Dad's Club Member Marlie McDonald Wins Mutton Bustin’ Title.

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Congratulations to Marlie McDonald who recently won Houston’s Rodeo first ever Mutton Bustin’ Championship.

Marlie participates in our swim lesson program; she is also the younger sister of our senior training group’s Maycie Mcdonald.

Check out the full interview from Channel 2 News.

Gulf Champs II

posted Feb 27, 2018, 11:02 AM by Rey Aguilar

Champs II was hosted by Dads Club at the Emmons Natatorium. This was a timed finals meet where the kids had one opportunity to race per event. Dads Club finished 2nd out of 3 teams. Both our girls and boys finished 2nd overall. We had some great races with an incredible amount of best times. Below is a list of our swimmers that finished in the top 16 per age group and gender. We are so proud of their accomplishments.



Kassidy Kitchel- 500 fr/ 1st (TAGS), 200 fr/ 1st (TAGS), 50 bk/ 3rd , 100 IM/2nd (TAGS), 200 IM/1st (TAGS), 100 fr/ 1st (TAGS), 50 br/8th

Allison Ortiz-500 fr/7th , 50 fr/ 5th , 100 fly/ 2nd , 100 IM/ 9th , 100 fr/7th , 100 bk/ 9th , 50 br/ 12th

Tori Cone-500 fr/ 9th , 50 fr/ 7th , 50 bk/ 4th , 100 IM/10th , 200 IM/6th , 100 fr/ 9th , 100 bk/ 4th

Stephanie Birkelbach- 500 fr/ 11th , 200 fr/ 9th , 100 fly/ 11th , 50 fly/ 10th , 200 fly/ 5th

Brynn Bond- 50 fr/ 3rd , 100 fly/ 10th , 100 IM/8th , 50 fly / 5th , 100 fr/ 12th , 50 br/ 3rd (TAGS)

Larkin Helman-500 fr/ 1st (TAGS) ,  100 br/1st (TAGS), 50 fr/ 2nd , 200 IM/ 2nd (TAGS), 200 br/ 3rd (TAGS), 100 fr/ 1st (TAGS),  50 br/ 1st (TAGS)

Lowell Moss-500 fr/ 2nd , 50 fr/7th , 50 bk/ 6th , 200 bk/ 2nd , 100 IM/ 2nd , 200 br/ 2nd (TAGS), 100 fr/ 2nd

Quinn Belmar-500 fr/ 5th , 50 bk/ 1st , 100 fly/ 2nd , 200 bk/ 1st , 50 fly/ 2nd , 100 fr/ 4th , 100 bk/ 2nd

Mark Lowe-50bk/15th

Travis Ly-500 fr/ 7th , 200 fr/ 4th , 50 bk/ 3rd , 100 fly/ 4th , 50 fly/ 3rd , 100 fr/ 6th , 100 bk/ 4th

Eloise Williamson-200 fr /5th , 100 fly/ 1st, 50 bk/ 5th

Patty Lynn-500 fr/ 1st, 200 fr/ 1st , 100 br/ 1st , 50 fr/ 1st , 200 br/ 2nd , 100 fr/ 1st , 100 bk/ 1st

Emilia Mrugala-500 fr/ 8th , 100 br/ 4th , 50 fr/ 11th , 200 bk/ 2nd , 200 IM/ 2nd , 100 fr/ 9th , 100 bk/ 3rd

Ryan Guthrie-500 fr/ 7th , 200 fr / 10th , 50 fr/ 9th , 200 bk/ 1st , 200 IM/4th , 100 fr/ 14th , 100 bk/ 2nd

JP MCann-500 fr / 2nd, 100 br / 2nd , 50 fr/ 1st , 100 fly/ 6th , 200 br/ 1st , 100 fr/ 11th , 100 bk/ 6th

Josh McLean-500 fr/ 3rd , 100 br/ 3rd , 50 fr/ 2nd , 200 bk/ 2nd , 200 br/ 5th , 100 fr/ 2nd , 100 bk/ 1st

Grace Oggero-100 fly/ 13th , 50 bk/ 8th , 50 fly / 9th , 100 bk/ 11th

Romain Joubert-50 fr/ 3rd , 50 bk/ 2nd , 200 bk/ 4th , 100 IM/ 3rd , 100 fr/ 3rd , 100 bk/ 3rd

Isabel Wabnitz- 200 br/ 3rd , 100 fr/ 14th , 100 bk/ 10th

Colby Williams-50 Bk/ 14th, 200IM/15th, 50Fl/10th, 100Bk/10th

Jacob Baker- 500 fr/12th, 100 br/8th, 50 fr/16th, 50 ba/13th, 100 IM/12th, 100 ba/7th, 50 br/8th

