New Orleans Travel Trip

posted Jun 20, 2017, 7:35 AM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Jun 20, 2017, 7:55 AM ]

Dad’s Club traveled to New Orleans for the 2017 NU Wave Summer LC Open June  9-11th.  33 members of our Senior and Gold groups made the journey on a 50 passenger bus. This was a prelims/finals meet where the 14 fastest times from the morning came back to race at night. Our kids really stepped up in finals and we saw amazing drops averaging 86-90% drops from prelims to finals. Learning how to make corrections and step up mentally in finals is a learned skill and our kids really rose to the occasion. Here are our swimmers that represented Dads Club extremely well in and out of the water:


Antonio Amador, Luca Burns, Sophia Cone, Isabelle Hardie, Kendall Hoffman, Zelie Hughes, Amaury Jayr, Grace Markovich, Josh McLean, Kara Moss, Roxana Nolte, Emma Venghaus, Ava Wylie, Max Zuanich, Madi Baker, Luisa Bandmann, Olivia Cone, Izzy Evans, Keagan Firenza, Olivia Gore, Wednesday Hunter, Jimmy Maher, Andreas Mason, Lucy McLean, Laura Miles, Kate Mischlich, Marley Orange, Luke Reed, Will Sampson, Rohan Shani, Jett Walker and Joey Wendt.


Antonio Amador-100 br/8th , 200 br/10th, 100 fr/12th                    

Luca Burns-100 bk/8th, 200 IM/12th, 50 fr/11th, 100 fr/11th, 200 bk/9th, 400 fr/12th

Sophia Cone-100 bk/8th, 100 fr/8th, 200 bk/6th

Isabelle Hardie-100 br/10th, 200 fr/12th, 200 br/13th, 400 fr/10th

Kendall Hoffman-100 bk/10th, 200 IM/11th, 200 br/3rd, 100 fr/10th, 400 fr/11th

Zelie Hughes-100 br/4th, 200 br/10th, 50 fr/7th

Amaury Jayr-100 bk/10th, 200 bk/10th, 400 fr/14th

Grace Markovich-200 fly/5th, 100 fly/6th

Josh McLean-100 br/10th, 100 bk/11th, 200 br/14th , 200 bk/14th

Kara Moss-200 IM/3rd , 200 br/4th, 50 fr/10th, 100 fr/5th, 100 fly/3rd, 400 fr/3rd

Roxana Nolte-100 bk/4th, 200 fr/8th, 50 fr/8th

Emma Venghaus-100 bk/3rd (Sectionals Cut), 200 IM/14th, 200 bk/2nd(Sectionals Cut)

Ava Wylie-100 fly/7th

Max Zuanich-100 bk/1st (Sectionals Cut), 200 IM/5th, 200 Fr/2nd, 50 Fr/1st (TAGS Cut), 100 Fr/1st, 200 bk/2nd

Madi Baker- 400 IM/5th, 200 bk/12th, 400 fr/13th

Luisa Bandmann-100 bk/10th, 100 fr/18th, 200 bk/7th, 100 fly/19th

Olivia Cone- 100 bk/2nd(Sectional Cut), 200 IM/8th, 200 fr/6th, 50 fr/7th, 100 fr/3rd, 200 bk/3rd

Izzy Evans-- 100 br/7th, 100 bk/15th, 200 IM/ 20th, 100 fly/6th

Keagan Firenza- 200 fly/6th, 100 bk/13th, 200 fr/14th, 50 fr/13th, 200 bk/10th, 100 fly/7th, 400 fr/7th

Olivia Gore- 100 br/13th, 100 bk/7th, 200 IM/16th, 200 fr/8th, 50 fr/6th, 100 fr/5th, 100 fly/13th

Wednesday Hunter- 100 bk/6th, 200 IM/19th, 200 fr/9th, 50 fr/11th, 100 fr/ 9th, 100 fly/16th, 400 fr/6th

Jimmy Maher- 200 IM/7th, 200 fr/7th, 50 fr/10th, 100 fr/7th, 100 fly/6th

Andreas Mason- 200 fr/11th, 50 fr/10th, 100 fr/4th, 100 fly/5th

Lucy McLean- 100 br/18th, 50 fr/18th, 100 fr/ 19th, 400 fr/12th

Laura Miles- 100 bk/4th, 200 IM/ 200 IM/13th, 200 fr/17th, 50 fr/ 15th, 100 fr/12th, 200 bk/6th

