Hoffman

7th-Natalie Ou, Lane VanderVoort, Isabel Wabnitz, Marie Walsh

10th-Artemisa De Jager, Grace Stern, Mila Mrugala, Samantha Worting

13-14 Boys

1stAntonio Amador, Josh McLean, Amaury Jayr, Pryce Pivec

7th-JP McCann, Ethnan Pedro, Ryan Guthrie, Daniel Ryu

8th-Prescott Lau, Chris Blundell, Aiden Madaffri, Caleb Wenz

11-12 Boys

1st-Quinn Belmar, Reid VanderVoort, Max O’Neil, Dash Leibold

4th-Benjamin Farahbod, Nathan Moss, James Hackney, Ian O’Neil

7th-Max Lee, Sabastian Warren, Alan Belloso, Parker Kooynman



The coaching staff is so proud of all the hard work these athletes put into preparing for this meet.  Our kids really stepped up and raced extremely well. Many of our swimmers achieved personal best times and represented Dads Club with pride in and out of the water. Thank you to our parents for your support. Dad's Club proud!

50 Meter Pool Lane Assignments December 23rd - January 2nd

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The 50-meter pool will be configured into 50 meters on Saturday December 23rd through Tuesday January 2nd


50 Meter Lane Assignments

Dec. 26th,27th,28th, 29th and Jan. 2nd


Lane 1

Lane 2

Lane 3

Lane 4

Lane 5

Lane 6

Lane 7

Lane 8

Lane 9

Lane 10















































































































There are additional lap lanes available for members in the family pool from 7-11am


50 Meter Lane Assignments

Saturday Dec. 23rd and Saturday Dec.30th


Lane 1

Lane 2

Lane 3

Lane 4

Lane 5

Lane 6

Lane 7

Lane 8

Lane 9

Lane 10























There are additional lap lanes available for members in the family pool from 7-11am

Masters and Tri

Member Lap Lane

Swim Team

Rental Groups

8 & Under Gulf Championships

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Congratulations to our 8 and under swimmers for a very successful 8 & Under Fall Championships. The meet was held on December 2nd at Lamar High School. In total there were 16 gulf teams in attendance. The Dad’s Club youngsters came out on top with a first place finish in the combined team scores. Each and every one of our swimmers did a great job stepping up and getting the job done. These young swimmers continue to learn and improve at every single meet. Below are some of our highlights.


100% best times

Arses Babaahmadi

Luciana Craig

Leo Dorenbaum

John Lee

Mallory Mailhes

Daniel Nealon

Lexi Smith


Swimmers who finished top 8

Arses Babaahmadi- 25 back/6th, 25 free/8th, 50 free/8th

Breanna Belmar- 100 free/6th, 25 free/3rd, 50 back/2nd, 25 breast/1st

Raegan Belmar- 100 free/3rd, 25 free/1st, 50 back/1st, 25 breast/2nd

Olivia Ceraudo- 100 free/5th, 50 breast/4th, 50 free/6th, 25 breast/1st

Savannah Ceraudo- 100 free/3rd, 25 free/1st, 25 fly/1st, 100 IM/2nd

Luciana Craig- 25 back/5th, 50 back/5th, 50 free/7th

Diego Davalos- 50 back/8th

Lena Dwyer- 25 fly/4th

Sara Edwards- 100 free/8th, 25 free/6th, 25 breast/6th

Savannah Grandy- 50 back/3rd

Eli Knox- 25 back/5th, 25 fly/4th, 50 free/2nd

Bowen Landry- 100 free/1st, 25 free/1st, 50 free/3rd

Ramsey Landry- 25 fly/7th

Anna Larrabee- 25 free/7th, 50 back/4th, 50 free/6th

Will McCormick- 25 free/2nd, 50 free/5th

Daniel Nealon- 25 back/8th, 25 free/8th, 50 back/2nd, 50 free/6th

Talia Newhook- 25 back/4th, 25 free/3rd, 50 back/2nd, 50 free/5th

Vivien Ottesen- 25 back/3rd, 25 free/8th, 50 back/6th, 50 free/8th

Abigail Parker- 50 back/6th

Emily Parker- 25 back/4th, 25 free/8th, 50 back/5th, 50 free/7th

Ella Peterson- 25 breast/7th

Yaretzi Ramirez- 100 free/6th

Lexi Smith- 25 back/2nd, 25 free/5th, 25 fly/5th, 25 breast/2nd

Emerson Stai- 25 back/3rd, 25 breast/4th

Tate Stai- 25 free/4th, 25 fly/4th, 50 free/8th

Bennett Stowers- 25 back/6th, 50 back/1st

Colgin Wang- 100 free/6th, 25 free/1st, 50 breast/4th



Lena Dwyer, Olivia Ceraudo, Savannah Ceraudo, Raegan Belmar- 100 Medley Relay/2nd