Jade Belmar- 500 fr/15th, 50 ba/13th, 100 ba/12th

Bailey Bergen- 200 fr/3rd, 50 fr/5th, 100 fly/7th, 50 fly/4th, 100 fr/4th

Elle Burke- 500 fr/8th, 100 br/5th, 50 fr/7th, 100 fly/11th, 100 fr/5th, 50 br/9th

Savannah Ceraudo- 500 fr/16th, 100 br/16th, 100 fly/16th

Lauren Cutter- 50 ba/15th

Katie Czelusta- 200 fr/6th, 100 br/6th, 50 fr/13th, 100 fly/9th, 100 IM/8th, 100 fr/11th, 50 br/11th

Claire Fischbach- 100 br/4th, 200 IM/15th, 100 IM/12th, 50 breast/10th

John Foreman- 100 br/16th, 50 br/13th

Abigail Foster- 100 br/14th

Laurel Hoskovec- 100 fly/10th, 50 fly/13th

Noah Kim- 500 fr/8th, 50 fr/9th, 200 IM 10th, 50 fly/10th, 100 fr/12th, 100 ba/16th

Cynthia Lo- 200 fr/15th, 100 br/11th

Renee Nealon- 50 fr/1st, 200 IM/4th, 100 IM/3rd, 50 fly/3rd, 100 fr/4th, 50 br/3rd

Avery Pham- 500 fr/7th, 200 fr/4th, 50 fr/3rd, 100 fly/4th, 50 fly/5th, 100 fr/3rd, 100 ba/1st

Addison Ramirez- 500 fr/13th, 200 fr/9th, 50 fr/11th, 100 fly/14th, 100 fr/12th, 100 ba/13th

Jack Sandulache- 100 IM/14th, 100 fr/15th, 100 ba/12th, 50 br/15th

Henry Schattle- 500 fr/13th, 200 fr/12th

Joss Walker- 500 fr/11th, 200 fr/8th, 50 fr/15th, 50 ba/7th, 100 fr/13th, 100 ba/10th, 50 br/14th

Luella Bakker-Barrink- 100 fr/ 15th

Ava Ceraudo-  100 br/ 4th, 50 bk/ 12th, 50 fly/ 11th, 50 br/15th 

Isabella Chama- 100 br/ 7th, 50 fr/ 13th, 200 bk/ 9th, 200 br/ 5th

Artemisa De Jager- 200 fr/ 13th, 50 fr/ 6th, 200 bk/ 7th, 200 IM/ 12th, 100 bk/ 15th

Dayanara Dubon- 200 fr/ 7th, 100 fly/ 3rd, 200 IM/ 9th

Alexander Farahbod- 100 Br/ 12th, 50 fr/ 12th, 200 IM/ 15th, 100 bk/ 11th

Alise Hardie- 100 br/ 9th,  200 IM/ 16th

Finnian Helman- 100 br/ 1st, 50 Fr/ 1st, 50 bk/ 1st, 100 IM/ 1st, 100 fr/ 1st, 50 br/ 1st

Audrey Jones- 500 fr/ 4th, 200 fr/ 8th, 50 fr/ 7th, 100 fly/ 5th, 100 fr/ 12th

Matthew Lee-  200 br/ 0 br/ 8th, 100 bk/ 14th

Dash Leibold- 100 br/ 7th, 50 fr/ 8th, 50 bk/ 11th, 100 IM/ 8th, 100 fr/ 16th, 100 bk/ 7th

Edward Lo- 100 br/ 4th, 50 fr/ 6th, 50 bk/ 4th, 100 IM/ 5th, 100 fr/ 7th, 50 br/ 4th 

Kayla Mackel- 500 fr/ 7th, 200 fr/ 12th, 50fr/ 3rd, 100 fr/ 4th, 100 bk/ 8th

Aiden Madaffri- 200 fr/ 12th, 100 br/ 13th, 50 fr/ 11th, 200 IM/ 13th, 200 br/ 10th

Abby Martin- 100 br/ 8th, 200 br/ 6th

Nathan Moss- 500 fr/ 14th, 200 bk/8th, 100 bk/ 12th

Karl Nolte- 500 fr/ 15th, 50 bk/ 13th, 100 fly/ 9th, 200 IM/ 10th, 100 IM/ 16th, 50 fly/ 7th, 50 br/ 9th

Ian O'Neil- 100 br/ 11th, 50 bk/ 10th, 100 fly/ 1st, 50 fly/ 4th, 100 fr/ 11th, 200 fly/ 3rd

