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2016 Elections

Congratulations to our newly elected directors
  • Frank Wozencraft, Andrew Fischbach, Greg Zuanich, Tom Peloski, and Wojciech Mrugala for the swim team membership
  • Charlie Calderwood, Harris Masterson, Dustin Heitmann, and Cynthia Tzetzo for the facility membership
Details can be reviewed in this sheet.

Dad's Club Swim Team, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operated by its members and represented by a Board of Directors. Under its bylaws, two thirds of a maximum of 15 directors must be parents or legal guardians of active participants on the USA Swimming team (swim team membership). The remaining third are to represent general members, those partaking in lane swimming, masters or tri swimming (facility membership).

Directors are elected for a 2-year term, with approximately half the positions up for election in alternating years. This year there are nine open positions, five (5) for the swim team and four (4) for the facility members.

The elections will be held online the week of October 24th, starting Monday the 24th and closing at 4:00 PM on Saturday the 29th, with results posted to our web site soon thereafter.

Each active account in our registration system has one vote for each open position for both swim team and facility membership positions. Each account holder will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to make the selections during the voting period. Memberships of couples and families are considered as one account.
Candidates for the 2016 Board of Directors

Facility Membership
- 4 open positions
- Candidates:
Charlie Calderwood
Andy Carey
Dustin Heitmann
Harris Masterson
Michael Montalbano
Cynthia Tzetzo

Swim Team
- 5 open positions
- Candidates:
Andrew Fischbach
Wojciech Mrugala
Tom Peloski
Frank Wozencraft
Greg Zuanich

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order of their last names.
Short bios as provided by the candidates who have stepped forward to invest themselves in the fortunes of our non-profit organization. 
FM = Facility Membership, ST = Swim Team

Charlie Calderwood (FM) and his family have been member’s of Dad’s Club since 2006. He and Sandy have lived in Spring Valley for 27 years. Son Jack just started on the Georgetown University after 10 years swimming with Dad’s. They also have three adult children and four grandchildren, all in Houston. Charlie has served on the board for two years, as chairman of the financial committee, vice president and member of the executive committee. During his time on the board Charlie has been instrumental in helping Dad’s Club to change banks, renegotiate bank debt and credit lines, consolidate loans, reduce interest rates and pay down debt. He’s helped streamline club operations, fund additional coaches and raise salaries for coaches and staff. He is eager to continue the club’s review and redevelopment of our physical site. Charlie is president of Calderwood Financial and serves on Spring Valley's Planning & Zoning Commission, the Board of Director's of Boy Scout's Sam Houston Area Council and the Benefits Committee for the Archdiocese of Houston-Galveston. The Calderwoods are 25+ year members of both Houston Racquet Club & Champions Golf Club.

Andy Carey (FM) grew up in Memorial. He and his wife Megan joined the club in spring and to begin swim lessons for their toddler Camryn. Andy graduated University of Texas ’01 in Economics. His career has focused on fixed income structuring and trading and commercial real estate investment and development. He works at PM Realty Group and would like to leverage his experience and relationships to help improve  and update the Dad’s Club while still preserving the values and identity of the club as a first-class swimming institution.  

Andrew Fischbach (ST) grew up in Houston and graduated from Texas A&M. He and wife Loren have two swimmers at Dad’s Club, Trey who swims with Gold group and Claire, in Bronze. Since joining Dad’s Club nearly four years ago Andrew has   volunteered as a timer and set up the computers for our hosted meets. Recently he become a certified Administrative Official. He is excited about the prospect of impacting the direction of the Club as we improve the facilities and expand the membership.

Dustin Heitmann (FM) and his family, including wife Beth and sons Pierce (8) and Charlie (6) have been members of Dad’s Club for 3 years. They live in Spring Branch. Dustin studied construction science at Texas A&M and has an MBA from U. of H. He is president of the Houston office of C.D. Construction Consulting, which monitors new construction projects for lenders and also reviews existing real estate assets for property condition and maintenance expenditures to assist these lenders in underwriting these properties. Dustin thinks his experience can help the Dad’s Club with any current construction and maintenance programs as well as long term development and improvement goals for the facility. He wants to help Dad’s Club grow to be the best swim facility in the area and a great local community center.

Harris Masterson (FM) is a native Houstonian and former collegiate diver. He has served on the board of the Dad’s Club for over 10 years. While his son was swimming for the team in 2000 and 2001, Masterson became interested in helping the Club obtain training equipment for the team as well as make improvements to the facility. In 2012, he raised the funds necessary to build the family pool. Having grown up with the individuals who run the largest charitable foundations in Houston, Masterson is looking forward to utilizing those friendships to facilitate the success of the proposed capital campaign to refurbish the entire facility. 

Michael Montalbano (FM) is a native Houstonian and a current resident of the Spring Branch community. He is a local entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in management and construction throughout the city of Houston. Michael has been an active member of the Dad’s Club for several years. He believes his perspective and experience can benefit the upward growth of the club. 

Wojciech Mrugala (ST) is a licensed civil engineer with 15 years of experience in commercial land development, including drainage and construction management. He is eager to lend his expertise to help Dad’s Club in facility master planning and development. Wojciech and wife Michalina regularly volunteer at swim meets. Their daughter Emilia (Silver 1) is starting her sixth season of year-round swimming. Son Matthew is in White group, while two-year-old Adela will be ready for swim team in a few years. They say they intend to be swimming at Dad’s for many years to come. 

Tom Peloski (ST) is a mechanical engineer and a Canadian who loves Texas. He owns businesses in Houston and Ontario that make and service machine tools for the oil and gas industry. He also has interests in Peru. Early in his career Tom worked at G.E. In his younger days Tom enjoyed scuba diving; today he and wife Rebecca Miao prefer to watch their son Alex who swims with Bronze group. This year Rebecca trekked to Mt. Everest basecamp. Tom looks forward to bringing his business perspective and can-do spirit to the board and hopes to support improvements to Dad’s facilities in the years to come. 

Cynthia Tzetzo (FM) is a CPA with more than 25 years of experience.  She has spent the last several years working as a consultant for various companies in Houston, primarily in the energy industry.  Cynthia lives in the Garden Oaks/Oak Forest area with husband Jeff. She swam for Klein High School, then got back into lap swimming after college. First at the West Side YMCA where she swam almost 10 years before the facility closed in the early 2000’s. Cynthia has been a member of the Dad’s Club for five years and enjoys swimming on her own 2-4 times per week.  Her primary goal in joining is to ensure that the facility continues to thrive and is here for all future generations to enjoy.  

Frank Wozencraft (ST) has been a swim team parent for 10 years. He is a native Houstonian and is active in the community. Frank served on the board last term on the Fund Raising Committee. He and his wife Liz have two children, Cooper and Julia. Professionally, Frank is a partner in the investment advisory firm, Texan Capital Management.  

Greg Zuanich (ST) and Annette Zuanich have been at Dads' Club for the past 6 years. Son Max, 14, swims with the Gold group and Megan, 12, with silver. Greg has been in the software industry for the past 25 years. His career spans from sales at start-up companies to managing world-wide accounts at Fortune 100 companies. He currently owns a company that partners with IBM. Over the past 12 years Greg has been an active member of Grace Presbyterian Church and involved with Boys and Girls Country out in Hockley, Texas. Greg moved to Houston in 1997 from Kansas City. He is a graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, Ca. where he played basketball. Greg and Annette have seen tremendous growth at Dads over the past 6 years and are excited to be part of the continued success.