Ramsey Landry, Lexi Smith, Emily DeVany, Breanna Belmar- 100 Medley Relay/7th


Lena Dwyer, Olivia Ceraudo, Savannah Ceraudo, Raegan Belmar- 100 Free Relay/2nd

Will McCormick, Daniel Nealon, Santiago Perez, Colgin Wang- 100 Free Relay/ 1st


Thanks to all the swimmers for their hard work and commitment. A special thanks also goes out to our team parents for your continued support.


Go Dad’s!


Southern Senior Championships

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Thirty-four of our swimmers represented Dad’s Club at this years’ Southern Senior Championships. The meet was held at the CISD Natatorium in Shanendoah on November 30th-December 3rd. The meet gave our swimmers the opportunity to compete against swimmers from many different areas. Teams ranged from the Gulf, South Texas, and North Texas LSC’s and from Colorado, Arizona, and California. We even had a team from Canada make the trip.



Madeline Baird, Aria Bernal, Sydney Buchman, Emma Clark, Olivia Cone, Amy Evans, Fernanda Gamez, Olivie Gore, Bridie Hibbler, Hannh Kral, Ellie McLeod, Kate MIschlich, Sophie Newell, Lexi Pickens, Peyton Pivec, and Lara Prakash.


David Alas, Holden Baird, Jeremy Bates, Reed Casper, Noah Czelusta, Caleb Duncan, Noah Fisher, Luke Funderburk, Brandon Mahan, Andreas Mason, Nathan O’Neil, Will Sampson, Mark Shoemaker, Bob Timuruly, Jett Walker, Joey Wendt, and Justice Wenz.


Individual Finalists

Aria Bernal – 100 back (1st), 200 back (1st), 50 free (25th), 200 free (6th), 100 fly (17th)

Sydney Buchman – 100 free (28th), 100 breast (19th), 200 breast (28th)

Emma Clark – 100 back (11th) , 200 back (5th), 200 free (11th)

Amy Evans – 100 fly (26th), 100 breast (9th), 200 breast (10th)

Fernanda Gamez – 500 free (12th), 1,000 (14th), 200 back (28th)

Olivia Gore- 50 free (23rd

Bridie Hibller – 100 breast (21st), 200 breast (31st)

Ellie McLeod – 50 free (9th), 100 free (9th), 100 breast (27th)

Lexi Pickens – 50 free (16th)

Jeremy Bates – 100 back (14th), 100 breast (5th), 100 fly (30th), 200 IM (8th)

Reed Casper – 50 free (8th), 100 free (27th

Noah Czelusta – 200 breast (10th), 200 IM (13th

Caleb Duncan – 100 fly (2nd

Luke Funderburk – 500 free (29th), 1,000 (27th), 200 fly (38th), 200 IM (36th), 400 IM (27th

Brandon Mahan – 500 free (26th), 1,000 (19th), 1650 (12th)

Andreas Mason – 100 fly (34th), 100 free(21st)

Nathan O’Neil – 100 breast (34th), 200 breast (34th

Will Sampson – 100 back (24th), 200 back (13th), 100 breast (19th)

Mark Shoemaker – 200 free (26th), 500 free (19th), 200 breast (12th), 400 IM (15th)

Bobo Timuruly – 100 breast (40th), 200 IM (38th)

Justice Wenz – 100 breast (30th


100 % Best Times 

Reed Casper, Emma Clark, Caleb Duncan, Fernanda Gamez, Brandon Mahan, Andreas Mason, Bobo Timuruly, and Justice Wenz

New Qualifying Times

Jeremy Bates - NCSA Jr. Nationals 200 IM

Ellie McLeod - NCSA Jr. Nationals (SC) 50 free and 100 free

Emma Clark - NCSA Jr. Nationals (SC) 100 back 

Team Records

Aria Bernal 

100 back -17-18 53.68

100 back open 53.68

200 back 17-18 1:58.76

200 back open 1:58.76


It was very exciting to see all our swimmers step up and deliver great performances. Many of our parents also stepped up to volunteer as timers. Thank you! 