Max O'Neil- 50 fr/ 5th, 50 bk/ 9th, 200 bk/ 7th, 100 IM/ 9th, 50 fly/ 6th, 100 fr/ 8th

Ethnan Pedro- 100 br/ 11th, 50 fr/ 10th, 100 fly/ 2nd, 200 IM/ 7th, 100 fr/ 10th, 100 bk/ 7th

Preston Pham-  50 fr/ 9th, 100 fly/ 7th, 200 IM/ 14th, 100 IM/ 11th, 50 fly/ 8th, 50 br/ 11th,

Lindsey Regan- 200 fr/ 9th, 100 br/ 6th, 50 fr/ 14th, 200 IM/ 5th, 100 fr/ 16th, 100 bk/5th

Anastasia Rubio- 100 fly/ 15th, 50 fly/ 7th

Grace Stern- 100 br/ 5th, 200 br/ 4th

Ava Tummino- 500 fr/ 9th, 200 fr/ 15th, 100 br/ 16th

Reid VanderVoort- 100 br/ 8th,  50fr/ 11th, 200 IM/ 9th, 100 IM/ 15th, 200br/ 6th, 50 br/ 5th

Eleni Voinis- 50 fr/ 16th, 100 fly/ 4th, 200 IM/ 10th, 100 fr/ 10th

Marie Walsh- 100 br/ 9th, 50 fr/ 5th, 200 bk/ 5th, 200 IM/ 6th, 100 fr/ 7th, 100 bk/ 7th

Laura Saunders- 50 fr/ 2nd ,100 fly/ 2nd , 100 br/2nd , 200 IM/ 1st , 100 fr/ 2nd, 100 bk/ 4th

Lillian Clechenko-100 br/ 15th

Alisa Cheng- 100 br/ 12th

Christine Parrish-100 br/ 13th ,200 IM/ 13th

Paysan Lau-200 fr/ 14th ,50 fr/ 15th , 100 fr/ 14th

Maya Schachel-200 fr/ 16th ,100 br/ 15th

Caleb Wenz-200 fr/ 9th , 100 br/ 7th , 50 fr/ 5th , 100 fly/ 7th , 100 bk/ 13th , 200 IM/ 10th ,100 fr/ 7th

Kevin Williams-200 fr/ 15th, 100 br/ 16th ,50 fr/ 6th , 100 fly/ 8th ,200 IM/14th , 100 fr/ 12th , 100 bk/10th

Alex Yoon-200 fr/ 13th , 200 IM/ 16th , 100 bk/ 15th

Chris Blundell-100 br/ 9th ,200 br/ 11th

Zachary Chung-100 br/ 14th , 200 br/ 14th

Benjamin Farahbod-200 br/ 7th , 200 fr/ 10th ,100 br/13th , 50 fly/16th

James Hackney-50 fly/ 11th

Parker Kooyman-50 fly/ 12th , 50 bk/ 15th

Alan Belloso-200 fr/ 14th



200 Medley Relays

11-12 girls -(TAGS)

2nd-Tori Cone, Brynn Bond, Kassidy Kitchel, Eloise Williamson

7th-Allison Ortiz, Ava Ceraudo, Stephanie Birkelbach, Grace Oggero

11th-Maren Long, Alise Hardi, Anastasia Rubio, Kendalyn Firenza

13-14 girls

1st -Emilia Mrugala, Patty Lynn, Ava Tumino, Kayla Mackel

3rd-Paysan Lau, Abby Martin, Marie Walsh, Dayanara Dubon

6th-Audrey Jones, Grace Stern, Christine Parrish, Artemisa De Jager

11-12 boys-(TAGS)

1st-Quinn Belmar, Lowell Moss, Larkin Helman, Romain Joubert

3rd-Travis Ly, Edward Lo, Ian O’Neil, Max O’Neil

5th-Preston Pham, Reid VanderVoort, Karl Nolte, Dash Leibold

13-14 boys

1st-Ryan Guthrie, Josh McLean, Ethnan Pedro, Kevin Williams

4th-Alexander Farahbod, JP McCann, Aiden Madaffri , Alex Yoon


200 Free Relays

11-12 girls (TAGS)

1st-Brynn Bond, Kassidy Kitchel, Tori Cone, Allison Ortiz.

