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Membership Comparison

Dad's Club Membership Benefits Family Membership Surf N Sun Summer Family Membership (May-Sept) Dads Club Swim Team Family Membership Rider Senior Couples Membership Individual Membership Senior Membership Tri Swim Membership Masters Membership Other Pools/Clubs
50m Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Beach Pool
Gym (weight room & cardio equipment) ?
Water Aerobics 10:45 am

Discounts Group Swim Lessons ?
Tri/Masters Group Swims M-W 7pm
Tri/Masters Group Swims M,W-F 11:30am
Tri/Masters Group Swims Tu/TH/F 5:45am
Join Fee $175 $0 $0 $100 $125 $50 $0 $0 varies
Monthly $85 N/A $35 $60 $66 $42 $95 $95
Season $650 >$500

Family - For the purposes of membership family is defined as persons living in the same home with the same address on their driver's license. We consider each unit a nuclear family and not an extended family. If grandparents want to include their grandchildren in a summer family membership we request that those grandchildren under the age of 19 be listed at the time of the registration. We are a non profit organization who trusts it's members to be honest and fair about membership, paying for guests and helping the club to maintain the value of their membership.