Kate Mischlich- 100 br/12th, 200 br/4th, 100 fr/17th, 400 fr/9th

Marley Orange- 50 fr/ 16th, 100 fr/14th, 100 fly/21st

Luke Reed- 100 br/13th, 100 bk/14th, 200 IM/11th, 200 br/8th, 50 fr/18th, 100 fr/12th, 200 bk/ 12th

Will Sampson- 100 br/5th, 100 bk/5th, 200 IM/8th, 200 fr/ 15th, 50 fr/9th, 100 fr/14th, 200 bk/3rd(Sectionals Cut)

Rohan Shani- 100 fly/16th

Jett Walker- 100 bk/2nd, 200 fr/ 5th, 50 fr/3rd, 100 fr/3rd, 200 bk/4th

Joey Wendt- 100 bk/7th, 200 IM/14th, 50 fr/15th, 100 fr/7th, 200 bk/9th


Next Level Cuts Achieved:

Max Zuanich-Sectionals in 100 bk, Tags in 50 fr

Emma Venghaus-Sectionals in 100 and 200 bk

Olivia Cone-Sectionals in 100 bk

Will Sampson-Sectionals in 200 bk


We would like to thank Amy Cone for setting up the logistics and chaperoning the trip. We would also like to thank our swimmers for representing Dad’s Club in and out of the water the right way. We all had a great time and the kids really bonded from the very start to the end of the trip. We hope everyone made some fantastic memories that will last a lifetime. Who knows where we might go next year?

Calgary Travel Trip

posted Jun 19, 2017, 4:24 PM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Jun 20, 2017, 7:54 AM ]

The Dad's Club National group traveled to Calgary, AB for this year's Cascade Swimming International Meet. The CSI meet is hosted by Cascade Swim Club and took place on June 2nd -4th at the Repsol Athletic Centre. The meet was well attended by many Canadians teams as well as a team from Germany.  Dad’s Club was the only U.S team in attendance.

Our swimmers did a great job stepping up and racing. Every single one of them earned themselves a second swim in the finals. We had many best times, Dad’s Club All Time top 10, and new sectional cuts.



Sydney Buchman, Emma Clark, Amy Evans, Fernanda Gamez, Brodie Hibbler, Kaley Hoffman, Ellie McLeod, Sophie Newell, Audrey Orange, Morgan Reyna, Claire Smith, Clarissa Vincent, Ellie Vincent, and Jodi Wong


Jeremy Bates, Noah Czelusta, Luke Funderburke, Brandon Mahan, Nathan, O'Neil, Brandon Quinteros, Mark Shoemaker, and Cooper Wozencraft 

Alexandra Buscher (Texas A&M) and Jack Calderwood (Georgetown) who are back home for the summer also made the trip. Buscher competed as Unattached Canada and Calderwood represented Dad’s Club.

Individual Event Champions

Noah Czelusta – 14-15 year old 100 breast

Cooper Wozencraft - 16& over 50 fly and 50 back

Emma Clark – 13-14 year old 200 back 

Alexandra Buscher - 15& over 100 and 200 fly

Brandon Quintero - 16& over 100 free


Marquee 50

EllieMcLeod and Cooper Wozencraft qualified for the final of the Marquee 50 free shoot-out.  In order to qualify for the Marquee 50, swimmers first had to make finals in their specific age groups. The finalists for the shoot-out were then determined by the 8 fastest times from all the different age groups.

The Marquee is an elimination style event which consists of seven 50’s on a two minute interval. The race begins with eight swimmers and slowly dwindles down to only two after the slowest swimmer of each 50 is eliminated.  

McLeod who qualified in 8th position battled her way into the 5th round of the shoot-out (4th place overall). Wozencraft also qualified in 8th position and ended up racing his way all the way to the 6th round (3rd place overall).


Other Notable Swims 
Jeremy Bates
– Breaking the 32 second barrier in the 50 breast.

Luke Funderburke – Achieving his sectional cut in the 200 fly.

Morgan Reyna – Going a best time of 1:00.88 in the 100 free. 

Ellie Vincent - Going a best time of 2:28.35 in the 200 IM.

We ended our Canada trip with a visit to the nearby Banff National Park and also visited Lake Louise. Some of our highlights during our fun day included seeing wild bears with their cubs, hiking and canoeing in Lake Louise.