8th-Grace Oggero, Ava Ceraudo, Anastasia Rubio, Stephanie Birkelbach

11th-Alise Hardie, Laura Toro, Kendalyn Firenza, Anna Hoskovec

13-14 girls

1st-Patty Lynn, Luella Bakker-Barrink, Isabel Wabnitz, Kayla Mackel

3rd-Marie Walsh, Artemisa De Jager, Emilia Mrugala, Grace Stern

4th-Audrey Jones, Dayanara Dubon, Paysan Lau, Isabella Chamma

11-12 boys (TAGS)

1st-Romain Joubert, Quinn Belmar, Travis Ly, Larkin Helman

3rd-Lowell Moss, Edward Lo, Dash Leibold, Max O’Neil

6th-Ian O’Niel, Benjamin Farahbod, Reid VanderVoort, Preton Pham

13-14 boys

2nd-JP McCann, Ryan Guthrie, Kevin Williams, Josh McLean

4th-Caleb Wenz, Ethnan Pedro, Alexander Farahbod, Aiden Madaffri

6th-Alex Yoon, Zachary Chung, Chris Blundell, Warren Kozak



High Point Top 8-most points earned per gender and age group

Kassidy Kitchel-1st 11-12 girls               Patty Lynn-1st 13-14 girls          Renee Nealon-5th 10 & Under

Larkin Helman-1st 11-12 boys                Laura Sanders-3rd                     Avery Pham-6th    10 & Under

Quinn Belmar-4th 11-12 boys                Emilia Mrugala-4th                    Finnian Helman-1st10 & Under

Lowell Moss-5th 11-12 boys                   Josh McLean-3rd 13-14 boys

Romain Joubert-6th 11-12 boys  JP McCann-4th 13-14 boys

Travis Ly-8th 11-12 boys                        Ryan Guthrie-8th 13-14 boys


100 % Club-achieved best times in every event

Jahan Babaahmedi, Quinn Belmar, Tori Cone, Larkin Helman, Romain Joubert, Kassidy Kitchel, Patty Lynn, Josh McLean, Anna Bandmann, Ally Castillo, Santiago Bustos, Camila Foreman, Kevin Jing, Olivia Wilkinson , Bailey Bergen , Olivia Ceraudo, Savannah Ceraudo, Laurel Hoskovec, Avery Pham, Citlali Ramirez, Jack Sandulache, Henry Schattle, Joss Walker, Ronald Liu, Ava Ceraudo, Audrey Jones, Matthew Lee, Nathan Moss, Lindsey Regan, Anastasia Rubio, Reid VanderVoort

The coachng staff would like to thank Jamey Moss, Wojciech Mrugala, Jane Evans and Jeff Nealon for being our meet directors. We would also like to thank our AO’s, Loren and Andrew Fischbach, Hin Lo and Sean O’Neil. Many thanks to all the parents that helped. We appreciate you all. Congratulations on a great meet swimmers. Dads Club proud.

UIL State

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This past weekend, the 16th and 17th of February, 2018, the UIL Texas State Championships were held at the Lee and Joe Jamail Swim Center in Austin TX.  The road to State is arduous; in order to qualify for the State meet swimmers must first qualify for the Regional Championships by placing top 6 in their designated District. For the next step, these athletes must then compete at the regional level. The qualifiers for the State Championship are then determined as follows: the top two finishers in each regional event, plus the remaining top 8 fastest swimmers in the State. The qualified swimmers are then eligible to compete at the State Championship. Below are some of our highlights.


Emma Stephenson – Stratford, Clayton Bobo – Stratford, Olivia Lyster-- Stratford, Kara Moss – Stratford, Morgen Reyna – Stratford, Max Zuanich – Stratford, Emma Clark – Westside, Caleb Duncan – Klein, Kate Smith - Cypress Woods, Claire Smith - Cypress Woods, Aria Bernal - Cinco Ranch, Amy Evans - Katy Taylor, Roxana Nolte—Katy Taylor, Reed Casper – Strake Jesuit, Andreas Mason – Strake Jesuit, and Jeremy Bates – Strake Jesuit.



Olivia Lyster, Kara Moss, Morgen Reyna, Max Zuanich, Amy Evans, Roxana Nolte, Reed Casper, Andreas Mason and Jeremy Bates all made finals in relay events. Zuanich along with Bobo were instrumental in helping the Stratford Spartans place 3rd in the 200 medley relay. Evans also placed top 8 on the 200 medley relay with her Katy Taylor team mates.

Reyna, Lyster, Moss, and Stephenson joined forces in the 200 free relay for the Stratford Spartans. Their efforts earned them a 5th place overall finish.

