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Q: Can I bring a guest to swim?
A: Yes, the guest must be with you at all times, and the fee is $15.00.

Q: I am here for just a few days, month, etc...
A: Sorry, we are a members-only facility.

Q: Can I try before I buy, e.g. water aerobics, swim lessons, summer league, or swim team? 
A: No. We are a members-only facility. Once you have signed a contract, you are responsible for all financial obligations within the established contract.

Q: I want a refund...
A: Please refer to Policies & Procedures; we do not extend refunds.

Q: Explain the 60 day written notice for canceling Membership. 
A: Please refer to Policies & Procedures - Swim lessons & Facility Membership. All withdrawals require a written 60 day notice, postmarked w/USPS. Please, send notice to 1006 Voss Road, Attention: Treasurer. We cannot accept hand-delivered or faxed notices. Please do not ask us to take them.

Q: Why can't I bring my dog to the facility? 
A: Due to the sanitation conditions, regarding fecal matter being tracked into the pools, over the deck areas, thru the locker rooms, and fleas; You will be asked to leave the facility with your pet, otherwise we reserve the right to have the COSV police department assist you and your beloved dog off the property.

Q: How can I book a special event at Dad's Club? 
A: Please contact the business office during regular office hours, Monday thru Friday, 10:00 a.m. To 6:00 p.m. Georgia Marrow or Linda Kutac.

Q: Sometimes when I call the Dads Club I get a fax sound or fast busy, why? 
A: We have limited lines into the facility and a lot of phone traffic. Occasionally the phone rolls to the rollover line..the fax line. Your call is important—please try back or better is the best mode of communication. Please don't communicate while the coaches and instructors are with other swimmers
Swim Lessons

Q: How can I register my child for swim lessons? 
A: After you complete and submit the registration form, you will be contacted for an interview. You will not be able to select a class time until after the interview, except for StreamLine. 

Q: Why do children need to be at least three years old to begin swim lessons? 
A: Learn to swim classes at The Dads Club begin at the age of Three years old. Swim readiness research has shown that at the age of four most children have the cognitive and physical ability for swimming lessons. Dr. Stephen Langendorfer has said, "a child's individual personality and life experiences are as important as chronologic age inregards to individual aquatic readiness. For example, a child with a background around water may be ready earlier than the same child who has had little contact with water."  We have found that a minimum age of three works well in our H20 Tots class. We offer Mommy & Me classes for the younger children. 

Q: What do I do if a lesson is canceled due to thunder/lightning? 
A: Unfortunately, we are not able to control the weather and cannot offer refunds. 

Q: Do I need to be a member to enroll my children in swim lessons? 
A: No. 

Q: If my child is already enrolled in a session, do I need to re-register for the next session? 
A: Two weeks before the current session ends, active swim lesson families have priority registration. An email will be sent out, asking if you would like to "Continue or Cancel". If you "Continue", your child is automatically placed into a class, and billing will continue on established financial arrangements in our system. If you do not respond to these emails, you will be automatically billed and your child is enrolled in the next session. WE DO NOT offer REFUNDS. 

Q: Can my child practice/swim before or after their swim lesson? 
A: No. Dad's Club is a members-only facility; the swim lesson area is reserved for lessons only. Please check the facility schedule for "Open" swim.
Swim Team

Q: What's the difference between USA Swimming & Summer League? 
A: Becoming a registered USA swimmer entails, team registration fees, monthly coaching fees, meet entry fees, travel to swim meets, mandatory practices based on team level assigned, team uniforms, fund raising obligations, and all times are registered w/USA in the National office, & Gulf Swimming data base. Summer League is a seasonal swim program to introduce young athletes to competition swimming. One initial fee for the season with modest meet fee for the championship meet. No refunds are offered after registration. 

Q: How do I sign my child up for the USA Dad's Club Swim Team? 
A: Sign up for an evaluation of your swimmer(s) using this form. Afterward you will be able to access the system and complete the registration. All material needed for each team level is located under the “Training Groups” icon. Please, read the entire site, all questions can be answered via this website. 

Q: My child swam on the USA Dads Club Team and does not want to continue; I want to cancel the contract. 
A: Please, refer to section Termination of our Agreement. We do not provide any refunds. 

Q: Can you explain the 60 day written notice for removing a child from the Dads Club Swim Team?
A: Please, refer to above statement, regarding your contract. Becoming a member of USA Swimming is a family commitment and a considerable financial commitment, please read all documents carefully before signing. We do not do refunds. Senior and Senior Elite require a one year commitment.

Q: What is the format for the USA Swimming ID?
A: The ID consists of: date of birth [MMDDYY] + first 3 letters of legal first name + middle initial + first 4 letters of last name. In the event that there is no middle initial or not enough letters in the first or last name to fill the field, an asterisk will be used. Special characters are removed. 
Examples: Catherine A. Durance 011553CATADURA
  Cy V. Young 091879CY*VYOUN
  Thomas Chu 020981THO*CHU*
  Ty Lee 011873TY**LEE*
  Dave T. O'Neil 030367DAVTONEI