We would like to thank Cascade Swim Club for being a great host and all the Cascade families who hosted our swimmers throughout the swim meet.

Go Dad’s!





June and July 50 Meter Lane Assignments

posted May 31, 2017, 1:38 PM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated ]

·         There will be 1 open member lane in the 50 meter pool from 8-10am on the following Saturdays


o   June 3rd  

o   June 10th

o   July 8th

o   July 29th


2017 Southern Zone Select Camp

posted May 26, 2017, 9:55 AM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated May 26, 2017, 9:57 AM ]

Congratulations to Emma Clark and Amy Evans for being selected to participate at this year’s Southern Zone Select Camp. 

The Camp is taking place at the University of Louisville from May 25th -28th.

28 male (13-14yr) and 28 female (12-13yr) athletes are selected in each of the four U.S Zones to participate at the camps. The first 14 athletes of each gender are selected based on 2016 Long Course Meters IMX points. The remaining 28 spots are determined by the fastest swimmer in each Zone in each Olympic event.  

USA Swimming Zone Select Camps are designed to prepare promising athletes for high level swimming. 




Newsletter May 2017

posted May 24, 2017, 2:49 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated May 25, 2017, 1:42 PM by Linda Kutac ]

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all the Dads Clubs Members & Friends!


We wanted to share the most recent accounting for the proceeds of the Marathon Fundraiser held late Fall. Thank you for your support in helping us raise $100,000!

Of the $100,000 actually collected, the club has spent $86,000. 

Your generous donations helped us fund the following projects:


Swim Marathon Operational Costs and T-Shirts


33yard Pool Crack Repair


Lighting (Outdoor/hallway/gym replacement)


Lifeguard/Safety Equipment updates


Water training stations


Lane Line Equipment


Asphalt Repair/Re-striping


Safety Fencing 33yd pool


Locker room floor update


Computers (meet hosting) purchase


Pool Heater (family pool) and refill


Cobb Fenley/Stantech (Engineering & Surveying)


Volunteer Day Supplies (Deck/paint/misc.)


50m pool plumbing update




Tree Removal (multiple)


Diving Board and Cargo Pole updates




Deck Repair and Removal of Stand




This coming fall, we are looking at a few major expenditures that will be Marathon funded, Briar Branch Creek Bank Erosion Project, 50 meter Pool  Resurfacing, Architectural & Engineering Fees for the new Natatorium Building, and Sun Shades for the Family & 50 meter Pool. 


Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions and suggestions.   

Charlie Calderwood

President, Dads Club, Inc.

713-808-9077 direct

713-628-4212 cell

Dad’s Club Swimmer Visits Nicaraguan Swim Team

posted May 23, 2017, 10:48 AM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated May 23, 2017, 10:49 AM ]

8 year-old Gwen Skillern (Blue Group) recently visited the Nica Nadadores in Central America. The Skillerns help sponsor one of the Nica Nadadores swimmers and Gwen also keeps in touch with a pen pal.


We asked Gwen to share a little about her experience with the team.

On May 4, 2017, my family and I went to Nicaragua to visit our friends in Chinandega.  While there, I spent time with the Nica Nadadores swim club in Managua. Nica Nadadores is a swim club that helps bring the great sport of swimming to the impoverished.  Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and many of the swimmers live in huts with dirt floors and do not have indoor toilets.  Nica Nadadores not only teaches them to swim and race, but if a student-athlete shows dedication, they can get a scholarship for school!

I had the best time working out with the group.  All of the swimmers were very kind and welcoming to me.  Even though only one of the swimmers was able to speak with me in English, we all communicated and worked together.  They WORK HARD at the Nica Nadadores!!  Coach Timmy had us do a very long warm up, and then we worked on free, back and fly.  I learned some great new drills!  I was excited when the coach asked me to demonstrate some of the drills.  At the end of practice we had to clean up the pool and remove the lane ropes, but then, Coach Timmy let us play for a while.  I enjoyed getting to know a swimmer named Samantha, and learning about her life.

My afternoon with the Nica Nadadores was an amazing opportunity for me.  I realized how lucky I am to have access to a good education and everything I need.  I also learned that even though these swimmers live far away and have a very different life than me, we are very much the same – we are all athletes --- WE ARE SWIMMERS!