Individual Finalists

Emma Stephenson (Stratford) – 50 free (1st), 100 fly (6th)

Clayton Bobo (Stratford) – 50 free (1st), 100 free (1st)

Caleb Duncan (Klein) – 50 free (5th), 100 free (6th)

Kate Smith (Cypress Woods) – 100 breast (14th)

Claire Smith (Cypress Woods) – 100 fly (8th)

Aria Bernal (Cinco Ranch) – 100 back (2nd), 200 IM (6th)

Individual Champions

Emma Stephenson was individual champion in the 50 free with a time of 23.04. Her prelim relay lead off time of 22.95 is a new 15-16 team record and makes Stephenson only the 2nd Dad’s Club girl in history to break the 23.0 second barrier.

YouTube Video

Emma Stephenson Lane 4 - 50 free

Clayton Bobo once again swept the sprint freestyles events. Bobo finished his UIL High School career with 5 individual wins. His wins all came in the sprint free events: 50 free - 2016, 2017, 2018 and 100 free - 2017 and 2018.

YouTube Video

Caleb Duncan Lane 2, Clayton Bobo Lane 6- 100 free

Dad’s Club All Time UIL Individual Champions

Go Dad’s!



TAPPS and SPC State Championships

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This past two weekends, Dad’s Club was well represented at the two major private high school state championship meets: TAPPS and SPC.

 The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) state championships was divided into three different conferences based on school size and was held at the Mansfield ISD Natatorium. We had great representation at all three levels.

 Representing Dad’s Club at the Division I TAPPS championships were:

 From Awty: Brandon Mahan, Kara Fields, and Abby Partridge

From Duchesne: Caroline Beck, Jill Chandler, Carina Kass, and Clarissa Vincent

From St. Agnes: Bridie Hibbler, Sarah Sparks, Kate Mischlich, and Allie Wieland

From St. Thomas: Evan Lawson and Dylan Michaels

From The Village School: Kiera Connolly

We had many top 8 finishes at this meet: Bridie Hibbler—2nd 100 breast and 4th 50 free, Brandon Mahan—2nd 200 free and 500 free; Dylan Michaels—5th 500 free and 7th 200 free; Kate Mischlich—8th 500 free; Abby Partridge—4th 100 breast; and Clarissa Vincent—1st 100 breast and 7th 200 IM


At the Division II TAPPS championships our Second Baptist School Swimmer performed very well. Representing Dad’s Club and Second Baptist were: Ryan CalderonGrant Mueller, Sophie Newell, Chloe Tondera, Spencer Locascio, and Maycie McDonald.

 Top 8 Finishes at this meet included:  Sophie Newell-- 1st 100 free and 2nd 50 free; Ryan Calderon – 5th 200 free, 5th 100 free; Spencer Locascio—2nd 50 free and 5th 100 free; Grant Mueller—8th 200 free;

 Lucy McLean represented us and St. Thomas Episcopal at the Division III championships and placed 8th in the 200 IM.

Individual Champions

Clarissa Vincent - 100 breast

Abby Partridge Lane 2, Clarissa Vincent Lane 4, Bridie Hibbler Lane 5, Kate Mischlich Lane 8 - 100 breast
The Southwest Preparatory 9 (SPC) championship was held at the Conroe ISD Natatorium.

Dad’s Club Swimmers who participated included: Audrey Orange (Kinkaid), Marley Orange (Kinkaid), May Moorefield (Kinkaid), Peyton Pivec (Kinkaid), Daniel King (Kinkaid), Lizzie Markovich (Kinkaid), Gracie Markovich (Kinkaid), Zelie Hughes (Kinkaid), Sydney Buchman (St. Johns), Lexi Pickens (St. Johns),  Will Sampson (St. Johns), and Sydney Coward (Episcopal), Samantha Wotring (Episcopal).

 Top 8 finishes included: Audrey Orange—1st 100 and 200 free; Sydney Buchman – 1st 200 IM and100 fly; Marley Orange – 6th 200 free; Zelie Hughes—1st 100 breast and 5th 50 free; Lexi Pickens – 1st 50 free and 3rd 100 back; Lizzie Markovich - 6th 100 back; Gracie Markovich—5th 100 fly and 500 free;  May Moorefield – 4th 100 fly and 200 IM; Peyton Pivec – 5rd 100 back, 6th 200 IM; Will Sampson – 2nd 100 back and 4th 100 free, and Samantha Wotring - 8th 100 back.

Individual Champions

Audrey Orange - 100 and 200 free

Sydney Buchman -200 IM and 100 fly

Lexi Pickens - 50 free

Zelie Hughes - 100 breast

May Moorefield Lane 3, Sydney Buchman Lane 5, Grace Markovich Lane 7 -100 Fly

 Way to go Dad’s Club!!


