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2014 Elections

Dad's Club Swim Team, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operated by its members and represented by a Board of Directors. Under its bylaws, two thirds of a maximum of 15 directors must be parents or legal guardians of active participants on the USA Swimming team (swim team membership). The remaining third are to represent lane swimmers, masters swimmers, and tri swimmers (facility membership).

Directors are elected for a 2-year term, with approximately half the positions up for election in alternating years. This year we have 7 positions open, 4 because they reached the end of the 2-year term and 3 vacated positions.

Candidates who have stepped forward to invest themselves in the fortunes of our non-profit organization are listed below.

Swim Team Membership (5 vacancies)

  • John Burns (incumbent) was elected President of the Dad's Club in July. His daughter moved on to college swimming this year. He has a son on the Bronze team.
  • Charlie Calderwood chaperoned the swim team on a couple of away meets. He has a son on the Senior Elite team.
  • Christie Dull has daughters on the Senior Elite and Gold teams.
  • William Gage's daughter graduated from the Senior Elite team this year. He has a son on the Senior team.
  • Antonio Moreno (incumbent) is our senior meet official at Gulf Swimming. His oldest daughter went on to swim at college while his youngest continues on the Senior Elite team.
  • Terri Schlather is a meet official and has a daughter on the Silver team.
  • Cathy Strong (incumbent) is the current team registrar. Her oldest son graduated from the Senior Elite team a few years ago. Her younger son is on the Senior team.
  • Frank Wozencraft has a son on the Senior Elite team.
Facility Membership (2 vacancies)

  • Thomas (Sid) Clark is a lap swimmers who usually swims weekday mornings.
  • Remko Hinloopen is a lap swimmer who enjoys the pool 4-5 days a week.
  • Kelly Rives swam for the Dad's Club swim team a few decades ago. He is a regular lap swimmer at the Dad's Club.
  • Lawrence Waldron is an active member of both our masters and tri teams. He is a meet official and has twin daughters on the Silver team.