 I cannot wait to go back to visit my new swim friends!

 More About Nica Nadadores

Memorial Day Hours and Practice Schedule

posted May 18, 2017, 1:29 PM by Rey Aguilar

Monday May 29   (Facility Hours 8am-5pm)

No practice for Blue, Bronze and Silver groups

No practice for Masters and Tri swimming

National group – 6-8am

Gold and Senior groups – 8-10am

Dad's Club Swimmers Help During USA Swimmings' Promise Fence Ceremony

posted May 17, 2017, 12:57 PM by Rey Aguilar

This past Saturday we had 6 swimmers represent Dad’s Club at the USA Swimming’ Make a Splash Foundation and Diversity Inclusion Program. This event took place at Discovery Green, where our swimmer’s spread the word to their fellow Houstonians on water safety and awareness and the importance of learning how to swim. They passed out goodies and information on swim lessons and gave out promise tags to parents and non-swimmers who pledged to participate in a “Learn to Swim” program this summer.

At the end of the event, the promise tags were tied on a fence, which can be viewed by all visitors to Discovery Green.

Izzy Evans, Ellie McLeod, Ethnan Pedro, Erykah Pedro, Cynthia Lo, Edward Lo

Thank you to our participants for taking a stand against drowning and promoting water safety!

Facility Lane Assignments

posted Apr 26, 2017, 11:02 AM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Jun 2, 2017, 12:11 PM by Linda Kutac ]

Long Course Assignments for June and July (See home page under News)

Newsletter April 2017

posted Apr 25, 2017, 6:32 PM by DCST Webmaster   [ updated Apr 25, 2017, 6:34 PM ]

Hello Dad's Club Member's and our many Friends!

Hopefully, my quarterly letter finds you and your family in good health and spirits! The Dad's Club seems to be enjoying improving good health, both financial and physical with a wonderfully renewed spirit of volunteerism and parent involvement. It is a pleasure for me to list and relate the current accomplishments and our ongoing issues to be addressed this quarter and year.

In my year end 2016 newsletter, I mentioned that club membership is at an all-time high, and that our financial outlook had taken a rather sunny side up prospective, with the physical plant evolving for the better with multiple improvements being made and many more planned, and that the 33 yard pool that was under the former steel girder and galvanized metal roof was repaired and is now being utilized. I am very pleased these four items are positives that continue!

Noteworthy first quarter accomplishments
  • Completed the fencing for the 33 yard pool 
  • Offered and completed training and safety classes for our lifeguards 
  • New cleaning crew hired and results have earned positive reviews 
  • Completed $7500 of drainage improvement in the chronically wet areas 
  • Landscaping of shrubs along the wrought iron fence 
  • Asphalt repair and restriping on the driveway and parking lot completed 
  • Lighting improvements for the three pools, both above and below the water 
  • Marathon Fundraiser Weekend topped $100,000 in proceeds 
  • Saturday, April 1st Volunteer Club Clean up day had over 90 parent volunteers 
  • Swim Committee and Facilities Committees are two shining examples of our functioning committee system

Key Initiatives for 2017-18 that are crucial for our future growth, strength and legacy
  • Revise the Mission and Vision Statements to reflect the fact we are an "Aquatics Center with a National Reputation" as opposed to a "Houston Swim Team" only
  • Commit to a Statement of Core Values that are a basis of how we will act as a board, coaches, staff, swimmers, parents and adult members
  • Strategic and Development Plans include both initiatives
    1. A. Revise, rewrite and update the corporate by-laws and covenants to facilitate its maturation into the successful and stable institution that reaches its true potential in the near term
    2. B. Physical Plant Design and Redevelopment with three major endeavors
      • 1. Stabilize the Briar Branch Creek Channel to allow a 20+ year window of bank stability
      • 2. Formulate, then start to implement the master plan of the property's design and physical plant
      • 3. Design and build a multi-use natatorium that meets the needs of our Mission Statement
Please feel to call or email if you have questions, answers and comments.

I look forward to any and every conversation in the spirit of making the Dad's Club the best Aquatics Center in our Nation!

Charlie Calderwood

Dad's Club Swim Team, Inc. President

PS. A very belated, but sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart for all 90+ Volunteers on our Saturday, April 1st "Clean up Day" who spent a good part of the day, cleaning, clearing, fixing, shining, raking, and digging our way to a better club. Thank you!!!

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