Dad’s Club—President’s 2017 Wrap up and 2018 Kickoff Newsletter

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Dad’s Club—President’s 2017 Wrap up and 2018 Kickoff Newsletter

Greetings Dad’s Club Family & Friends!
The future is bright for our Dad’s Club and there is much news and information to report. Let me get started and tell you every juicy piece, chunk and tidbit!

The Biggest News of 2017
Wow! 2017 was quite a year for our City, but for sure for our Club! Quite simply, “Beat the Creek’ may have saved the Club from potential financial ruin by finishing the restoration repairs to the bank erosion a month before the catastrophic storm called Harvey. We might have lost the 50 meter pool due to a creek bed collapse, which experts deemed imminent. Repairs included some $200,000 of concrete, stone, heavy equipment and engineering. The consequences are too scary to ponder, but thankfully we acted with determination and a sense of urgency when we discovered the issue facing us in early 2017.

Board of Directors and Key Committees
We have some key committee assignments to chair, with our new Board Members; George Oggero (Safety & Risk Assessment- Operations, Vendors & Contracts), Steve Tschirthart (Club Analytics & Assessment), Jamey Moss (Swimming), Linda Parrish (co-chair of Swimming). Our renewing Board Members are Chuck Turet (Legal), Chris Helman (Board Secretary & Executive Committee), Cynthia Tzetzo (Treasurer & Finance), Frank Wozencraft (Fundraising), Dustin Heitmann & co Chair Wojciech Mrugala (Facility & Property), Greg Zuanich (Special Projects), Jordan Orange (VP & Executive Committee)

Key Topics
Finances, we have done a very good job in watching our expenses, reviewing all vendor relationships for potential savings, hiring capable people that perform their duties with cross training back up, and granting pay increases to retain our best staff members. Our pool lane rental pricing was revamped over the last couple years, and this continues to be very strong revenue that we enjoy. Swim lessons in 2017 set a record by the number we conducted, as well as the revenue and retention of those children continuing into our entry level swim team. We continue to maintain some 400 children in various swim teams, and have expanded our adult swim programs with Masters, Tri Athlete, and Medical Rehab Conditioning. Our total monthly member counts tops 800. A record. We paid down our debt by some $120,000 in 2017. A record. We have no short term debt, with our credit line unused. Our long term debt is financed at a fairly low rate, not renewing for another 4 years. We are endeavoring to have this paid off by that time, through fundraising and asset sales. We finished the year with working capital and segregated cash funds of $421,000. A record.

Capital Projects Completed, as I started this newsletter, the Creek bank and creek bed repair cannot be understated to its importance for the club and its financial future. But in addition, there were many other projects undertaken. One not to be “overshadowed” by the “Beat the Creek” was installing multiple custom built sunshades on both the 50 meter pool and the Family pool. This will help protect the swimmers, coaches and parents from that ferocious Texas sun, with a few well-placed shaded spots. This project was almost $60,000. Drainage relief for the grassy areas by both the 50 meter and Family pool were undertaken, solving some pesky always wet spots. We repaired potholes, resurfaced certain sections and restriped the parking lot which seems to need it a bit too often, but that story is for another newsletter.

Capital Projects Planned for 2018, here we go, trying to make our club the best facility in Texas, the Southwest-ok, we mean the best, Nationally! Our 50 Meter Pool, the club’s crown jewel, needs some polishing and repair! This Olympic size pool is one of the few privately owned in Texas.  That is one of the reasons schools, and other swim team programs, seek to rent our lanes of water, thus producing income for the Club. Having said that, we need major repair work, in a variety of areas. The tile, grating, drains, coping, and swim deck need repair or replacement, some very soon. Our challenge, other than raw cost, is the “down time” to do the work. We are close to finalizing our research, analysis, and review on what will be done, down time, and the cost. More details to follow, for sure, but we are planning two phases. The first in late March, after TAGS & before Long Course Season kicks in. Grating plus drains and tile work is a must to be repaired, along with some decking to be replaced. There are leaks (some normal, some not) from a couple of spots, which we are trying to trace, and will likely be put off for six months. The repair cost is $200,000 with a frantic three week crammed work schedule. Planning and logistic review is ongoing as you can understand.

