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2015 Elections

Congratulations to Jordan Orange, Amy Cone, Jason Pack, Chuck Turet, Chris Helman, Harris Masterson, Jeff Shkolnick, and Captain Michael McCright for being elected to a 2-year term on the Board of Directors of Dad's Club Swim Team. The election was conducted online on January 19, 2016, closing at 8 pm. 92 members submitted valid votes and 2 members submitted multiple thus invalidated votes. Member participation was 13%.

The Dad's Club is blessed to have so many capable individuals willing to support the organization. Our appreciation and thanks go to Lance Gordon, Wojciech Mrugula, and David Hall for their interest in running for office and for their continued contributions.

The Board of Directors holds public meetings every third Monday of the month, at 7:30 pm in the Steve Farad Room, also known as Studio A and adjacent to the gym.

Detailed results:

Swim Team Candidate # of valid votes % of valid votes Rank # Result
Jordan Orange 68 17.4% 1 Elected
Amy Cone 67 17.1% 2 Elected
Jason Pack 63 16.1% 3 Elected
Chuck Turet 47 12.0% 4 Elected
Chris Helman 44 11.3% 5 Elected
Lance Gordon 41 10.5% 6
Wojciech Mrugala 35 9.0% 7
David Hall 26 6.6% 8
Facility Candidate # of valid votes % of valid votes Rank # Result
Harris Masterson 65 46.4% 1 Elected
Jeff Shkolnick 39 27.9% 2 Elected
Michael McCright 36 25.7% 3 Elected

Votes are tallied on this spreadsheet, where you can verify that your vote is properly registered. You just need to search for the voting token number you were sent in an e-mail at the beginning of voting day.

Candidates for the 2016 Board of Directors

Facility Membership
- 3 open positions
- Candidates:
  • Harris Masterson
  • Michael McCright
  • Jeff Shkolnick

Swim Team
- 5 open positions
- Candidates:
  • Amy Cone
  • Lance Gordon
  • David Hall
  • Chris Helman
  • Wojciech Mrugala
  • Jordan Orange
  • Jason Pack
  • Chuck Turet

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order of their last names.
Short bios as provided by the candidates:

Harris Masterson

Masterson is 60 years old and is a native Houstonian and former collegiate diver. He has been serving on the board of the Dad’s Club for over 10 years. While his son was swimming for the team in 2000 and 2001, Masterson became interested in helping the Club obtain training equipment for the team as well as make improvements to the facility. In 2012, he raised the funds necessary to build the family pool. Having grown up with the individuals who run the largest charitable foundations in Houston, Masterson is looking forward to utilizing those friendships to facilitate the success of the proposed capital campaign to refurbish the entire facility.

Jordan Orange

Jordan has been associated with the Dad’s Club since moving to Houston 4 years ago. He has three daughters on the swim team (Audrey 15 - Sr. Elite, Marley 13 - Gold, and Tabitha 8 - Blue) and has just completed a two-year term on the Board. Jordan has a long history in swimming having swum NCAA Division 1 and having served as a US swimming and NSCA age group swim coach up until 2012. He still swims regularly for fitness. Jordan has abundant non-profit experience and professionally currently serves as the Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Pediatrics at Texas Children’s Hospital. He is trained and actively board certified as a Pediatrician and Pediatric sub-specialist. Jordan and his wife Katie (who maintains the Dad’s Club online store) live 2 blocks from Dad’s club and are residents of the City of Spring Valley Village.

Jason Pack

Jason Pack joined the Dad’s Club board through appointment in April 2015 and has served as the club’s treasurer since that time. With his help, the club has; completed a refinancing of its debt, built a strong relationship with Green Bank, implemented an accounting system, and prepared cash flow forecasting for each meeting of the board. I am very happy with the level of transparency into the financial condition of the club that we have achieved. I enjoy volunteering and feel excited for the future of our Dad’s Club Swim Team. I am a CPA with over 15 years of experience in accounting and finance. My current employment is with National Oilwell Varco where I am the Vice President of Internal Audit. My wife is Carolyn and my children are Ellen, Joshua and Logan.

Charles Turet

[Please open this file]

Amy Andrews Cone

All 3 of my girls swim at DADS (Olivia-14, Sophia-11 and Victoria-9) on the Gold, Silver and Bronze teams.   This is our 8th year consecutive year to be actively involved and participating in the swim program.  Over the many years I have watched the club grow and change tremendously, and I have volunteered on an ad-hoc basis when there was a specific need, but would now like to volunteer my time in a more official capacity.  I have served on boards and coached other sports my children participate in, and want to put my knowledge and experience into the sport they love the most.  Professionally I worked as an energy consultant for almost 15 years, then changed careers and now work as an independent insurance broker.  A side business/hobby of mine is also a catering business that keeps me busy on a part time basis.  DADS club is often one of the recipients of my part time hobby, so maybe you know me as the one who catered that TAGS party or potluck function!

Lance Gordon
  1. My affiliation with the Dad’s Club now is that we are a member who has a son, Drew Gordon, that is in his first year as a 9 year old on the Blue Team. My wife Margaret Welch and I both use the swimming pool and weight room as exercise. We have lived in Spring Valley since 2010.
    My personal affiliation with the Dad’s Club goes back to 1965 as a 9 year old swimming for Richard Quick. I swam through all of the age group years and ended with Skip Kinney through High School. I then went onto College at the University of Texas and swam for Pat Patterson the first Memorial Coach from the Dad’s Club.
  2. My interest in serving on the BOD’s was created with an email asking for volunteers from the swim team to the children’s parents. I would be honored to be on the Board because swimming here at the Dad’s Club helped mold me personally and athletically. I was able to swim at the highest level successfully and educate myself academically in College because of the coaching and guidance I received throughout my early age group years until graduating from Bellaire High School in 1975.
  3. I am a Community Banker by profession. I oversee 3 Branches from administrative functions to all aspects of consumer and commercial lending in the Houston area. I am a Rotary Club member as well as serving over the last 15 or so years as a Director of YMCA’s and various Chamber of Commerce venues.

Chris Helman

As the father of two dedicated bronze group swimmers, Larkin and Finnian Helman, I have a keen interest in learning more about the issues impacting Dad’s Club and contributing to solutions that will make the organization stronger for the long term. Professionally, I am the Southwest correspondent for Forbes Magazine, where I write about the energy industry, entrepreneurs and business tycoons. My wife Deborah (a small business owner) and I moved to Houston from New York City since 2004. I’d be proud to serve on the Dad’s Club board.

Wojciech "Voytek" Mrugala

GULF swim parent in the fifth season of year round swimming.

DADS Club family members, this is our second season with children swimming for DADS Club. We have a daughter Emilia in Silver I, and a son Matthew in White training groups. We also have a one year old daughter Adela who will be swimming for DADS club in five years, so we have many many more years of swim meets to attend.

My interest in serving on the board lies in my desire to help with DADS Club’s 5 year facility master plan development. I am a licensed Civil Engineer and would like to offer my 15 years of residential and commercial land development, construction management, and project management experience to add to the board.