Go Dad’s!

Gulf Senior Championships

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December 1st-3rd the Senor group competed in the Gulf Senior Championships Meet at the Galena Park ISD Natatorium. We had many best times and a few swimmers who qualified for the Southern Senior Champs meet.



Madi Baker: 400 IM (18th )

Alyssa Basaldua: 400 IM (10th), 200 Fly (18th), 100 Breast (12th), 200 Back (23rd)

Susana Flores: 100 Free (20th)

Wednesday Hunter: 500 Free (3rd), 50 Free (11th), 100 Back (8th), 200 Free (2nd), 200 Back (17th), 100 Free (1st)

Spencer Locascio: 100 Free (6th), 100 Fly (20th)

Kyle McDonald: 200 Free (12th), 100 Free (14th), 100 Fly (23rd), 200 IM (20th)

Marley Orange: 100 Free (24th)



Swimmers achieving 100 % best times: Clint Foreman, Carina Kass, Spencer Locascio, Kyle McDonald, Chloe Tondera, Caroline Turner, Daniel Veiga


Our relays also performed outstandingly:

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay (5th): Alyssa Basaldua, Marley Orange, Luisa Bandmann, Wednesday Hunter

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay (6th): Kyle McDonald, Keagan Firenza, Jimmy Maher, Spencer Locascio

Girls 400 Medley Relay (8th): Wednesday Hunter, Allie Wieland, Alyssa Basaldua, Marley Orange


Southern Senior Champs Qualifiers:

Wednesday Hunter and Spencer Locascio


Way to go Dad's Club!

December Holiday Training Schedule

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Thanksgiving Training Schedule

posted Nov 9, 2017, 9:36 AM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Nov 9, 2017, 10:23 AM ]

Candidates for Board of Directors

posted Oct 19, 2017, 11:53 AM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Oct 25, 2017, 4:29 PM by DCST Webmaster2 ]

Dear Members, The election of new board members will be conducted the end of November. We are seeking committed Dad's Club Swim Team Parents and Facility Members interested in serving on its Board of Directors for a two year term. To be eligible you must be an adult parent or guardian of a currently registered Dad’s Club Swim Team swimmer, or an adult member with an individual or family membership. Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings and serve in leadership roles in board sub-committees and participate in fundraising.  You may nominate yourself or other members. Nominations will be closed November 5 at noon. Please email the nominating committee to the email addresses below. Your correspondence should include name, phone, email address, and a brief narrative about your relationship to Dads Club and reason considering board service.

If you would like to be involved but with a lesser commitment of finances or time than a board position requires, we also have need for persons to step up to join sub-committees. These committees are currently meeting as needed and often communicate electronically.

The sub-committees include the following:
  • Swim Team 
  • Facility Improvement
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing and Communication
Please contact us in the event you have any questions regarding board or sub-committee service.

Thank you for your support of the Dad’s Club Swim Team, Inc.

Charlie Calderwood, President <>

Jordan Orange, Vice President <>
Linda Kutac, Executive Director <>

Clayton Bobo Commits to Texas A&M

posted Oct 13, 2017, 4:17 PM by Rey Aguilar

Congratulations to Clayton Bobo for committing to Texas A&M.

During his time at Dad’s Club Bobo has broken multiple Gulf and State records, achieved junior and national rankings and NISCA and Scholastic All American honors. He has also been individual NCSA Junior National Champion and ranked in FINA's World Top 100 18 and under swimmers in 100 LC freestyle. In UIL High School swimming Bobo has broken multiple Stratford High School team records and has been a three time individual UIL state champion. Bobo is also a great leader and is one of our national group team captains.

Some of Bobo’s best events include 50, 100 and 200 free, and 100 fly. He will be a great addition to the Aggies sprint group.

“Extremely excited to announce that I will be continuing my academic and swimming career at Texas A&M University!  Gig’em”

Bobo plans on majoring in Finance

Congratulations Bobo!

SwimSwam Article


Dad’s Club Class of 2018 Swimming College Commitments

Claire Smith

1-10 of 487