New Natatorium Building with a 25 yard indoor pool, plans have circulated (thinking we may be on the 4th generation of revisions). Our architectural firm has been working on this for almost two years, so we are heavy into this project. A fine indoor pool building with large windows on three sides that can open when weather appropriate. The eastside of the pool will have a two story building attached with offices downstairs, lockers, fitness center, and meeting room(s). The office portion will likely be tilt wall construction, durable, and eye pleasing. Our timetable is to have our construction plans and building permits approved by fourth quarter of 2018. The current facility of office, locker rooms, fitness center, and 33 yard original pool would be demolished. The new structure would be built on that footprint, resulting in expanded parking and easier traffic flow to the back parking lot. Funding will be from a combination of a long-term mortgage loan with a low interest rate, along with funding from the Capital Campaign and any other asset sales.

North Parcel of Dad’s Club, this land was purchased back in the summer of 2014 for future expansion. The idea was a new pool, extra parking, and athletic field all could be accommodated. Such thinking had some merit, but after exhaustive review, the current six acre original south parcel was deemed to be adequate with site redo, as mentioned above. Therefore the club is spending a small amount of money seeking to plat that north parcel into four 20,000 sf lots served by one shared driveway to Bingle. Once the plat is granted by the city, the club will sell the parcel and the plat approvals to the highest bidder. That money is expected to reduce the debt of the club greatly or perhaps even eliminate it entirely.

Name Change of the Corporation, The Dad’s Club Swim Team, Inc., as a four word name is somewhat dated in many of our opinions. The name also has some negative inferences that limit our ability to effectively fundraise on occasion to corporations and foundations, regardless of our 501-C3 charitable status. This is due to the “Swim Team” inclusion. We do know some key facts, the term “Dad’s Club” has iconic status in Texas and has a highly respected reputation with National USA Swimming, which has been revered over the decades by its former swim team members, swim lesson participants and their parents! We also know, we do so much more than sponsor a swim team, which we do so well. As mentioned above, there is adult swimming, swim lessons, medical rehab and adult athletic swim training for Tri-athletic competitions, both professional and amateur. We exclude so much by our last two words, “Swim team!” What we are proposing, is keeping “Dad’s Club” and replacing the current two
final words with two new words, “Aquatic Center.” So the new name would be “Dad’s Club Aquatic Center.” I think all our current, past and most of all future constituents could be included, and the new name would more adequately describe our mission statement. Meanwhile our iconic name would continue to be emphasized into our bright future!

Wrap up, hopefully you’re still with me, we sure covered a lot of material in this newsletter and I want to thank you for being part of our great Dad’s Club heritage, past, current, and most of all, on the road ahead!

All the best in 2018!

Best wishes!

Charlie Calderwood, President
Dad’s Club

Swim Team End of Season Break

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Dad's Club's Swim Team end of Season Breaks

 The end of season breaks marks the end of the Short Course Yards (25yd) season and beginning of the Long Course Meters (50m) season. The second row of dates indicates the first day back at practice.


Tri & Masters Spring Break

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The spring break for our Tri & Masters training groups is the week of March 12th. We will have regular practice the week of March 5th


Monday 12

Tuesday 13

Wednesday 14

Thursday 15

Friday 16.



No practice


No practice

No practice








No practice

No practice

No practice






Dad's Club Masters Sweetheart Meet

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Dad’s Club hosted the fifth annual Sweetheart Masters Meet on Feb. 10th at the Spring Branch ISD natatorium. We had a very good showing and one of our largest groups of master’s swimmers in attendance. Dad’s Club placed 2nd in the combined team scores from the 26 teams competing.

USA Master Swimming is a competitive swimming organization for swimmers ages 18 and up. Age groups are divided by 5 year groupings 18-24, 25-29, 30-34……


Below are the swimmers that represented Dad’s Club along with their individual placings per event:

 Lars Farestvedt: 1st/50 fly, 1st/100 free, 1st/50 fly, 1st/50 free

Yasushi Hashioka: 1st/100 free, 1st/50 free

Timothy Howard: 3rd/100 free, 3rd/50 free

Kevin Kirk: 4th/50 breast, 3rd/100 free, 2nd/50 back, 1st/200 free, 3rd/100 breast

Carleigh Kutac: 1st/100 fly, 1st/200 IM, 1st/ 200 back, 1st/100 back

James Morris: 1st/50 breast, 1st/200 IM, 2nd/100 free, 1st/50 fly, 1st/100 breast, 2nd/50 free

Alisha Rembach: 1st/100 free, 1st/50 fly, 2nd/50 free, 1st/200 Fly

Shephen Seals: 1st/100 free, 1st/50 back, 3rd/50 free

Lawrence Waldron: 1st/500 free, 1st/1000 free


We want to thank all the volunteers that made this meet possible.

 For more information on our masters swim training groups click HERE

Dad's Club Swimmers at State Meets

posted Feb 5, 2018, 11:52 AM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Feb 23, 2018, 5:51 PM ]

Good luck to all our swimmers competing at the upcoming State Championships. 

Dad’s Club swimmers represent varies schools (22 different high schools to be precise) at the recent districts and region championships. Many of our swimmers placed high enough to earn a trip to the upcoming State Championships.

Dad's Club Swimmers from Memorial, Strake Jesuit, Klein, Stratford, and Westside at UIL Regions.


The private schools (with the exception of Strake Jesuit) will be competing at the TAPPS and SPC State Championships on February 8th-10th. TAPPS will be held at the Mansfield Natatorium and SPC’s will be held at the Conroe ISD Nat.

Below are the qualifiers:


Brandon Mahan –Awty

Kara Fields – Awty

Abby Partridge – Awty

Caroline Beck—Duchene

Carina Kass—Duchesne

Clarissa Vincent – Duchesne

Jill Chandler - Duchesne

Bridie Hibbler – St. Agnes

Sarah Sparks – St. Agnes

Kate Mischlich –St. Agnes

Allie Wieland –St. Agnes

Evan Lawson – St. Thomas

Dylan Michaels – St. Thomas

Sophie Newell – Second Baptist

Ryan Calderon – Second Baptist

Grant Mueller - Second Baptist

Chloe Tondera – Second Baptist

Spencer Locascio – Second Baptist

Maycie McDonald—Second Baptist

Lucy McLean – St. Thomas Episcopal

Kiera Connolly - The Village school

SPC State

Sydney Coward—Episcopal
Samantha Wotring - Episcopal 
Lexi Pickens – St. John’s

Sydney Buchman – St. John’s

Will Sampson – St. John’s

Audrey Orange – Kinkaid

Marley Orange – Kinkaid

Dan King – Kinkaid

May Moorefield – Kinkaid

Peyton Pivec – Kinkaid

Lizzie Markovich – Kinkaid

Gracie Markovich-- Kinkaid


TCAL State 

Jett Walker – School of the Woods 


Many of our swimmers participated at this past weekend’s UIL Region Championships held at the Conroe ISD and the Don Cook Natatoriums. 

The Region meets also serve as the selection process for the upcoming State Championships on February 16-17th

In order to qualify for the State meet swimmers must first qualify for the Regional Championships by placing top 6 in their designated District. The qualifiers for the State Championship are then determined as follows: the top two finishers in each regional event, plus the remaining fastest 8 swimmers in the State.



Emma Stephenson - Stratford 

Clayton Bobo – Stratford

Olivia Lyster-- Stratford 

Kara Moss - Stratford 

Morgen Reyna - Stratford 

Max Zuanich - Stratford 

Emma Clark - Westside 

Caleb Duncan - Klein 

Kate Smith - Cypress Woods 

Claire Smith - Cypress Woods 

Aria Bernal - Cinco Ranch 

Amy Evans - Katy Taylor 

Roxana Nolte—Katy Taylor

Reed Casper – Strake Jesuit

Andreas Mason – Strake Jesuit

Jeremy Bates – Strake Jesuit

Region Records

Emma Stephenson 100 fly 53.44 Region 4

Aria Bernal 100 back 52.72 Region 5

Region Swimmers of the year

Aria Bernal Region 5

Clayton Bobo Region 4


 Go Dad's!


Morgen Reyna Commits to Trinity University

posted Feb 2, 2018, 1:16 PM by Rey Aguilar   [ updated Feb 3, 2018, 8:23 PM ]

Congratulations to Morgen Reyna for committing to Trinity University.

Trinity University is a private liberal arts college in San Antonio, Texas founded in 1869.  It is consistently ranked among the top 100 best universities in Forbes annual rankings. The Trinity Tigers compete in NCAA's DIII and the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC).

Morgen is a very versatile swimmer and will be able to help the Trinity Tigers in several different areas. Some of her best events include 50, 100, 200 free, 100 breast, 100 fly, and 200 IM.

Morgen is currently a member of our national training group and has been part of Dad’s Club for the last 7 years. During her time at Dad’s Morgen has qualified and finaled at the Southern Zone Sectional Championships and has also qualified for UIL State in several individual and relay events.

“I’m very excited to continue doing the sport I love through the next chapter of my life. Thank you to all my family, friends, and coaches. Go Tigers!”

Morgen plans on majoring in accounting.

Congratulations Morgen!


Dad’s Club Class of 2018 Swimming College Commitments

Aria Bernal

Clayton Bobo

Claire Smith

Dad’s Club's All Time College Swimmers

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